Gaming Best Choice: PlayStation vs. Xbox

PlayStation vs. Xbox

PlayStation and Xbox have led to a new generation of loyalty with gaming enthusiasts having to choose either over the other. By selecting one game over the other, many gamers tend to be loyal and kind-of regard the latter as “not interesting” than their favorite. In trying to win over more customers, both PlayStation and Xbox have become more affordable recently, and they are even more distinct from each other now. In this article, we will be trying to establish among PlayStation and Xbox, which is the best choice?

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Which one costs more?

In terms of price, PlayStation ad Xbox costs almost the same amount of money. Taking North America, for instance, the base level for each is between $250 and $300, which makes the rivalry even more exciting. Sometimes, you might even find the prices going below $250, which comes as an advantage to the gaming enthusiast.

The similar features also extend to the visuals as PlayStation and Xbox can run with the superior 4K visuals, which are HDR visuals. To end this, when we speak about the price and the value you get for your money after buying any of the two, it is relatively the same. Some might say that the difference is the same.

What are the Games that they come with?


In this section, you can be sure that they will not share the spoils as they do in the price section. Things here start to divide sharply. Sony, which owns PlayStation 4, has a rich line up of games when compared to Xbox. They range from “God of War,” “Spider-Man,” and “Bloodborne,” just to mention but a few. Microsoft, on the other hand, has faced various challenges as many people have confronted them of not having a variety of games at the disposal.

There not enough games to be played on the Xbox, according to the gamers who might find Sony’s PlayStation extremely interesting. In Xbox, you will find “Sea of Thieves,” “Halo,” “Forza,” and “State of Decay 2”, which cannot be compared to PlayStation’s excellent line-up of games.

Due to these obvious reasons, it is okay to give PlayStation a slight lead in this PlayStation and Xbox cracker that is already proving to be a cracker.

Who offers better services?

This is yet another section that is very hard to decide as Sony and Microsoft are known by many people to offer the same services.

Sony has PlayStation Network that offers online multiplayer gaming. Microsoft, on the other hand, has Xbox, which runs a similar service that is known as Xbox Live. Interestingly, their cost is almost the same, which is an estimation of around $60 per annum and offer access to a handful of games online.

Customers will only need to keep their monthly subscriptions active to continue enjoying the various games online.

Besides that, PlayStation allows its subscribers to pay for more than 650 playable games that are available on playstation2, PlayStation 3.and PlayStation 4. Alternatively, you might decide to download the games to the PS4 to enable you to play locally. This will only cost you around$20 per month, or when you choose to do it for the whole year, you will part ways with a clean $100.

Speaking of Xbox now, you can download or play more than 100orginal games on Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. This costs about $10 every month.

Which one has the best controllers?

Both PlayStation and Xbox come with very comfortable gamepads. Many newbies might view them as very complicated, though. Each comes with two thumbtacks, a directional pad and multiple buttons that might otherwise scare away those new to gaming,

However, if you have used gamepads various times before, you will find PS4 and Xbox One must okay. The many who have used traditional console gamepads might find this a walk in the park as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One pads will be very friendly to them.

Nonetheless, the same is a nightmare for many people who are not used to gaming pads.

To bring this to a wrap, many people might find PlayStation and Xbox different, but for me, I find it very amusing to compare how they relate in many ways. The pricing, for instance, is very similar, and they also tend to offer the same online services to their customers. However, we must sometimes thing in a gamer’s point of view who might be buying either PlayStation or Xbox to have a range of games to enjoy their stay when at home. Sincerely, PlayStation has the upper hand, especially on how they organize themselves and the number of games they provide for their customers online. Also, they have many friendly subscriptions, considering the number of games at their disposal. I would highly recommend PlayStation over Xbox.

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