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Top 10 Best Preschool Books in 2021

For proper childhood development at the preschool level, your kid needs to read books. As they develop the books teaches them fundamental skills that help them grow. By reading, it improves language, concentration and introduces them to life lessons. These teachings will be with them after leaving daycare and helps unlock the child’s imagination. The fantastic thing is that no preschool book is the same as each book they read shows them the perspective on how the world works. Here we have selected the top 10 best preschool books that are necessary for your kid. Your child can develop their brain and become more creative and responsible as an individual to make them productive and strong.

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Best Preschool Books to Help Develop Your Child’s Skills

10. The Three Little Pigs

Who does not know the story of the three little pigs? Here we have the old-time favorite in a Paperback and Library Binding format. If you think, you know the story, think again. Once you read this retold and illustrated version by James Marshall both you and your child will be amazed at what happens to the three small pigs. The book greets you with the familiar characters the huffing-puffing wolf and three pigs and gives the story a fresh and modern twist to this classic tale. Additionally, The book is great to use in a kindergartner’s class with puppets and will keep them engaged and laughing at the same time.


9. Giraffes Can’t Dance

The following preschool book the Giraffes Can’t Dance, you can buy in a Paperback and Kindle Format. You can purchase it in a Hardcover, Audio CD, and Board Book as well. The touching tale is all about a giraffe named Gerald, who only wants to dance. With his crooked thin legs and knees, it is not easy, but you will be amazed at what this giraffe achieves. With the illustrations, your child learns that nothing is impossible even for a giraffe.  Giles Andreae an award-winning author of children’s books wrote the book. What makes the book unique is that it teaches your kid never to give up on dreams.


8. Little Blue Truck Leads the Way

If your child has never followed the Little Blue Truck, get it for your toddler they will love it. Your kid can follow the small blue truck making his way through the city. Travel through the busy city with Little Blue Truck as he encounters other cars, vans, taxis, limousines, and even the police. On his way, he learns important lessons and the book is part of a series. With the bright illustrations, sounds and city energy your kid will journey with him and have fun along the way. You can now download a free party kit when purchasing the book.


7. Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes

The next preschool book Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes will make you go gaga over the adorable watercolors. Your baby will love the rhyming text in this gorgeous board book by Mem Fox. Furthermore, you will love the message, it spreads about babies, no matter what their background, race, or gender is. The pictures painted clear to show how different humans are and what makes each of us unique. The illustrations are easy for babies to preschoolers to follow.


6. Goodnight Moon

The next preschool book Goodnight Moon has been around for a while. The book still shows up on the best-seller list for many reasons. Your child will love the great green room and all the interesting things found in it. They will adore saying goodnight to each item and a little bunny lives in it. The author of the book is Margaret Wise and you will never tire of reading the book over and again. What makes it unique is the board book size that is perfect for any small hands.


5. I Like Myself

If you want to teach your child self-esteem, you need the I Like Myself book. The illustrations, colorful and have witty rhymes that make reading fun. You will not mind reading the book repeatedly as it passes an important message on to your kids. The literature teaches your child to appreciate everything about them.


4. Dragons Love Tacos

When reading to your child, you do not always want to be serious and bring over a deep message. If you want something silly and want your kid to laugh, get them Dragons Love Tacos. The book illustrates how much dragons enjoy eating tacos, but best to watch out when they do. There are more words than picks in the book and best suited for preschoolers and up. The book is not available in a board book version, but if you want a deep book this is not the one to buy.


3. They All Saw a Cat

Whether your child is aged three or up They All Saw a Cat book is amazing. The book teaches children about social awareness and is easy to read. The illustrations unique and captivate your kid all the time. The literature teaches your child to become observe what they see from being curious to imaginative. Brendan Wenzel brings over the life of one cat and shows you what everyone’s viewpoint is about life.


2. I’ve Loved You Since Forever

The next preschool book I’ve Loved You Since Forever is all about the bond between a parent and child. The book published this year and penned by Hoda Kotb from Today Show. The inspiration for writing the book is when Kotb adopted her baby girl and illustrates the love that exists between parents and their kids. The adorable message will keep you interested while the gorgeous photos will mesmerize your little ones.


1. The Wonderful Things You Will Be

For one of the best preschool books to help encourage your child to care and help others, read The Wonderful Things You Will Be. The book uses rhythmic rhyme and Emily Winfield Martin does a good job to put across the loving things that parents think of when they look at their children. The literature is beautiful, simple and sweet to read and illustrated. For a birthday or baby shower gift, is it perfect?


Final Thoughts

The best gift you can give your child is wisdom and the only way to achieve this is with the best preschool books reviewed here. In the pages, you will find gorgeous illustrations, supportive statements, and so much more. Whether you want to enhance your kid’s skills or just for fun, make sure to check each of these books.

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