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How to Buy the Right Sofa

Ultimate Guides to Buy A Right Sofa

Have you recently moved to a new home? Once there, have you realized you need more furniture to fit the empty space? Maybe you do not have a sofa and looking at your bare living space. So if it is your first time buying a lounger and do not want to spend hours researching, we have the solution right here for you. Here you can find all the information you need on how to buy the right sofa for your home.

Never Skimp on Décor

Whether you are trying to save money, do not do this on a sofa. The lounger is the anchor for any living space, as this is where you will gather with family and friends. The couch is the first thing you will see when entering a room. Therefore, it is an investment and a furniture piece you will have for years. So leave cheap sofas of your list as they may not last long.

Keep it Neutral

You may love color and want a bright pink sofa or even a blue one, but how does it fit in with the rest of your décor. Will the lounger fit in with another home if you ever decide to move? Therefore, keep your color selection neutral to fit in with your lifestyle. You can find some gorgeous light gray to beige and even white if you do not have kids or pets. Do not only buy a recliner because it has a trendy color. You can opt-in using colorful throw pillows instead. You can always replace the covers of the pillows later.

How to Buy the Right Sofa


The material used to make the sofa!

Choose your fabric for your lounger carefully as the likeliness of someone spilling anything on the sofa can happen. You can find furniture pieces made from leather to polyester if you are concerned about keeping it clean. While the velvet fabric is a great option, it can be challenging to remove a stain. Alternatively, you can consider material treated with Scotch Guard as well.

The size is essential!

Above all of the features, the size plays an important part. Here you need to consider how much space you have. You do not want to end up with a considerable lounger living in a small apartment taking up space. So whether you choose a loveseat, standard couch, or an apartment size sofa, always check the sizes available.

Evaluate the Frame

While fabric plays an important part, the framework is just as important. You can replace cushions and the upholstery when it gets old, but does it have a solid inner frame. The internal structure of a couch can comprise metal, plastic, particleboard, or hardwood. You can buy cheaper sofas with pine frames, but it does wobble and warm with time.

Try to prevent purchasing a couch where the legs glued on and instead look for ones fixed with dowels or screws. Here you can consider the spring design holding the cushions on the sofa as well. You can find loungers made with webbing, mesh, to springs.

The Style!

Do you like a mid-century style, retro, modern, or country design? Taking the form into consideration as each design offers you different features. If you prefer a low back with tapered legs, then look for a couch that fits into this category. No matter if the sofa is rustic or vintage, you need to feel comfortable with it standing in your home.

How to Buy the Right Sofa

Operating Mechanisms

Depending on the sofa you plan to buy, it helps to check the operating mechanisms when it comes to sleepers and recliners. You want the levers to work smoothly and comfortably.

How will the sofa be delivered?

You may want to pick the couch up yourself at the dealership or have it delivered. If you plan on having, it transported it can become expensive, but some suppliers do offer you free delivery. Another thing to think about is where you live. Do you live in an apartment or house? Do you live on the first or second floor? How easy will it be to transport the sofa up to the fifth floor?

Different Types of Sofas

While you can find numerous types of sofas, there are ten styles available that you can consider using in your living space.


These types of sofas have a clean-lined shape with a rectangular design made up of a solid frame with wood legs. The back has a tufted structure with seat cushions and ideal if you like high legs to make it look elevated and beautiful. The silhouette is simple, with minimum curvature in the armrests. The upholstery has a durable fabric design and fits in with contemporary and minimalistic interiors.

The Daybed

You can use the sofa as a couch during the day and convert it to a bed for the night. The furniture piece works well if you have guests over and do not have a guestroom. The lounger fits perfectly into a studio apartment or small bedroom and does not have space for a loveseat. You can place thick pillows for added back support.

You can find some of the brands with armrests or side rails as well. With the daybed, you get a standard mattress in twin-size offering support and comfort. You can even get the couch with storage trundles underneath. The downside of the daybed is the lack of back support and may not look visually appealing placed against the wall.

The Chaise Lounge

The sofa has a great design with an upholstered seat made for one and reclines. Therefore, you get a footstool with a chair in one. You get back support with one to two arms or even have none. The lounger has a contoured design and great for relaxing while other models offer you an upright position for seating two people side-by-side or only one reclining.

The English Roll Arm

How to Buy the Right Sofa

The style defined on the sofa is rounded arms with loose cushions making it super comfortable to sit on. The back has a compact design, and you cannot remove the cushions. The average depth of the chair is 42-inches, and you can quickly sink away into the couch. The classic form never goes out of fashion and the shapes versatile to use with other furniture works.

The Tuxedo

The sofa has a box shape and the armrests placed at the same height as the back, and you buy it with or without upholstered legs. You get a clean line with geometric shapes and upholstered with fabric.

The Camelback

If you love traditional stylish, this is the sofa to buy. The couch has a curved back and available in different styles from one to two humps. With one of these loungers in the home, you get an elegant style that fits in with most décor.

The Lawson

While the Lawson looks similar to the English Roll Arm, the difference is that you can remove the Lawson back cushions. You get a more straightforward yet clean line look and fits in with modern décor to Victorian-styled homes. Here you need to consider the design as it does come over a bit boxy. The backs tailored high above the seat, and you sit deep while the arms are lower than the back.

The Chesterfield

How to Buy the Right Sofa

The sofa has a deep button tufting found on the back with rolled arms and is the same height as the back. You see, the couch made of leather and look sophisticated in a lounge.

The Cabriole

The lounger has curved out legs that look as if it is doing ballet. You see, an exposed wooden frame that can be curved at times with concave upper and lower portions. You have no separate back cushioning.

The Love Seat or Settee

The lounger has a straight back made for sitting two people. You can fit the sofa into different nooks and creates a cozy seating.

As you can see, there are loads of features you need to consider when you buy the right sofa for your living area. We hope that the tips and styles provided help you to find suitable seating that will last you a lifetime of use. Always check the size, style, and fabric before selecting one. Furthermore, consider the framework as well.

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