How many times have you tried to figure out a formula in your head using a piece of paper? Thought so not many times as it takes for ages. Why not get yourself a scientific calculator to help. It does not matter if you need one for work or school the models reviewed here can help. With one in your hand, it can make a huge difference in your life to work out complicated math. Compared to a regular calculator the scientific one offers you different metric conversions to two-line functions. You can use it to calculate engineering notations, physics homework, math, and use it in the biology class. To help make your selection more accessible, we have compiled a list of the best scientific calculators available to start in 2019.

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Best Scientific Calculators

10. Sharp EL-501XBWH

Sharp EL-501XBWH

For a small and portable scientific calculator to take anywhere SHARP has a functional and stylish one for you. The engineering calculator offers you all the calculations you need for science and math. The machine comes with a protective cover and prevents the buttons from damage.

The math tool has an affordable price but does not come with a two-line feature such as your Casio Advanced. However, it remains highly functional for engineering and scientific purposes. You can easily switch back and forth between the decimal and hex numbers.

For some users who like a solar-powered device, this is not the one to buy.


  • Color: Green/Black and White/Black
  • Design: Made with a hard protective cover
  • Display: 10-digit one-line LCD
  • Ease of Use: Switches between decimal and hex numbers easily
  • Functions: 131 math and scientific functions
  • Power: Two LR44 batteries with automatic shut-off

9. Casio FX 260 Solar II

Casio FX 260 Solar II

Do you need a calculator for difficult math equations at a reasonable price? Look at the Casio FX 260 Solar II model. The machine is solar powered but challenging to use as night if needed. The tool has a classic look but remains limited compared to other calculators.

The device has a 10-digit and two-line display that is easy to use. While it still has an old-fashioned look, the equipment can even help a student with advanced calculation work. There are two colors available black and pink suitable for girls and boys to use. To protect the screen and buttons, it comes with a hard slide case.


  • Color: Black and Pink
  • Design: Comes with a hard slide case
  • Display: 10-digit two-line LCD
  • Ease of Use: Suitable for general math, pre-algebra, algebra I & II, Trigonometry, Science, and Statistics
  • Functions: Over 140 features and calculations
  • Power: Solar Powered

8. Texas Instruments TI-30Xa

Texas Instruments TI-30Xa

The following scientific calculators offers you a fantastic battery life with an easy to use functions and a bright screen. The device has a lightweight design to take anywhere and suitable if you need a machine for simple formulas. You can use it for trigonometric standard and mean deviations.

Furthermore, it comes with a case to protect the exterior of the machine. The tool is battery operated and great to use at night as well. The device constructions slim and you can fit it into your pocket. The biggest downside compared to other Texas Instruments calculators is this one is not as advanced.


  • Color: Black
  • Design: Comes with a case
  • Display: Numeric 10-digit one line display
  • Ease of Use: Can use it for standard math formulas, trigonometric functions, factorials, and more
  • Functions: Algebraic, Statistical, and Trigonometric
  • Power: Battery
  • Warranty: One-year

7. Texas Instruments TI-30 XIIS Scientific Calculator

Texas Instruments TI-30 XIIS Scientific Calculator

The TI-30 XIIS is a more casual calculator but offers you both battery and solar power. You can purchase it in a wide selection of colors suitable for your lifestyle. Further, it gives you a browsing function with a two-line display. You can use it for advanced calculations and provides you with up to two variable predictions.

So you can use it for coursework, science, and engineering jobs. The biggest gripe is the buttons are stubborn to use, and it is non-graphing. The front cover remains black and the back cover you can select in the shade preferred. To add to the features, it comes with a one-year warranty as well.


  • Color: Wide selection of shades
  • Design: Comes with a hard case
  • Display: Numeric 10-digit two line display
  • Ease of Use: Made with menus to select the appropriate setting and you can view your previous entries
  • Functions: Fractions and Mixed Numbers
  • Power: Battery and Solar Powered
  • Warranty: One-year

6. Casio FX-115ES PLUS Calculator

Casio FX-115ES PLUS Calculator

For a textbook display and multiple function calculator suitable for scholars and engineers to use, look at the FX-115ES Plus. With the 280 functions, you can work out combined estimates, do computer science, and use it for stats. Using the machine is a breeze as you can scroll back if you do need to edit something. The biggest downside is the cheap material used to construct the tool. The design according to many users is not the best. The device has no hard case to protect the exterior and is only available in one color.


  • Color: Bluish/Gray
  • Design: No protective case
  • Display: Natural textbook display
  • Ease of Use: Comes with multi-replay function to backtrack estimates
  • Functions: Over 280 functions
  • Power: Battery

5. Casio Advanced Scientific Calculators

Casio Advanced Scientific Calculator

As the name implies, the Casio comes with advanced features and a textbook display. The machines solar powered and have a battery for backup. So you can always count on this device to be ready and available to use. The protective case you can remove and you can use it in different examinations from SAT to NCEES.

While it has a fantastic display for students, there are comments that the buttons are stubborn when used. Another unbelievable function is the scrollback feature. When you have made a mistake in the equation, the attribute is useful to have. One more concern is the construction as students have complained it is not durable enough.


  • Color: One
  • Design: Removable protective case
  • Display: 12-digit two line textbook display
  • Ease of Use: Scroll back function to edit the formula
  • Functions: Over 279 functions with 40 metric conversions
  • Power: Battery and Solar Powered

4. Texas Instruments TI-30XS MultiView Calculator

Texas Instruments TI-30XS MultiView Calculator

The TI-30XS scientific calculators offers you a four-line display with a high-quality screen and easy navigation. The battery life use is excellent, and it comes with solar power as well. You can work out your equations with a simple device and straightforward without any problems.

With the MultiView function, you can edit, cut, and paste on the device. You can buy the machine is blue or green but is a bit on the bulky side. Another disadvantage is the equipment is non-graphing. Go ahead, get yourself one, and start entering more than one calculation at once.


  • Color: Blue and Green
  • Design: No protective case
  • Display: Four-line display with one and two variable statistics with math print feature
  • Ease of Use: Can enter more than one formula, compare, edit, cut and paste
  • Functions: Offers fraction/decimal conversion and fraction math
  • Power: Battery and Solar Powered

3. Casio FX-300MS

Casio FX-300MS

The Casio FX-300MS scientific calculators may feel cheaply made without graphing or advanced equation features but remain easy to navigate. The mathematics tool has a two-line display with the multi-replay feature, 240 functions, and nine variable memories.

You can backspace to enter a string of numbers and formulas to calculate using the Casio. The device offers you functional calculations to get most jobs done. However, some students did find the nomenclature and symbolism tricky to use. For the fantastic price to do mathematical work what more can one ask?


  • Color: Bluish Black
  • Design: Slide on hard case
  • Display: Two-line display
  • Ease of Use: Multi-replay feature
  • Functions: 240 Functions and nine variable memories
  • Power: Battery and Solar Powered

2. Texas Instruments TI-34 MultiView Scientific Calculators

Texas Instruments TI-34 MultiView Scientific Calculator

The next calculator made for scientific calculations is highly functional and easy to use. The four-line display allows you to scroll and edit previous entries. For high school, college, and office use, the device is ideal to use. You can do different math formulations and equations from pi, fractions, to square roots.

Furthermore, it comes with a protective case to prevent the screen and buttons from damage. However, it still has an old-fashioned look and is a bit bulky to take anywhere. The math tool you can only buy in one color blue/white.


  • Color: Blue/White
  • Design: Protective Case
  • Display: Four-line display with math print, previous entry, all mode settings and more
  • Ease of Use: Can scroll, edit, and input
  • Functions: One to Two-Variable Statistics with Advanced Fraction
  • Power: Battery and Solar Powered

1. Texas Instruments TI-36X PRO

Texas Instruments TI-36X PRO

The following scientific calculators are the highly functional tool with multi-view display and great features. For high school students, it is perfect, but the buttons are a bit soft. Some users found the device trying to navigate when working out algebra and geometry. You can convert fractions, use Pi, decimal, and more. You can view multiple calculations at a time, and the screen is bright and pleasant to use. The four-line display is also functional for computer science to use.


  • Color: Black
  • Design: Protective Case
  • Display: 16-digit four-line display with multiple calculations and multi-view screen
  • Ease of Use: Textbook display for editing and graphing with toggle key to convert fractions
  • Functions: Multiple calculations and multi-view screen
  • Power: Battery and Solar Powered

Final Thought

The top 10 best scientific calculators are our favorites that can do everything possible needed to work out formulations. The Texas Instruments TI-34 model offers you advanced features with easy navigation and complex equations. The price is affordable, and it is a reliable math tool to tackle any problem sum. Furthermore, the rest of the science calculators you can use on a daily basis for general math, geometry, biology, chemistry, and algebra. Alternatively, if you need to buy one to use in the exams or help out with coursework check out the list now.

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