Infuse your outdoor bash and create a fantastic atmosphere with the best outdoor Tiki Torches reviewed by us. You can outline the boundary of your next party and create a great summer vibe. Whether you are hosting a function for a wedding, cocktail, or having a friendly gathering—each one will keep your festivity lit.

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Best Outdoor Tiki Torches to Brighten Up Your Summer Festivities

10. Tiki Swirl Metal Torch

Tiki Swirl Metal Torch - Outdoor Tiki Torches

To set the right mood at any festivity needs special planning. With the Tiki Swirl Metal Torch, you can add lighting and spontaneity to your patio or backyard. The TIKI Brand offers you a natural flame blue glass canister torch. The cylinder has a spiraled metal structure around it. Assembling the product is easy with the four-piece assembly. You can use it with lamp fuel or citronella oil.


  • Made with a durable blue glass canister and metal pole
  • Burns up to five hours using the TIKI Brand torch fuel
  • Easy to assemble four-piece design
  • Can use it with citronella oil
  • Include extinguisher caps to keep burning in the rain

9. Island King Large Flame Tiki Torch

Island King Large Flame Tiki Torch - Outdoor Tiki Torches

Set your party aglow with the Tiki Island King Torch. With the polished and refined look, they will uplift the mood of any visitor. The massive wick produces a large flame. For ease of filling, it has a twist and pours function and include a metal snuffer. Assembling the item is a breeze with the four-piece construction.


  • Designed with an Island King Torch Head with flame guard and wick
  • Include a metal snuffer and stays in place with a magnetic fixture
  • Easy to fill with the twist and pour function
  • Assembles easily with the four-piece design

8. Ceramic Tabletop Firepiece Tiki Torch

Ceramic Tabletop Firepiece Tiki Torch

Instead of placing Tiki Torches everywhere around the backyard—take it to your table. The Clean Burn Fireplace Torch has a round wick burning system that burns for hours. With the earth tones and bronze design, it looks great as a centerpiece on a table. The burner is reusable and presents less smoke.


  • Enjoy clean-burning fuel using the Ceramic Tabletop Tiki Torch
  • The wick is insulated and burns longer
  • Suitable for outdoor use and burns up to three hours
  • Made to use on patio dining sets (check some great ones out here)
  • The exterior of the vessel has decorative stones in them and looks great
  • Works with petroleum-based fuel

7. Tiki Marine Votive Table Torch

Tiki Marine Votive Table Torch

During the summer, there is no better place than to dine outside. You may have heard friends saying you can make your buffet spectacular with some Tiki Torches placed in the ground. We have something even better—the Marine Votive Outdoor Table Torch. The trio lights up any patio dining set to create the right atmosphere.


  • Trio table torch pack
  • Help keep the bugs away from the table
  • Burns continuously up to five hours
  • Portable to take with you to a campsite
  • Each one uses 18 ounces of oil
  • Available in blue marine glass, ivory, and coral color
  • Made with fiberglass wicks with metal snuffer

6. Americana Tiki Bamboo Torch

Americana Tiki Bamboo Torch

You do not need the 4th July to have a party—you can celebrate at any time with the Americana Bamboo Tiki Torch Collection. The natural outdoor torches will help set the right patriotic mood and adds fun to any party décor. You can place them in the garden and you get four of the torches in the pack.


  • Made with an easy pour design
  • Uses twelve ounces of fuel and burns up to five hours
  • Comprise a bamboo construction with the USA flag accents and handcrafted
  • Available in a pack of four

5. Solar Powered Tiki Torch Set

Solar Powered Tiki Torch Set

If you prefer not working with fuel to light the Tiki Torches, you can enjoy using these solar powered ones. There are two torches in the package and comprise plastic. They charge up from the sun and flickers at night always creating the right mood outside for a party. You can purchase them in a pack of four as well.


  • Charges by the sun and needs no fuel
  • Built with three LEDs that flicker a yellow light
  • Designed with automated solar dusk-to-dawn functionality
  • Has a bamboo finish with an adjustable height
  • Works with Ni-Cd batteries
  • 30-Day Warranty
  • Bottom of Form

4. ORCHOS Tiki Torch

ORCHOS Tiki Torch

If you entertain all year round, you need the following Tiki Torch. The ORCHOS has a stainless steel structure constructed to last. The fuel basin burns up to eight hours and the wood, steel structure looks great. The maximum fuel capacity is 10 ounces.


  • Available in a wood and stainless steel finish
  • Has a black color
  • The oil vessel holds up to 10 ounces of fluid and burns for eight hours

3. Legends Maui Tiki Torch

Legends Maui Tiki Torch

Create a tropical atmosphere at your next outdoor family gathering with the Maui Pineapple Torch. You can enhance your patio or garden. The head sits on a three-piece metal pole to push into the ground. The fiberglass wick will allow the oil to burn for hours. You can use it with citronella oil if preferred.0


  • Can use it as a Tiki Torch pushed into the sand or remove the head and use it on a table
  • Has a mess-free fill port
  • Included two torches with a pineapple shape
  • Has a fiberglass wick for hours of light
  • Holds up to 20-ounces of fuel

2. Lamplight Farms Island King Flame Tiki Torch

Lamplight Farms Island King Flame Tiki Torch

You need an elegant Tiki Torch to place in your backyard, look at the Island King Flame here. There are twelve of them in a pack and holds up to five times longer than using a traditional torch. A standout is the twist and pours feature for ease of filling. The fiberglass wicks burn longer even in the wind.


  • Include twelve Tiki Torches
  • Holds a flame five times longer than other traditional torches
  • Has a twist and pour design
  • Burns in the wind and comes with a four-piece pole

1. Saguaro Cactus Tiki Torch

Saguaro Cactus Tiki Torch

Bring some metal art onto your patio or in the garden with the Saguaro Cactus. The product is rust-resistant and has a green patina finish that makes it look realistic. The cactus fits in with any garden theme and only needs lamp oil to work. You can enjoy a subtle atmosphere close to the patio for up to six hours when lit.


  • Handcrafted with metal and has a patina finish to make it look real
  • Weather resistant with a strong base to mount in concrete or pushed in the ground
  • Can use it with citronella or lamp oil and burns up to six hours

Final Thoughts

With the top 10 best Tiki Torches reviewed here—you can create a fantastic atmosphere for any outdoor event. With the lamp oil use and easy mount into the sand with the poles, you can take them anywhere. If you prefer not using oil, you can always consider buying the solar powered one.

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