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Awesome Science Experiment Kits for 9 Year Olds

Best Science Experiment Kits For Kids

Is your child fascinated by science? Are you thinking of treating them to a fun science kit? If so you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up the best 5 kits for children. Science is all around us and a cool science kit will really help them to unleash their creativity and pique their curiosity. Who says learning can’t be fun! As with most children’s toys, there are so many on the market these days, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to decide which one would make the perfect gift for a nine year old girl or boy. But don’t worry, we’ve picked out 5 great options for you to choose from! Read on and check out these great science experiment kits!

1. ABirdon Kids Science Kit For 5-11 Years

Let your child pretend to be a mini scientist with this super cool set from ABirdon. Stimulate their brains and boost their enthusiasm and learning potential with this kit packed full of amazing science equipment. All of the tools in this kit are made from child-friendly, safe materials, but they look just like the real thing! Easily washable so you can reuse them again and again.

A wonderful introduction to all things science, your kids will love going through the step by step activities and challenges. Includes test tubes, safety goggles, funnels, and even a lab coat so they can play dress-up. The kit comes in a strong, reusable storage box with secure side clips to keep it all neat and tidy when not in use. Keep them occupied for hours with this ingenious experiment kit!

2. Thames Kosmos Ooze Labs Science Kit For Kids

Introduce your children to the wonderful world of science with this colorful and practical science lab from Thames & Kosmos. With a huge range of tools and ingredients, they can let their creative visions run wild. With everything, they need to make exciting experiments including breakers, pipettes, flasks, and loads more!

Also, with easy to follow experiment cards, they’ll be their own little scientific explorer. Made from safe, non-hazardous components, this kit would be perfect for a birthday or for Christmas – science mad kids will love it.

3. Learn & Climb Science Kit For Girls And Boys

This cool science kit is perfect for any aspiring young scientists. With 21 exciting experiments to try, you can be sure your kids will be entertained for hours. From creating their own lava lamp to exploding volcanoes, this is a must-have kit! All the pieces are safe, child friendly and the colorful instruction manual is easy to follow.

Let your little scientist explore, create, and have fun conducting their favorite experiments in a safe environment. With the number of interesting experiments in this kit, they’ll never get bored of it! Includes everything you’ll need including citric acid, beakers, Petri dishes, baking soda, and more!

4. Giggleway Stem Science Solar Power Kit For Young Children

The perfect set for any lucky boy or girl, this kit is perfect for introducing kids to renewable and solar energy sources. Learning through play is invaluable, and this set proves that.

The step by step instructions teaches children in a hands-on way, that’s still super interesting and educational. All the components of this set are made from safe, non-toxic components.

5. SmartLab Extreme Crazy Science Kit For Kids

For the science crazy kids out there, this kit is a must-have. Perfect for creating weird and wonderful experiments – from glow in the dark alien blood to fizzing concoctions, Chemistry has never been so much fun!

This unique Smartlab kit includes everything your kids need to discover the magic and excitement of chemistry. They’ll learn all about the scientific principles as they use their very own scientific tools to mix up wacky potions and become familiar with chemical reactions – they can even make glow in the dark slime! Perfect for a birthday or for kids parties, family get-togethers or sleepovers with friends.

Let’s face it, educating your children is no easy task for parents. Kids moan about how it’s boring and they don’t like school, but what if you could make it more interesting for them? If they show an interest in science then it’s important to encourage that and kids science kits could prove to be invaluable.

With home science projects they could learn all about the human body, the solar system and even crystal growing and optical illusions – all in a safe and fun environment. Even better, there are kits for most age groups so they can start learning at pretty much any age!

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