When it comes to buying the best projector under 200 – you feel there are some sacrifices you need to make. We have news you do not need to give up anything when it comes to features. You can still buy an affordable projector with the latest functions to view 4K content in this price range and more. So if you are ready to get the greatest home movie experience, check the top 10 best projectors you can buy for less than 200 dollars now right here.

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Best Projector under $200

10. WSKY T21 Video Projector

WSKY T21 Video Projector

For a multimedia home theater system, you need is the WSKY T21 projector. The fantastic price makes it a top contender on the best projector under 200 list. You can use the projector at home, but not suitable for office use. You can display images, movies, and music directly from your smartphone and supports video games in high definition.


  • Suitable for home and not office use
  • Can display different formats
  • Connects with your smart devices using an HDMI adapter
  • Dual 5-watt speakers built-in for fantastic surround sound
  • Connects to multiple devices with VGA, Audio port, USB slot, and HDMI input
  • Can use it indoors and outdoors with the portable design
  • Comprise keystone correction

9. AbdTech Mini Projector

AbdTech Mini Projector

With the AbdTech projector, you can enjoy an enhanced image focusing with HD content. The brightness is 2600 Lumens with an 854 x 540 resolutions and 3000:1 contrast. The image displays up to 200-inches from a 20-foot distance and only weighs 5 pounds. You can use it free standing or mount it to the ceiling with the four holes at the bottom.


  • Brightness is 2600 Lumens with an 854 x 540 resolution
  • The contrast ratio is 3000:1 @ 10-feet away
  • Displays up to 200-inches when viewing at 200-feet
  • Weighs 5 pounds, making it lightweight to take anywhere
  • Mounts to the ceiling with the four pre-drilled mounting holes
  • The heat dispersions excellent with the cooling fan
  • Supports 1080p content
  • Two built-in 2-watt speakers
  • Connects with different devices even your smartphone
  • One-year warranty

8. EUG Pico Projector

EUG Pico Projector

In the EUG range, you can easily find the best projector under 200 such as the EUG Pico. The device offers you outstanding performance with a mini design. You can connect multiple devices from your phone to your gaming console. The setup is quick with the plug-and-play function. To impress you even further it has keystone correction and lens focus with a remote.


  • Resolution is 960 x 640 and the brightness is 1500 Lumens
  • Multiple connections point to use your phone, DVD, gaming console and more
  • Has a ±15° keystone correction with lens focus and remote control
  • Mounts to the front, rear, and ceiling
  • Screen viewing is up to 80-inches at 8-feet
  • Suitable to use indoors and outdoors
  • LED bulb life is 50k-hours
  • Built-in 5-watt speakers and supports external ones
  • Works with Bluetooth enabled speakers
  • One-year warranty

7. TENKER Projector

TENKER Projector

View the latest high definition media in the comfort of the home with the TENKER projector. The device you can buy for less than 200 bucks and supports 1080p formats. The best is to use the unit in dark environments, but not recommended for business use.


  • Native resolution is 800 x 480 and supports 1080p
  • Suitable for home use and not recommended for the office
  • The projection sizes are adjustable and display images up to 176-inches
  • Projection distance is up to 5 meters
  • Has vertical manual keystone correction
  • Works with different multimedia devices, but will need an extra Wi-Fi dongle to connect wirelessly
  • Brightness is 1500 Lumens or you can buy one with 1800 Lumens
  • The contrast ratio is 2000:1 and the lamp life is 50k-hours
  • Two 2-watt speakers built-in
  • One-year warranty

6. WiMiUS Projector

WiMiUS Projector

There is no need of closing the windows when viewing movies with the WiMiUS. As you can see this is another projector under 200 with outstanding features. You can watch content with some light as the brightness is 3200 Lumens and great for family entertainment. You even get the HDMI and VGA cable included.


  • Brightness is 3200 Lumens and suitable for home use only
  • Offers you a 720P native resolution and supports 1080p
  • The projection size is up to 170-inches at 5 meters
  • Supports front, ceiling, and rear mounting
  • Has multiple connection inputs and include the HDMI and VGA cable included
  • The bulb life is 40k-hours
  • Designed with an LCD projection system with an LCD panel
  • Two 2-watt speakers built-in
  • Has manual focus
  • One-year warranty

5. GooDee Projector

GooDee Projector

For the best projectors under 200 nothing comes close to the GooDee model. Enjoy watching movies at home by connecting the unit with your smart devices. The speakers are built-in and offer you amazing surround sound. Use the equipment indoors or outdoors.


  • Native resolution is 1280 x 800 and supports 1080p videos
  • Offers you multiple connection inputs, but does not support DOLBY sound
  • Comprise of two 5-watt speakers with SRS sound
  • The image size is up to 180-inches at 16-feet
  • Has an LCD panel with a LED light source with a 30k-hour use
  • Has a static contrast of 3000:1 with a dynamic ratio up to 10000:1
  • Offers you MHL connectivity using a separate HDMI adapter
  • Has vertical keystone correction
  • Three-year warranty

4. FIXEOVER Movie Projector

FIXEOVER Movie Projector

If you are a middle-income family, you will love the FIXEOVER GP100 projector under 200 bucks. All you need to get a cinematic experience is a room with a projector screen that is 2.8 meters away. You can screen VCD quality content with a WXGA and SVGA resolution.


  • Presents you with an image size of 100-inches
  • The brightness is 3500 Lumens
  • Displays WXGA and SVGA resolution
  • Plug-and-play setup with an LED lamp that has a lifespan up to 30k-hours
  • The LCD measures 5.8-inches and the contrast ratio is 3000:1
  • Has a 1.45:1 throw ratio manual focus lens
  • Has different multimedia connections with keystone correction

3. ELEPHAS Projector

ELEPHAS Projector

Get the ultimate visual experience at home with the Elephas that is a projector for under 200 moolah. You can adjust the picture size from 33-inches to 180-inches and it has an HD decoder chip built-in. The unit supports 1080p video input and offers you outstanding surround sound.


  • The native resolution is 1280 x 800 and supports 1080p video input
  • The contrast ratio is 2000:1 and you can adjust the image up to 180-inches
  • Built-in amplifier chip with surround sound but does not support Dolby
  • Suitable for watching movies and playing video games
  • Packed with different connections to use with multiple devices
  • The lamp life is 50k-hours
  • The feet are adjustable and you can mount the projector to the ceiling
  • Three-year warranty

2. Ohderii Projector

Ohderii Projector

Enjoy a cinema experience indoors and outdoors with the Ohderii projector. The unit has built-in speakers with external speaker connection. You can connect your smartphone with an MHL cable and it supports different files. The only thing it does not support is DOLBY format audio.


  • Designed with built-in speakers and supports external ones as well
  • Connects to your smartphone and other devices
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but does not support the Dolby format
  • Can ceiling mount the projector or project it to the front or the rear
  • Has an LCD TFT 5.8-inch panel with 3200ansi Lumens and a 1280 x 720 resolution
  • The image display size is up to 280-inches with an aspect ratio of 4:3
  • Include everything you need to set up and comes with a remote control

1. Ragu Z720 Projector

Ragu Z720 Projector - Projector

Do you need affordability to start your own home theater system at home? You can achieve this with the Ragu Z720 one of the best projectors under 200. Enjoy a big picture using this small package with its HD decoder chip and 30k-hour lamp life. You can screen 1080p content for years in a brightly lit to dark rooms.


  • The lamp life is 30k-hours and supports 1080p video input with the help of the HD decoder chip
  • Connect to your smart devices with an HDMI dongle
  • The brightness is 3000 Lumens and has a contrast ratio of 1000:1
  • Suitable for in-home and outdoor use
  • 12-Month warranty
  • Can change the distance of the image size from 30-inches to 150-inches

Final Thoughts

There is no need of spending a fortune on your home theater equipment. Find a suitable one here with us on the best projector under 200-review list. We are sure you will find one that fits in with your budget and viewing needs. Each brand offers you the latest viewing quality and you can use the projector inside and outside the home.

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Best Budget Projector in 2019