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Why Rogue Bought Vainglory

Why Rogue Bought Vainglory

As the years go by, it is becoming clear that technology continues to bring gradual changes in our lives. And one of the vivid changes in the gaming industry. Since time immemorial, kids often spent most of their time in the field playing ball games and other outdoor games. However, as time goes by, things are becoming different. It is becoming so unpopular to see a huge amount of kids playing outdoor. The truth is, many are in the comfort of their playrooms and bedrooms playing video games thanks to the latest technology. Whether this fact is a positive thing or negative is still a mystery. But only time will tell.

Are you a big fan of video games? If your response is a big yes, then Rogue Games is a common name. Even if you are not a fan of video games, you have probably come across the name Rogue. Rogue games is a common video game studio from Bournemouth. It first came into the market in 2017. With two years in the gaming industry, Rogue has, for sure, made a name for itself. The company is popularly known for its great game publishing services, which have led to the improvement of the gaming industry.

On the other hand, Vainglory is a free video game. It features in-game purchases. Its development and publishing company was formerly the Super Evil Megacorp Production Company. The game first came into the market in late 2014. It supports multiple platforms Such as iOS, Android, Microsoft, Windows, and MacOS. It is a multiplayer game that allows multiple players at a time. The latest version of the game came into the market in 2018. Vainglory is popularly known for its characters, graphics and the different levels’ designs. However, people don’t like poor teamwork and communication features.

Why did Rogue buy Vainglory?

A recent event left many players with a lot of questions about the future of Vainglory. A lot of Vainglory fans are still in the question of what is the main reason why Rogue Games bought Vainglory. On 4th November 2021, It came to light that Rogue is finally taking over the Vainglory games. This was after settling a deal with the Super Evil Megacorp. A post from Rogue wrote that there isn’t going to be any different from the previous Vainglory operation settings. Read on to learn why they bought the game.

Big Fans of Vainglory

The post read that Rogue is a big fan of Vainglory that possibly is the main reason why the Company bought the game. They have given fans their words that there will be no alteration with how the game functions. Rogue did not leave out the fact that they are great in the games publishing sector and that Vainglory was in safe hands. Rogue games mentioned that they also have been using the game since its first publication.

The Best MOBA experience in the market today

Rogue bought vainglory because they feel and believe that Vainglory is still the best MOBA experience that you can come across. And that itself is also the main reason why fans are still clinging on the game even after years of being in the market. In addition to that, it is still the great old game that was there five years ago, and Rogue is hoping to maintain the legacy.

To partner with Super Evil Megacorp

It is no secret that Super Evil Megacorp is one of the best video games company in the world today. And a huge amount of starters love to have an association with the great game development company. The co-founder of Rogue brought to light the fact that Rogue is happy to partner with the Super Evil Megacorp, which is something we don’t blame the new company. And what better option other than vainglory.

To make the MOBA experience better

The co-founder of Rogue recently wrote that Rogue is here to make vainglory MOBA Experience bigger and better. He promised the same old community manager faces, familiar faces, and amazing updates. However, Rogue is thinking of better tricks that will make Vainglory bigger and better for all the fans. Rogue promises ultimate respect for the fan club and an excellent new plan for all.

It is no secret that vainglory is one of the best video games in the market today. As mentioned earlier, it still is the world’s best MOBA game that you can come across. As much as five years have come to pass, it still features the amazing details, level updates, design, and so much more. And that has made its popularity grow as years pass by. What the future holds for vainglory is still uncertain. However, only time can tell. But with the many promises from Rogue, Vainglory will become bigger and better under their watch.

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