How to Buy the Right Gaming Keyboard

How to Buy the Right Gaming Keyboard

Ultimate Guides to Buy A Gaming Keyboard

To streamline your gameplay, it helps to have the correct gaming keyboard. With one, you can increase your play effectively and make your space look fantastic at the same time. But how do you choose the right gaming keyboard for your gaming needs? Find all the information you need right here with us.

What Type of Games Do You Play?

The truth is you can opt for an office keyboard when playing your games on a PC. However, if you want to enjoy a full house experience, you need the best gaming rig and need to spend a bit more on quality peripherals. For working, the keyboard offers you from play to everything found in between.

However, you can find loads of keyboards that advertise; it will enhance your experience when gaming. On the one hand, you get an overpriced typewriter, and you can get ones that work for your gaming needs. Maybe you have a pre-built computer or want to build one yourself. Here a decent gaming keyboard will help streamline your gameplay.

Here is how you can pick the best keyboard in the bunch for compelling gameplay. While the keyboard market is a bit restrained compared to the gaming mouse, you still need to consider some functions before you start.

So before you head out and buy one first, consider how you spend your gaming time?

  • Do you play single-player games filled with adventure?
  • Have you hooked on the sporting scene or MMO raids?
  • Do you need extra space as the Numpad cramps your style?

How to Buy the Right Gaming Keyboard

With these questions in your mind, it all comes down to whether you do need a gaming keyboard. If you play a round of League of Legends occasionally or follow a game episode, you may not need high-end peripheral to enhance your gaming experience.

The same applies if you only play port titles and best to invest in an excellent controller than buying a top-of-the-line gaming keyboard.

We recommend a gaming keyboard for strategy games, MMOs, and first-person shooters.

Which Price Should You Pay?

One thing you can recon on is that when you pick a gaming keyboard, it does not always fall into your price range. A fact is the more features the keyboard has from mechanical switches to RGB lighting, you will pay accordingly, and one brand can differ from another.

Under $100

If you do not have the money to spend, the likeliness is that you start saving. The keyboards in this price range mostly have membrane keys or older mechanical keys. You can find a great one from Turtle Beach Impact, providing you with a membrane design but gives you a mechanical feel.

Under $150

Here is where you hit the sweet spot when buying gaming keyboards. These models include Razer BlackWidow and Corsair Strafe. Both the keyboards have mechanical switches and present you with mono-colored backlighting with Numpad and a full set of keys. If you are lucky, you can find an extra row of macro keys. Furthermore, if you can find a shade that fits in with your gaming gear, you can find it in this price range.

Above $150

Well, if you can spend more, you will find the best gaming keyboards with RGB backlighting, macro keys, mechanical switches, with colorful backlighting. Here we are talking about the Logitech G910 Orion Spark and Corsair K70 RGB. So selecting a premium gaming keyboard all depends if you want to enhance your experience while gaming.

Which One Should You Choose Membrane or Mechanical?

When you choose a lower-end keyboard, the likeliness is that it has a membrane compared to more expensive models with mechanical keys. So to pick between the two, you need to know how each one functions—the membrane keys run with an electrical current that passes through two plastic membranes.

The mechanical keys work like the old-fashioned typewriter with an automatic switch placed under the keycap. However, the mechanical model does feel better to use and is more expensive than the membrane model. Here it all comes down to preference as we are not saying the membrane model does not work but will not help much with your everyday use and gaming habits.

Now we can take it a step further, as the mechanical keyboard offers you different types of switches, but we recommend the Cherry switch as our top selection for gaming.

You can get these switches in blue, brown, and red each one responding to a different touch:

  • The red switch gives a more soft-touch
  • The brown key works quiet but is not resistant
  • The blue one gives more of click and is very resistant

How to Buy the Right Gaming Keyboard

Other switch types are black with a shallow and stiff response while the green one has a louder sound and is more resilient than the blue one.

Then you get the Topre switch that is quiet with a rubbery feel and has a full mechanical switch underneath.

Different Keyboards

The keyboard is an all-purpose device, and the differences between certain brands are subtle. However, there are three types you can explore, so make it worth your while to research them thoroughly.

While the gaming keyboard offers you an all-purpose design, you can find a mechanical keyboard that looks like your office keyboard but have added keys or some form of backlighting.

Sometimes they may look unassuming, but underneath they are packed with mechanical switches and might have a row of macro buttons for you to use.

You can use the keyboard for MOBA, FPS, and RTS games or set your gaming rig up with a console-style controller. Now, if you prefer online games, then it helps to have an MMO keyboard.

The device has loads of macro keys available in different rows. You can find them with six extra keys, but they can go up to 18 if you want to micromanage your character’s skill. They do not come cheap and will need ample desk space.

Now lastly, you get the tenkeyless keyboard that has a whole Numpad. The device has a small design, and it does not cost too much. Furthermore, it has a lightweight structure that is great for transporting. You can find some models allowing you to disconnect the wire.

You might consider these types of keyboards as well:

Do You Need Illumination?

How to Buy the Right Gaming Keyboard

Yes and no, but with bright lighting, you can enhance your gaming experience. Here you have three choices a model with no color, one shade, or a full RGB backlighting experience. However, if you have a stunning blue PC case with a blue gaming mouse and power indicator with blue color, a keyboard with a blazing red backlight looks cool.

Furthermore, the lighting can increase the gaming keyboard price as well. Therefore, consider if you need one before buying. However, if you already have brands like Razer, Logitech, and SteelSeries, you can synchronize between your devices by using one program instead of three.

Do You Need the Hyper-Futuristic Design?

While flashing lights and design does not improve your gameplay, other features do. Instead of focusing too much on the scheme, you can focus on these functions:

  • Key Rollover or Anti-Ghosting is the measurement of presses registered all at once on the keyboard. An office keyboard offers you one to two key rollovers, and if you press more than that at once, it will not register the added keystrokes. Therefore, for a quality gaming keyboard, look for a model that offers you at least a six key rollover allowing you to press different buttons together. While an N-Key Rollover offers a register with every keystroke.
  • Macros and Software Customizing – with the best gaming keyboard, it allows you to reprogram functions of the keys available. With the software included, you can record a whole keystroke sequence with mouse clicks. Therefore, depending on the type of games you play, activating multiple skills can be done with one tap. You can use a macro key to trigger, launch steam, discord, load a specific game profile, and more.Choosing your gaming keyboard is more accessible than selecting the best gaming mouse. However, you still need to consider some things when picking the best one on the list. When you choose a mechanical keyboard, make sure it has the correct number of added keys, taking into consideration that the correct numeral might be a zero one.

Furthermore, take your time to think about what you want to spend a lot of money on illumination. In our books, the best gaming keyboard is a mechanical one. Why? It makes a great addition allowing you for a useful setup. You can use the keyboard for working and gaming at the same time.

Not only does it offer you different keystrokes, but you can also customize it according to your gaming needs.

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