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The Samsung Phone Line – Samsung Series

Samsung Phone Line

Undeniably, in today’s mobile phone industry, Samsung phones’ popularity has beaten almost all other known smartphones in the industry. As of present Samsung has availed its phone line under a number of different brand names. Names such as the Galaxy S series are synonymous all around the globe probably due to their flagship status. Contrarily, some brand names like the On series or C series form the many other names never seen before.

The Samsung Phone Line

Samsung has enjoyed a bigger market for their devices. This probably has made them use those different brands to increase the range of options and affordability. From the Galaxy fold in 2021, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S, Galaxy A to Galaxy Neo in 2010, there are different Samsung mobile phones in the market at any point in time.

Samsung phones line is manufactured and marketed by Samsung Electronics under the SAMSUNG Galaxy product line. It includes the following:

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Samsung Galaxy Fold

In September 2021 Samsung launched Galaxy fold after announcing it to the public in April 2021. The device one of its kind folds up into a tablet. It lets the user experience a bigger or smaller screen size with the same content. Galaxy fold is the latest galaxy series to be launched by the tech giant.

The device is selling as Galaxy Fold 5G available in space silver and cosmos black colors.

Samsung Galaxy Note Series

In the phablet line, Galaxy Note handsets have been considered the most successful. The gadget is mostly oriented towards pen computing. It is the reason why it has to be shipped with a stylus pen. The technology includes a Wacom digitizer which is pressure sensitive. Samsung is not done yet with Notes series as it has announced a plan to launch in 2022.

Evidenced by its name, this series is all about this company’s biggest smartphones. Due to their huge display sizes, stylus pens amidst many other tech features, Galaxy Note falls within the phablet category to make it the premium smartphones for Samsung.

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Samsung Galaxy S (Super Smart) Series

Together with the Galaxy Note series, Samsung Galaxy S series also known as the Super Smart series joins the premier flagship handsets for Samsung. S series was humbly introduced into the smartphone world in 2010 as Samsung Galaxy S. As noticed, millions of smartphone users anxiously await a new launch of this series every year making S series the most premium and coveted series.

Samsung Galaxy A (Alpha) Series

Also known as the Galaxy Alpha series, Samsung Galaxy A forms another coveted galaxy brand by upper-mid and mid-range android users. A series is not much different from the flagship S series save for lower specifications and features. Lowering those specifications and reducing some of the features that come with S series, Samsung Electronics makes this brand affordable to those who may like S series but find it unaffordable.

Since the launch of the Galaxy A3 smartphones Galaxy A series has become a success. The lightweights and sleek aluminum frames found in Galaxy A5 and A7 make this series attractive and admirable. Not forgetting at the time of launching it their speculations appeared relatively so powerful to be overlooked.

As technology develops the Galaxy, A series has also made steps into advancing the brand. In 2021, Samsung introduced A10, A20, A30, A50, A70 and the premium Galaxy A80 for the upper-mid.

Samsung Galaxy J (Joy) Series

Before April 2021, the Samsung Galaxy J series also referred to as Joy or Junior series was the Samsung mid-range smartphone market leader. Since then the A series made its way into the market replacing it.

This series was particularly meant to cater to the low-mid budget smartphone users. Notwithstanding the attractive features of the Galaxy A series, the J series came with prices that have kept Samsung well afloat within the low-mid category. Contrary to the A-series’ beautiful frames and aluminum body, the J series mostly rotates around plastics and other lesser features.

Samsung Galaxy Core / Galaxy Grand Series

Another line of mid-range smartphone devices released between the years 2013 and 2015 is the Galaxy Core/Grand series. The line has the Core and the Grand, which until the launch of Grand prime were separate lines. The Core Prime and the Galaxy Core Series were the predecessors to Grand Prime. Later in 2015 line was mainly replaced in the market by the Galaxy J series.

Grand series carries the Galaxy Prime. This means improved variants and improvement of already existing smartphones. For the Grand series, Grand prime provided improved hardware however, the same build quality. Examples are J7 prime and Grand Prime

Samsung Galaxy C Series

The Galaxy C series majorly has the mid to upper mid handsets. In 2016, this Samsung series contained the most beautiful smartphones. Many describe it as love at first sight for Galaxy C7 and C9. And those who have used it speak of the C series as a true value for their money.

Other Samsung Galaxy series include Samsung Galaxy M (Millenial) Series, Samsung Galaxy E (Elegant) Series, Galaxy Pro series, Galaxy E series, Galaxy Max and On series.

When buyers are looking for a new Samsung phone, as seen, it can be quite hard to get their heads around all the available options. Choices remain whether to go for affordable handsets like the Galaxy A10, an earlier Samsung flagship such as the Galaxy Note 9, or wade through the biggest and best smartphones like the Galaxy Note 10+. Considering the software, Galaxy is not tied to android since you can find a windows ten tab.

With the long-delayed Galaxy Fold which is now available in the market to buy, together with the Galaxy S11 coming, the Samsung Galaxy smartphone lineup is constantly moving on.

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