Top 10 Best Robot Vacuums in 2021

Keep your floors clean without lifting a finger with the 10 best robot vacuums reviewed here today. Compared to buying a massive vacuum cleaner the robot is a hard worker and reaches into small areas where your old timer cannot reach.

There is no need of dragging around a long plastic hose connected to the enormous beast screaming away waking up the neighbors. In fact, you do not even have to get off the couch.

The robot vacuum can dispose of pet hair, dust, and other particles in your home. They are intelligent and equipped with motherboards, lasers, sensors, and even Wi-Fi navigation.

So which one is for you? Find out here and pick a suitable one to fit right into your house.

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Best Robot Vacuums for Using Around the Home

10. Eyugle Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Eyugle Robot Vacuum Cleaner

For a friendly helper to lighten your housework the robot vacuum from Eyugle is sure to please you. The small cleaner does an excellent job at picking up pet hair and dirt. Whether you have ceramic tile, carpets, or wooden floors it can handle anything. Even the baseboards swept and cleaned with the side sweepers and reach underneath the bed as well. Use the remote to switch it on and set up your preferred cleaning mode. Now you can sit back as the worker goes on its merry way.


  • Designed with auto, focus, and random mode
  • The dustbin capacity is 200ml and works with manual charging
  • Powered by an 850mAh Ni-MH battery with a charging time of up to 360-minutes
  • The working time is up to 60-minutes
  • Excellent and sweeping and has a fantastic 500PA suction
  • Controlled by remote and has a 5cm anti-falling sensor to change direction
  • Included extra you receive the remote control, user manual, two HEPA filters, one side brush, adapter, and dustbin
  • The robot cleaner has a height of 7.6cm with three groups of electronic sensors
  • The noise is low at 75DB, and you can even control the direction of the robot

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9. ILIFE Pro V3s Robotic Vacuum

ILIFE Pro V3s Robotic Vacuum

With this small robot vacuum, you can get those pet hairs and dirt removed from any surface in no time. Sit back and relax as it auto cleans with one click of the remote control button. The ILIFE is superb at what it does and dusts the edge on corners and walls. You do not need to take it and recharge the battery as it automatically docks by itself. With the remote, you can schedule times for the V3s to start working and return to its docking bay.


  • Designed with pet hair technology to remove the fine debris and hair
  • Has a low profile to reach under sofas, beds, and other furniture
  • Automatically returns to the charging dock to fuel up the battery
  • The robot vacuum will not bump into obstacles on its way with the smart sensors and helps avoid dropping
  • Suitable for hardwood floors and also has auto clean
  • With the included remote you can schedule the cleaning time

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8. Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Nothing is more convenient to use than this little robot vacuum from iRobot. The Roomba 614 needs no programming and works with a press of a button. You can experience cleaner floors as it has a three-stage cleaning system that loosens, lifts, and sucks up small to large debris. The Roomba even has dirt direct sensor alerts making sure it works harder when detecting debris in its path.


  • Included extra you receive a home base charging station, additional filter, and owner’s guide
  • Designed with a three-stage cleaning system with dual multi-surface brushes, edge-sweeping brush, and suction
  • Works on carpets and hard floors and automatically adjusts its height
  • The robot vacuums will work harder when detecting concentrated areas of dirt with it dirt detect sensor
  • Comprise loads of smart sensors to make more than 60 decisions per second and even has a cliff detect sensor
  • Automatically recharges and is always ready to clean
  • One-year Warranty

7. BoostIQ RoboVac 11S

BoostIQ RoboVac 11S

For a pure power puck with non-stop cleaning you can sit back and relax while the RoboVac 11S takes care of cleanup needs around the home. The worker is always ready to work and automatically returns to its charging base. The small robot vacuum has a dual-layer filter with multiple cleaning modes. You can pre-set the cleaning times to clean at certain times of the day and night. The dust box is large, so you will not be removing it a lot.


  • Slim design at 2.85-inches height and has a 1300Pa suction and works quietly
  • The BoostIQ automatically increases its suction power for the best clean
  • Works with a Li-ion battery for up to 100-minutes
  • Designed with an anti-scratch tempered glass-top cover with an infrared sensor to avoid obstacles
  • Has a drop-sensing sensor to prevent it from falling
  • Automatically recharges and has large wheels to move over carpets and climb door ledges
  • Has a triple filter system with a sizeable 0.6l dust box
  • Included extra you receive a remote control, AC power adapter, additional filters, five cable ties, four side brushes, charging base, cleaning tool, and welcome guide
  • One-year Warranty



For an easy-to-use robot vacuum cleaner to use with a smartphone app and Alexa, you need the DEEBOT N79S. The intellectual home cleaner navigates through your house and cleans while you relax. With the three-stage cleaning system and four different cleaning modes, your place will look spick-and-span in no time. Furthermore, it has the latest sensor technology and will not fall off stairs or bump into obstacles in its way.


  • Control the DEEBOT using the remote control or app on your phone
  • Works with voice control using Google Home and Alexa
  • Can customize and schedule cleaning sessions, receive error alerts, and accessory status
  • Designed with auto clean and three cleaning modes comprising auto-clean, single room & spot mode, and edge mode
  • The battery lasts up to 120-minutes and automatically returns to the charging dock
  • Has an air filtration system with protective bumpers and anti-scratch finish
  • The big dustbin is easy to clean, and the large wheels can climb thresholds
  • Included extra is a remote control, software updates, two side brushes, one main brush, and docking station
  • Suitable to use on hardwood, tiles, and low-profile carpets
  • One-year Warranty

5. ILIFE V8s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 

ILIFE V8s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 

The next robotic vacuum cleaner has six cleaning modes, and you can quickly switch from one function to another with the remote control. The ILIFE V8s picks up pet hair and has an adjustable port with outstanding suction strength. The dustbin is large and reduces frequent emptying while the mopping mode ensures that the floors left sparkling clean. The appliance has a water tank as well offering you more than one cleaning function to use in the home.


  • Designed with six cleaning modes and controlled by a remote
  • Has an adjusting suction port to pick up pet hairs to larger debris
  • The robot vacuums ready to clean with the programmable schedule system
  • Can do dam mopping and sweep to leave your floors gleaming
  • Comprise a 0.75l dustbin and mops the floor with an invisible barrier
  • Has an LCD with mechanical keys on the remote
  • One-year Warranty

4. Neato Robotics Botvac D3

Neato Robotics Botvac D3

For a Wi-Fi robot vacuum cleaner, nothing comes close to the Neato Robotics Botvac D3. The machines equipped with smart laser navigation and have a powerful suction. You can leave it to clean all floor types and automatically returns to the docking bay. You can use it with Google Home Assistant and Alexa. Operating the appliance is easy using the Neato App, and you can schedule times for cleaning. You can even receive notifications or use the button available on the robot to work.


  • Works with Google Home Assistant and Alexa voice control
  • Can set up time schedules with the Neato App or use the button on the robot to start working
  • Designed with spin flow power clean and laser smart navigation
  • Has a d-shape structure and even cleans where the dirt is hiding away close to walls, corner and more
  • Works on different floor types
  • Returns to the charging bay and has a run time up to 60-minutes
  • One-year warranty

3. Neato Botvac D5

Neato Botvac D5

Here we have another Neato Botvac the D5 robot vacuum that offers you high performance with laser smart precision navigation and Wi-Fi connectivity. The appliance recharges automatically and is ready to work in a couple of hours. For keeping your home allergy and pet hair free, this is one of the best options available. You can schedule cleaning times using the Neato App and control it with your voice using Alexa.


  • You can control the robot vacuums with your voice using Alexa or schedule and more using the Neato App
  • If the appliance gets lost in the home, you can find it with the app
  • The device cleans the floors and returns to the charging base when in need of a charge
  • Has a d-shape design to fit into corners and clean close to the wall
  • Included it has spin flow power, a combo brush, large dirt bin, filter, and user manual
  • For vacuuming up pet hair, dust bunnies, and crumbs, the Botvac D5 is perfect
  • Wi-Fi connectible
  • One-year Warranty

2. iRobot Roomba 960

iRobot Roomba 960 - Robot Vacuums

Here is another Wi-Fi connectable robot vacuum from iRobot. You can relax with a book while the Roomba 960 navigates through the home and gives it a thorough clean. The appliance automatically returns to the charging dock and resumes the job until done. With AeroForce Cleaning System, it offers more than five times power, and all you need to do is press clean. Furthermore, you can control it with your voice and is Alexa compatible. Schedule a time and customize the cleaning according to your preference and see how this small home worker takes care of the rest.


  • Works connected with your Wi-Fi, smartphone app, and Alexa voice control
  • You can customize cleaning times from your smartphone
  • Has cliff detect sensors and runs up to 75-minutes and automatically returns to home base for charging
  • Included you receive extra the charging station, virtual wall barrier, additional filter, extra side brush, and owners guide
  • Designed with an AeroForce Cleaning System that is five times more powerful than any other robot vacuums
  • Has an auto-adjust cleaning head with multi-surface brushes
  • Equipped with smart sensors with a 3.6-inch low profile

1. Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum

Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum - Robot Vacuums

For the steep price of the Dyson 360 Eye, you get twice the suction power. The digital V2 motor is not only more powerful but also has radial root cyclone technology to pick up the smallest dust particle. With its 360-degree vision, it cleans around the home on its own as you sit down and relax. Schedule a cleaning time before guests arrive using the Dyson Link app. You can download the application to your Android or IOS device.


  • The brush bar is enormous and has carbon fiber filaments that clean with a single pass
  • Maneuvers over all types of floors
  • Equipped with a powerful V2 digital motor with exceptional suction
  • Designed with a 360-degree eye vision system
  • Control it with the Dyson Link app on your Android or IOS device
  • Schedule cleaning times
  • With the radial root cyclone technology, it separates the dirt and dust and cleans edge-to-edge
  • Developed with tank tracks to maintain speed and keep it on course
  • Can use it with voice control and compatible with Amazon Echo

Final Thoughts

Why spend hours in your home with a large and bulky vacuum cleaner. With one of the best robot vacuums cleaners available in 2021—you will quickly see one cannot live without it. They are small, powerful, and hard workers moving around the home unnoticeable. You can schedule the cleaning time, and they even return to their charging dock automatically. Once fully charged they resume their cleaning tasks. Get yourself one, sit back, and relax while the robotic vacuum takes care of the rest.

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