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Power Bank

Capable smartphone processors, the large and bright displays, the gaming sessions, and 4G internet connections are some of the things that drain our mobile phones. Having a power bank is handy if you are for long-distance travel. Especially the times when you want to rely on your smartphone to do much of the work. In this article, we are going to share with you what you need to know before buying a power bank for daily use.

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Power bank capacity – understanding the MaH.

The charging power of power banks is measured in 1000Mah, also the capacity of the phone’s battery as well. So this means that if you get a power bank that has a larger Mah number is better for your daily use. For a detailed analysis of what power bank capacity you should expect in the real world from the power banks you get online, have a look at the Mah of your phone before buying one. Powerbanks are available in four capacities in the market. We are going to share with you those four types.

Power Bank


3200-3500 mAH About one charge

These are ultra-portable power banks, and they are usually tiny, they may even be just lipstick sized. They are also very slim and easily portable. Their price varies between $8-15, depending on the features you are looking for.

These are the types of power banks that will charge your phone one time. If you are planning on buying an ultra-portable power bank, we recommend that you go for the highest capacity as these phone batteries are now becoming larger also. The latest phones now have a capacity of 3500Mah.

Buy the slim and not the round power banks; this is because the slim power banks are better than the round ones. This is because they are easily portable compared to the round ones. You can even store them in the same pocket as the phone you are charging, and they will not make your pockets appear large.

You should not buy for tablets. This is because these ultra-portable will not even have the capacity to charge half of the typical tablets, and this makes them only suited for the light smartphones that have a battery capacity of less than 2500Mah.

5200-6700 mAH – About two full charges

These medium-sized power banks give about two charges, and they cost bout $10-20 depending on the features you are looking for. We would recommend that you buy the slim ones and have the largest capacity and a fast-charging feature.

Having one such external battery packs will give one full charge to most of the tablets and the smallest and suited mobile battery banks for use with tablets.

20,000 to 26800 mAH – 5-10 full charges

These are the huge power banks that may look very tempting. Their massive weight even makes them a liability, especially when you want to carry them around. They may just be good when you are going out camping and when you are going for long car journeys and when you are at home in case of hurricanes.

We would recommend that you get the slim and ultra-large power banks, but if you plan to carry them on flights. We also recommend you buy power banks with USB-C PD ports or have direct DC laptop charging function on them. Those that have AC outlet function and car jumpstart functions are good if you are planning to go for the ones above the 20000Mah.

Number of ports

Power Bank

The early power banks only used to have one output port, but with time people have been using them more and more, and they want to charge many gadgets. Now, most of the power banks are made with two or even more ports on them to enable you to charge more devices on them. You should just check the output current capabilities of each of the ports before you start to use them.

You should also remember that when you have multiple devices charging at the same time on the device, the power bank may not give maximum current to each of the devices connected. We would, therefore, recommend you just stick to having one device at a time. Having many of the will slow down the charge time.

How to charge the power bank

It is also good that you remember that at some point, you are going to charge the power bank. The larger the capacity you have, the longer it is going to take to charge them. Therefor to have some efficiency whole charging your power bank, make sure that you have one that will not take much of your time to charge. If you only have a 1 amp charger and your power bank has a capacity of 5000Mah, then you are going to charge your power bank for at least five hours.

From the above discussion, it is no secret that you have an idea of the best power bank for your daily use. Consequently, you will now be in a position to purchase one worth your money. Isn’t that great? That, as usual, is our joy. To help our readers make a wise buying decision.

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