Samsung vs. LG TVs: Which One is Better?

Samsung vs. LG TVs: which one is better?

What You Should Be Aware of Samsung TVs and LG TVs

Samsung TVs and LG TVs are among the world’s leading brands. Each of them has features that make them preferred over others that exist in the market. There are those features that are alike in the two products while there are those which have vast differences. Choosing the best one between the two will require to cross-examine their similarities and comparing them to their differences.

What are the Common features between Samsung and LG TVs?

These two brands have some similar elements and hence the reason for their having top ranks in the market.

Samsung vs. LG TVs: which one is better?

1. Quality display

One of the things that have made the two brands sell exceptionally is their excellent quality in the display. With all their products having a high definition display, they are but exceptional. They have created a view that is attractive and crystal clear in all their TVs from the low priced ones to the high priced ones. The two have an impactful and stylish display made from the various technologies they apply, such as bobbly vision and HDR.

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2. Both have products that use android systems

Many TV manufacturing companies have adopted the use of android operating systems. Samsung and LG were among the first brands to introduce android television, which perform almost the same. They are superior quality with excellent features to give the viewer an incredible view. Both of them have adopted this system without any glitches realized, unlike some other brands in the market.

3. Smart TV Platforms

Samsung and LG TVs have massively introduced smart tv platforms to better the function of their units. LG uses webOS while Samsung uses the Tizen platform. They apply a horizontal menu bar that displays common apps, inputs, streaming services. The working of both Samsung and LG when it comes to this feature is prevalent, although LG is trying to bring improvements such as those seen in webOS 4.5. These two products have brought a lot of change to the world of tv sets combining the use of the internet with simple tv channels.

4. Price factor

These two world-leading products have a lot of similarities when it comes to prices. The low levels and high edge ones for both brands have prices similar to each other with only having differences of a few dollars. These similarities come from their having features that are close to each other and having penetrated the world market in close ranges. The most expensive products for the two brands range between $2500 and below, while the cheapest ones sell at a price below $ 300. Such prices are affordable to many, which explains their vast market presence.

Differences Between These Two

Samsung vs. LG TVs: which one is better?

1. Sound clarity

Lucky gold star (LG) has always had the upper hand when it comes to sound clarity. LG has ever been taken as one of the best producers of sound systems as they use superior technology and parts. Samsung, on the other hand, is a bit lower when it comes to sound clarity. Even though they have high displays, they are a notch lower when it comes to their sound.

2. Suitability of smart TV

Smart TV is simply a TV that has network connectivity. Many TVs have introduced this aspect in their making with Samsung and LG leading the market. Comparatively, Samsung uses a third party in the creation of smart TVs while Lg has its own. Samsung is a bit stable compared to LG, making it a superior type over LG and others.

3. Remote control

Lg became a game-changer when it introduced the magic remote. Lg saw the need to create a remote system that typically resembled the mouse of a computer and what’s more, even a keyboard. Navigating around an LG smart TV is way easy compared to a Samsung one. It is more comfortable to type with the magical remote compared to that of Samsung. This difference in their remote comes about because LG uses RF while Samsung uses IR. Moreover, it has a microphone for voice commands, which is not present in LG.

4. Ambient modes

Samsung has a hit over LG as it has the ambient feature that turns the screen black when it is not in use. This feature was designed as a way of reducing power consumption when the set is not in use. Unlike Samsung, LG does not have this feature, and most of its products are turned down manually when they are not in use. Samsung has a listing among the most eco-friendly sets in the world, having these features, among others, that saves on power and reduce environmental pollution and eliminate any health hazard to the users.

Samsung vs. LG TVs: which one is better?

Regardless of the brand picked, it is clear that both are after giving their customers the best user experience. Expect always to have a new feature introduced by the two companies hence the pick you make will be determined by what you attach value to on the product.

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