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Best Puzzles For Kids In 2021 | Improve Kid’s Problem-Solving Skills

Top 10 Best Puzzles For Kids In 2021 

Whilst outdoor activities are great for children’s motor skill development, you must give equal importance to improving their problem-solving skills and visual-spatial analysis. Puzzles are the perfect way to do that as their curiosity will keep them engaged in solving the puzzles for hours while keeping them happy and entertained. Additionally, they are improving their logical thinking, memory retention skill, and self-confidence, which has a lot of long-term benefits.

However, the real dilemma lies in the question – which puzzle is the best for your child? While factors like age, the interest of the child, as well as budget, must be taken into account, there are still hundreds of puzzles for kids to choose from.

So we narrowed the list down by choosing 10 best puzzles for kids that we think are worth a try.

10. Orchard Toys Number Street Jigsaw Puzzle

  • Ages: 2+
  • Introduction to counting to ten
  • Includes attractive pictures of the puzzle to support the everyday learning curve

 This colorful 20 piece number puzzle will challenge your toddler’s curiosity and gain great hand-eye coordination. It is not too challenging so if you’re just starting them off into puzzles, this is a good way to start.

All the pieces are designed to have a good grip to make picking them up easy, we really love that touch. Despite being small, you’ll find them to be very sturdy.

9. Milly & Flynn 3D Foam Crocodile Jigsaw

  • Durable 3D puzzle
  • Ages: 4+
  • Also doubles as a great decoration piece

 This crocodile is not just fun to build but it helps with a child’s cognitive development. This company also has 5 other animal puzzles and each of them includes additional educational items.

Chunky sizes make sure that your child does not swallow any of the pieces. It also feels solid – they certainly won’t break easily.

8. GYBBER&MUMU Wooden Preschool Colorful Shape Puzzle

  • Ages: 2+
  • Pieces are designed to improve the child’s finer motor skills
  • 9 different shapes and colored pieces

 Puzzles like these will challenge your child to recognize the puzzle pieces and match them where they belong. This simple repetitive exercise is suitable for toddlers who are two years and up.

We like how the edges have been finely made to foster children’s motor skills, making it easy to grip the outer layer to pick the pieces up.

7. Thomas BTTT006 Track Playset

  • Ages: 4+
  • Can be configured in 50 different ways
  • Inspires problem-solving skills

 This challenging puzzle set offers 50 different combinations to challenge the visual-spatial skill of your child whilst inspiring creativity. We love the fact it comes with an easy set of instruction, it’s perfect for the whole family to get involved to solve the puzzle.

The well-made pieces feel strong and are able to take a lot of drops. And we all know how rough children can get with their toys.

6. Wooden jigsaw puzzle set

  • Ages: 3+
  • Comes with a guide to direct the kids on where to place each of the pieces
  • Includes storage with a wooden board

 We love this because it has altogether 4 sets of puzzles for kids. Each of them has 4 different themes to keep them interested for long durations.

Besides a comprehensible guidebook for the kids, the wooden board ensures that the pieces are kept in one space. This puzzle set gets our thumbs up just for its quality.

5. Melissa and Doug Land of Dinosaurs

  • Ages: 5+
  • 60 jigsaw pieces
  • Challenging puzzle to keep children engaged for hours
  • Sturdy pieces to ensure long term use

Since this puzzle features a dramatic prehistoric scene with many kinds of dinosaurs soaring in the sky and dominating the land, children who love dinosaurs will adamantly linger on this puzzle’s solution while improving their cognitive skills.

This is one of the highest quality puzzle set in the market. The pieces are absolutely solid, ensuring years of repetitive play.

4. Ravensburger -Fun at The Carnival – 300 Piece Jigsaw

  • Ages: 9+
  • 300 unique pieces of the jigsaw
  • Carnival theme full of color and fun activities
  • Anti-glare surface to reduce unnecessary reflection

 We recommend this premium-crafted jigsaw in terms of its content as well as its material. It offers great fun and improves critical problem-solving skills and creativity.

All the components including the box feel satisfyingly reliable. Made from strong premium cardboard with linen finish, we just love how it feels in the hands.

3. Ravensburg Curious Cupboard 1000 piece puzzle

  • Ages: 12+
  • Contents of kitchen shelves and many other surprises waiting to be discovered
  • 1000 jigsaw pieces
  • Endless hours of gameplay

 This is a slightly more challenging puzzle and ideal for 10 years and above as it requires keener attention to detail. We love the fact it has so many pieces and warrants collective assistance from all family members – enhancing teamwork and family bonding.

Every minute detail of this toy set has been made with the highest level of attention. They are not shoddily made either as they are made with premium-grade materials.

2. Usborne’s The World Atlas and Jigsaw

  • Ages: 7+
  • Includes a 32-page guidebook
  • Comes inside a sturdy box to keep all the pieces safe

 The Usborn’s world atlas jigsaw offers a high level of challenge with 300 pieces of jigsaw pieces. It also comes with a guidebook in which the children can look up landmarks and animals on the map.

With a guideline that corresponds to all the landmarks in the map, you can tell just by this feature how high the quality of a puzzle set this really is.

1. White Mountain puzzle candy wrappers – 1000 piece puzzle

  • Ages: 7+
  • Great group activity
  • Durable E-Z Grip pieces
  • Candy theme to keep children highly motivated

 Given the mammoth task of putting together so many pieces, it offers several hours of fun for all members of the family. It will also be a walk down the memory lane as the final picture yields all classic candy wrappers ever produced.

The large and thick designed pieces in this make it easy for handling. We tinkered with all the components for hours and everything seems dependable and defiant to rugged use.

kids love brain teasers, and it truly is a great way to unlock their hidden skills. To get the most out of your money, make sure you buy a set that can be solved again and again. The very challenging puzzles can keep the kids busy for hours.

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