Pros & Cons of installing a security camera at home

Pros & Cons of installing a security camera at home

Advantages & Disadvantages of Security Camera at home

If you want to see what happens while you are away, the security camera is going to be able to calm your nerves. The video surveillance does allow you to easily monitor or even record activities in as well as around the area for various reasons. For instance, parents may want to catch over the sleeping child as well as lessen the risk of dangerous falls from the crib. However, the security camera system around the house can even be able to catch the criminal in the act of breaking in.

There is a wide variety of security cameras, which are available in the market. Some of them are large as well as out in the open and can be able to serve to deter the criminals from even approaching the home while others are a bit tiny and meant to be hidden from the view. What are the pros and cons of installing security cameras at home?


Pros & Cons of installing a security camera at home

Monitoring the various activities in the house

The security camera can easily monitor everything that is going on in the house. You can be able to install the security cameras in all corners of your house, and this will be able to maximize the scope of the surveillance. You may have been able to observe that in some movies that the burglars, as well as thieves, often visit the place before breaking into the house, and often they do make a proper strategy. Do you know what? It does happen in actual life, as well? If you get to study the CCTV footages daily, then you can be able to identify the suspicious person near the house quickly.

Deter Package thieves

Package theft is among the most common crimes, which happen everywhere. A package can be delivered to the house when you are in your workplace. The delivery people often get to leave the packages on the door. The package that is left on your door can be able to grab the thief’s attention. Nevertheless, if you have installed the security cameras above the door, then the bad person will run away. Otherwise, he will easily be caught.

Identification of the offenders

You can easily catch the offenders with the assistance of the security cameras. There are some of the cameras. There are some security cameras, which have new and key features including face detection. One can use the security cameras to be able to identify any person who appears on CCTV footage. Besides, you can be able to track down the burglars if they have stolen from your place.

Helps to collect evidence

The security cameras are quite helpful in courts as well. Many cases have been solved every month with the assistance of these cameras. The security camera footage can quickly be recorded as well as saved for future use. If the accident happens in the street, then you can be able to present the security cameras recording that can show the exact situation. Also, the footage is evidence that can be provided to the insurance company as well.


Pros & Cons of installing a security camera at home

Invasion of privacy

One can feel uncomfortable around the CCTV cameras in the house as security cameras record everything. Besides, friends do not want to be in a surveilled home as well. The invasion privacy is among the common disadvantages of the security cameras as well as everyone complains about it.

Costly equipment

The initial cost for the security camera installation is in excess. The security cameras are quite costly and surveillance camera installation companies are going to take quite a huge amount of money from you. However, different types of cameras can serve various purposes. You can be able to choose the camera by being able to compare CCTV video resolution of the multiple cameras.

Limited vision

You cannot be able to see everything with the aid of the security cameras. The security cameras do have a limited view. You cannot be able to rely on surveillance cameras to solve the various problems. If you are looking to see inches of the place around the house, then you are going to need more cameras, which does mean more money being spent. However, this problem can easily be solved if you have 360 degrees of CCTV cameras. You shall need just two or even three of them to be able to cover everything. Some companies are providing these cameras, but they less efficient.

Distorted view

The bad weather can easily affect the security cameras’ view, and you won’t be able to see everything in the footage. Rain or even dust can distort the view of the security cameras. You shall need to clean the lens and it will require some physical effort.

Pros & Cons of installing a security camera at home

Who doesn’t want to travel and have some quality during vacation? Everyone wants to be able to enjoy some time off from his or her busy schedules. However, every person is profoundly concerned about his or her home security. Now, you can be able to leave for your vacation with peace of mind since you can control the security camera system with the smartphone.

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