All You Need To Know About ReDMi Smartwatch

ReDMi Smartwatch

ReDMi smartwatch is a new modern classic watch that you might find out to need soon. A smartwatch is an excellent addition to the previous old fashioned digital watches. They are classy and fashionable to carry around; also, it is fitted with other modern features to offer you a luxurious feel to your wrist.

The first Redmi smartwatch has received certification by regulators of such digital devices in India. Or is it Redmi’s first smart band? The leading brand, Xiaomi, launched the Watch Color recently, and the Mi Band 5 is on the horizon. The Mi Watch also offered a rotating crown, 1.78-inch AMOLED screen, heart-rate monitoring, 4G connectivity, Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth. Other specs include the Wear 3100 processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, and a 570mAh battery.

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Redmi Watch manages to incorporate most of the expected score sheets while changing up the Apple Watch/Mi Watch design. It comes in a variety of designs, but all of them serve a very same purpose but with small differentiating features. This article leads you to the understanding of a ReDMi smartwatch for you to make an informed decision. Is it a perfect buy, or should you not buy it is the item durable? Is this item easy to use? What are the dimensions of this item?


This ReDMi smartwatch has a plan that correctly features a brand name of M_-STARK. Its primary model is Xiaomi ReDMi, with an excellent weight of 99.8g, so it won’t make your wrist feel like it is carrying a load. Its dimensions range, but the majority lies from a 5*5*6cm. The watch is black. Other Redmi Watch has 1.78 Inch (4.52 cm) AMOLED Display for apps and other functions of the smartwatch. Most are rectangular or flat.

It is durable and functions well for all apps that can run in it.


A ReDMi smartwatch displays with a display technology that is AMOLED. Amoled technology is a technology used for light emission. It has screen protection that protects it from damage. It displays on a screen size of 1.78 inches and a screen resolution of 368*448 pixels. The smartwatches pixel density sharpness is 326ppi. It has a better display and a touch screen.

It is one that gives high Sensitive Capacitive Touch Screen; Perfect Match Technology, 1.54″ TFT HD LCD with a Resolution Ratio of 240×311 Pixel.

Software and hardware

This Product comes with a superior MTK 6261 chip-set compared to the other chip-sets available in similar models. It is a device that supports a 32 GB SD card. It has a 1.56 captive touch LCD. The watch has a 2 MP camera. Also, a great inbuilt speaker and microphone of 8 amps and 0.7 watts are incorporated. The smartwatch has an essential software application. It is also Bluetooth enabled to connect with compatible devices.

The smartwatch has functional space for storage and smooth running in its system. It features an internal memory of 8GB and a Ram of 1GB that means it is a highly technical product. Its software is compatible with Android and iOS.

Features and specifications

The ReDMi smartwatch is different from other smartwatches because of the following features:

  • Best in segment Display, Touch, Chipset, and Working memory Compared to all products in the market.
  • 2G Sim Card Support( GSM, micro SIM ), TF Card up to 32 GB, two mp
  • camera, Audio/Video supported-sensor
  • Features a Sync function QQ, we chat, Twitter, Facebook, time, schedule,
  • Read message or news; Sport health: Pedometer, sedentary remind, sleep monitoring Phone function GSM and 2G only.
  • Make important phone calls directly from the smartwatch, including answering and dialing.SIM slot, support make calls by Bluetooth or smartwatch
  • You Can Receive Call & Talking Without Any Disturbance
  • Compatible with All Android and iOS Mobile Phone and Android Tablet PC and an Android Mobile Phone
  • Touchscreen
  • Connectivity type is either Bluetooth or cellular.

Price range

This one may seem an expensive product for its size, but based on its features and specialties as well as the functionality, it is worth its price product. You can find its prices ranging in stores, but Amazon sells it from an affordable price of $20.00. That is not bad pricing considering what it can do for you.


Since it is a very competitive product, it is very available in the market. Its first availability in the market is 21 august 2018, and it has received positive reviews from users. The following link will take you to a loved site Amazon where you will be able to compare between different Redmi smartwatches for purchase.

Its product code is BO7GSC9BDL, and you need to visit the site store, and after the purchase, they deliver it to you.

For you to have to make use of a useful smartwatch that will suit your wrist well, this ReDMi smartwatch will be a good purchase. It is worth every penny when based on its functionality. This smart watch has an excellent display for apps and performs all other functions of the smartwatch very precisely. It is a useful smartwatch that will amaze you, and you’ve got to give it a try.

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