Are you a gamer, you will love the best projectors for gaming reviewed here. Imagine fighting it out on a big screen with surround sound pumping in the ears. You can enjoy playing your video games with the same cinematic quality when buying one of these units on our top 10 best projectors list. Each brand offers you the best low input lag to enjoy your games in the comfort of your home.

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Best Projectors for Gaming

10. EUG Wireless Projector

EUG Wireless Projector

The EUG gaming projector is easy to set up and has multiple input ports to connect different devices. The sound experience is outstanding and it has wireless connectivity, but can lag at times. You get an impressive 1080p resolution and ideal for gaming sessions. The contrast ratio is 4500:1 and it has 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM suitable to use with the latest games.


  • Built-in wireless connection and supports Miracast, DLNA, and Airplay
  • Brightness is 3600 Lumens and has a contrast ratio of 4500:1
  • Supports 1080p video formats and offers you an impressive color gamut with the HD decoder chip
  • Manual keystone correction
  • Two high magnetic speakers built-in
  • You get three projection methods rear, front, and ceiling
  • Lamp life is 50k-hours
  • Loads of inputs for wired and non-wired devices

9. Optoma HD Home Theater Projector

Optoma HD Home Theater Projector

With the Optoma HD142X, you get a gaming projection based on the screen size. With this model, you get two screen sizes from 66-inches at 8-feet and 107-inches at 12-feet. The colors vibrant and produces a true color reproduction to see your men fighting it out on the display. The resolutions full HD 1080p and offer you an extended life use of up to 8000-hours.


  • Offers a fast wireless connection with the built-in Android OS
  • Play games with full HD quality all made possible with the Quad-Core processor
  • The color, brightness is 3600 Lumens
  • The native resolutions 1280 x 800 and has a manual keystone correction
  • Two magnetic speakers built-in and connects to your sound system for extra surround sound
  • Designed with three projection functions front, rear, and ceiling
  • Has a 360-degree image flip feature and supports 3D
  • LED light has a lifespan of up to 50k-hours
  • Multiple inputs for different devices

8. ViewSonic PJD7828HDL

ViewSonic PJD7828HDL

For the best projector for gaming, you need not spend a fortune. The ViewSonic PJD7828HDL projector has an affordable price. The screen size goes up to 120-inches at 12 feet. You can even watch movies at 24-feet with a 250-inch screen display. The equipment has a short throw lens and works well in small to mid-sized rooms. Furthermore, it is equipped with IPSMatch Technology presenting you with impressive color.


  • Has impressive color quality with the IPSMatch Technology
  • Brightness is 3200 Lumens gives you a brighter image
  • View your game with full HD 1920 x 1080p, resolution up to 300-inches
  • Has a wide color gamut to view content in any environment
  • Two 10-watt speakers built-in
  • The lamp life is 10,000-hours when used in ECO mode
  • Connects to mobile devices and more
  • You receive a remote control and a three-year warranty

7. Optoma GT1080Darbee

Optoma GT1080Darbee

The Otoma GT1080Darbe is the best gaming projector at an affordable price you can buy. The unit has an impressive refresh rate that is great for gaming and the lamp is long lasting. Even the contrast ratio is impressive and you get brilliant visuals when viewing any media. The biggest complaint is the high vertical tilt in the device.


  • Delivers a screen size of 100-inches at 4-feet and designed with a short throw lens
  • Has an impressive 28,000:1 contrast ratio for realistic video gaming
  • Full 3D capable and supports HDMI 3D formats
  • Long-lasting lamp with a lifespan up to 8000-hours
  • Designed with an enhanced gaming mode with a 3000 Lumens brightness
  • Built-in 10-watt speakers with HD Cast Pro wireless presentation
  • Has screening mirror with over a million displayable colors
  • Multiple input connections to use with different devices

6. Epson Home Cinema Projector

Epson Home Cinema Projector

The Epson Home is a cinema projector that is suitable to use for gaming as well. The equipment offers you a flexible position to mount in different positions. The color accuracy is impressive and has innovative 3LCD technology with outstanding contrast. The problem you may face it that it does not have a short throw lens and might not be suitable to use in small spaces.


  • The brightness is 2500 Lumens and you will not deal with dull images
  • Offers you a full HD 1080p resolution and has a contrast ratio of 35000:1
  • Has various ports to connect external devices and supports MHL connectivity for your phone
  • View action scenes without the rainbow effect made possible through the 3LCD technology
  • Built-in 10-watt speakers
  • Auto vertical keystone correction
  • Can place it anywhere with the vertical lens shift and 1.6x zoom

5. BenQ HT2150ST

BenQ HT2150ST

Do you need impressive sound, no image aging, and a high resolution for gaming sessions? You can get this and more with the BenQ HT2150ST projector for gaming. The unit has a short throw lens that is suitable for small to medium-sized rooms. Depending on your budget the only downside is the price as it is expensive, but the features make up for it.


  • Presents you with a 1080p resolution and great for gamers
  • The brightness levels 2200 ANSI Lumens
  • Has a contrast ratio of 15000:1 for sharper images
  • Designed with a short throw lens that projects a screen size of 100-inches at 1.5 meters
  • Calibrated for gaming and has 6x RGBRGB color wheels
  • Two built-in 10-watt speakers

4. LG Electronics PF1000UW Projector

LG Electronics PF1000UW Projector

The LG Electronics PF1000UW is a projector for gaming and one of the best available on the market. You get wireless connectivity with an impressive contrast that is ideal for any gamer. Connect the unit to your Bluetooth speakers for added sound to hear every shot in your game. The biggest problem you will face when using the device is the brightness that LG can improve.


  • Designed with the latest webOS 3.0 for streaming online content
  • Presents you with a short throw projection suitable for viewing a 60-inch screen size at 5-inches
  • Offers you HD 1080p pictures that makes gaming fantastic
  • The contrast ratio is 150,000:1 and great to see dark scenes in your game
  • Lamp life is 30k-hours
  • LG Smart TV compatible and include a remote control

3. Acer Gaming Projector

Acer Gaming Projector

You might have thought there was no dedicated projector for gaming – wrong here we have Acer MR.JMS11.008 model. You can adjust your game settings and pick between dark and bright FPS. You get a game auto mode to improve your visibility and you can connect a Predator Z650 using a wireless kit. The projector has an impressive contrast and is easy to set up.


  • Full HD DLP Projector
  • The contrast ratio is 20,000:1
  • Offers you a 1920 x 1080 native resolution
  • Lamp life is 6000-hours when used in ECO mode
  • Projects a diagonal image of 300-inches
  • A wide range of inputs with HDMI and S-video
  • Vertical keystone correction with 1.1x optical zoom and 2x digital zoom

2. Sony VPLHW Home Theater Projector

Sony VPLHW Home Theater Projector - projectors

When you buy the Sony VPLHW projector for gaming, you get a full HD picture. The brightness of 1800 Lumens is impressive and has a high contrast ratio. The device has motion flow technology inside with an excellent refresh rate. Installing the device is a breeze and offers you a 3D experience with a long-lasting fan. The only improvement it needs is more brightness.


  • Screen size range is up to 82-inches
  • Offers you a full HD experience
  • Brightness is 1800 Lumens
  • Has a horizontal and vertical lens shift
  • The lamp life is 6000-hours
  • Has two HDMI connectivity ports
  • Three-year warranty

1. Epson Home Cinema Projector

Epson Home Cinema Projector​ - ​projectors

For the best projector for gaming, the Epson comes packed with fantastic features. You get 4K performance and works with non-4K media as well. It has a 3LCD design and improved quality of the color and the contrast ratio is outstanding. You also have a vertical and horizontal lens shift with 1080p resolution. The big negative is that the projectors expensive.


  • Exceeds full HD projectors with the built-in 4K UHD
  • Designed with a 3LCD chip for outstanding color
  • Presents you with a full-color 10-bit output
  • The contrast ratio is 1,000,000:1
  • Brightness 2500 Lumens
  • Supports HDCP 2.2 and HDR compatible
  • Provides you with motorized focus, lens shift, and zoom
  • Offers you wireless HD and 3D projection
  • Include two HDMI cable clamps, WirelessHD transmitter, remote control and more

Final Thoughts

With the top 10 best projectors for gaming, you can take your games to a new level. Enjoy the fantastic color display with detail and wireless connection to stream content. Whether you need full HD or 4K, Enhancement each brand has something to offer you. Check each unit out again and if you cannot find something affordable, you can view our best projectors under 200 here.

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