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Best Saucer Chairs in 2021 | Flamboyance to the Living Space!

Are you a creative and innovative person? Do you want modern furniture in the home? Perhaps you already have the latest stylish gear in your house. Did you know by adding the best saucer chairs or moon chairs you can add even more flamboyance to your living space? So instead of walking in and out shops, why not look at the collection available here.

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Top Saucer Chairs in 2021

11. Urban Shop Oversized Mongolian (ASIN-B07L53V31B)

Coming in 37-inch long by 30-inch wide by 30-inch deep, this Mongolian Saucer Chair by Urban shop is enough oversized. As a result, you will get ample seating to relax. To add more, Urban Shop has manufactured the frame with metal while the head is made of polyester faux fur fabric. Both the materials are of high quality. You will find the chairs in seven different colors.

  • Oversized plus comfy.
  • High-quality metal and polyester faux fur fabric.
  • Comes in seven attractive colors.
  • Collapsible for convenience.
  • Easy to add another seating.
  • Can squeak a little when you move.

10. OSP Designs BF25292-11 with 360-degree Swivel (ASIN- B07RM5B348)

With its 36-degree swivel feature, you can twist and turn this saucer chair by OSP designs while putting your feet up. The brand has designed this product with a sturdy resin wicker that is wrapped over a black metal frame and a giant Dacron-filled cushion made of high-quality polyester. There is a nest-style bottom too to add more aesthetic vibe to the structure. Coming in absolute white, the BF25292-11 has a cushion that is both thick-padded and snugly-strapped to make the seating very pleasurable.

  • 360-degree swivel
  • Inbuilt fabric straps
  • Metal frame enfolded in a sturdy resin-wicker
  • Thick-padded and comfortable.
  • Attractive black frame with white cushion.
  • Hard to put together.

9. OSP Designs BF25292-RD with 360-degree Swivel (ASIN- B07F4GLKNY)

If you are into red, then you can think of having this saucer chair too from OSP Designs. The comfort will be the same as the previous one as well as the material.It too has a 360-degree swivel that you can use to get more comfort. One small difference is that it weighs a little lighter than that of BF25292-11. So, you can enjoy its easy portability too.

  • Easily portable
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Inbuilt fabric straps
  • Metal frame wrapped in a sturdy resin-wicker
  • Bold red cushion and black frame.
  • Slightly small.

8. Flash Furniture Bowie Swivel Patio Chair (ASIN- B07HGRKXM3)

No matter what size and shape you have, enjoy this Bowie Swivel Saucer Chair with its 350-pound limit in weight capacity. Plus, you can swivel this chair 360-degree too to get more comfort. Moreover, it’s constructed with a nest-style bottom and a bowl-shaped head that adds beauty to the design. Its silver powder coated frame also complements the overall look.

  • Frame is made of sturdy silver powder-coated finish
  • Woven wicker cushion.
  • 350-pound limit in weight capacity.
  • 360-degree swivel base.
  • Adjustable floor glides
  • Hard to put together.

7. Mainstays Soft Wide Seat Saucer Chair (ASIN-B08FYJM58V)

Mainstays have made sure you get the most comfortable seating experience from the Soft Wide Saucer Chair. Soft Wide’s cushion is made of high-quality faux fur polyester while the frame is of sturdy steel. You will also get a luxurious feel with the plush texture of the former. One great thing about the chair is that you don’t need to put it together.

  • Faux-fur polyester fabric cushion.
  • Sturdy steel frame.
  • No need to put it together.
  • Comes in six colors.
  • None noted.

6. Urban Shop

Here we have a plush saucer chair from Urban Shop available in four colors. You can use it in the TV room, dorm, bedroom, and more. The fabric is polyester and folds for storage as well. Furthermore, you get a cozy seat with padding.

  • Holds a weight capacity of 225lbs

  • Collapsible for storage

  • Ample padding

  • Durable material

  • Covered with Microsuede

  • Easy to clean

  • You can feel the bar on the front side when your legs hang down

5. Mainstay

The moon chair you can buy in some modern colors to fit in with your décor at home or the office. The seat is soft and full with a foldable steel frame. Furthermore, it has a polyester cover for durability and easy to clean.

  • Wide seat

  • Comfortable

  • Folds for transporting

  • Versatile to use anywhere

  • Weight capacity is 225lbs

  • Faux is soft

  • Excellent chair for kids but not adults

4. ALPHA Camp

Here we have another plush saucer chair designed for camping. You can use it at home or outdoors in the wild. Furthermore, the foldable design makes it more accessible for traveling as well. The lounger can hold up to 350lbs of weight.

  • Versatile to use anywhere

  • Plush design in a wide selection of colors

  • The seat is well padded

  • Made with added straps on the bottom making it tear-resistant

  • Holds a weight up to 350lbs

  • Include a carry bag

  • One Year Warranty

  • Quality issues with the plastic parts used on the chair

3. Generic

Here is another faux folding saucer chair with added padding and deep seat. The armrest has padding for comfort. Even the cushions removable for spot cleaning.

  • Has a weight limit of 250lbs

  • Foldable

  • Well padded

  • The seat is deep and comfortable

  • The armrest has padding

  • You can remove the cushion for cleaning

  • Great to use for camping

  • None noted

2. OSP Designs

Now if you prefer a saucer chair that is more stable without the folding design, the Papasan Chair comes highly recommended. The tufted poly-fill pillow is plush and comes with a woven resin wicker base.

  • Pillow is button tufted and comfortable

  • Beautiful woven resin wicker base

  • The base swivels

  • Suitable for teens and adults to use

  • Even your pet will find it relaxing and comfortable

  • Some quality concerns with the hardware used on the chair


Last on the list of the best saucer chairs we have this one from CORE. You can use the lounger anywhere from the home to camping. The polyester fabrics durable and it looks like an oversized cozy egg. Furthermore, it supports a weight limit of up to 300lbs.

  • Made with durable 600D oxford fabric

  • Foldable for transport

  • Can use it indoors and outdoors

  • Has a cup holder

  • Include a carry bag

  • One Year Warranty

  • The plastic parts used in the construction of the chair is not the best

For a modern lounger you can use anywhere you will find the best saucer chairs a great comfort. You can use it at the dorm, TV room, and patio or even take it with you camping. Choose one or more today. The price is affordable; you will not feel disappointed.

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What can you do with a saucer chair?

So, what would you do with a saucer chair? Of course, it meets a definite requirement of comfortable seating. However, besides comfort, there are other privileges that you can enjoy.

How to clean a saucer chair properly at home?

Removable cover: If the saucer chair comes with a slip-off cover, then you can just throw it into the washing machine. Make sure you keep it on a gentle cycle with warm water and gentle detergent. Albeit you will find instructions with the guide, it will be better to stay safe. However, some cushions need to air dry while some require the use of a dryer when it comes to the faux fabric. If it’s polyester, then you will need to dry it on low temperature.

Non-removable cover: If the cover is not removable, then you will need to clean the mark with your hand. Firstly, you will have to spray some soap on the area and then blot the dirt off. You can use a gentle detergent too if that doesn’t work. Make sure you don’t oversaturate the cushion since the water will get to the foam making the drying process much harder. Also, make sure to not soak the chair. Instead, you can spray cleaner on the chair and allow it to stand for an allotted time. After that, let the cover and chair dry completely. You can vacuum the cushion too if it’s made of polyester.

How to sew a saucer chair?

Have the cushion measured to determine how much fabric you’ll need to cut as well as cover the sides. Suppose the cushion is 54 inches, then you’ll need around 4-meter fabric to begin with. Then, lay the cushion down. Afterwards, trace all the way around the cushion- around 2-inch out from the edge. You can use a pen so you can check it properly for future cuts along the line. After that, move the cushion. Then, cut on the traced outline. Now, you will have a big oval shaped fabric. It won’t be perfect but it will work out fine in the end after you stuff it with foam or pad. You can use the oval fabric to cut the second fabric to make it similar in shape. After you cut it along the traced outline, pin both the sides of the oval fabrics together.

Lastly, you will need to sew along the oval shape with a hem around 0.5 to 1” inside the edge. Then start the sewing process. After stitching up around 3/4 of the oval-shaped fabric, flip the inside out. Now, stuff it with a foam or pad.

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