The holidays bring much joy for all, especially at the end of a year. So if you want to bring joy to the home pick the best outdoor laser lights for Christmas this year. You can reunite with family and friends and build new memories by lighting up the party and decorating the home with these lights. Instead of using, the same old colored lights increase the beauty of your house with the laser lights reviewed here for outdoor use. The brands are reliable, durable, and some even offer wireless control—make your pick today you will not be disappointed.

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Best Outdoor Laser Lights to Brighten Up the Party

10. Homitt Laser Projector Lights

Homitt Laser Projector Lights - Outdoor Laser Lights for Christmas

The outdoor laser light has FDA light certification with an automatic timer and a lighting sensor. You get eight different lighting modes including stars and a Christmas tree. The bulbs are energy efficient, and you get a wireless remote included that works up to 25 feet.


  • Design: Built-in Auto Timer with dual mode control design with remote control
  • Ease of Use: Easy to install and set up on the ground or to a ceiling
  • Length: Cord length 3 meters
  • Pattern: Eight Projecting Light Patterns in Red and Green
  • Power: Electric Power Point
  • Safety: Waterproof, ABS Design, and FDA Listed

9. UCHARGE Christmas Laser Light

UCHARGE Christmas Laser Light - Outdoor Laser Lights for Christmas

Get a completely different lighting experience with the LED landscape projector. There are three modes with laser blinking lights and snowflake lights that flash every three seconds. The product is waterproof and displays different motives to use throughout the year. The patterns customizable and you can mix up to three different modes.


  • Design: Combines a laser LED light with a landscape projector
  • Ease of Use: Made with a built-in timer to use indoors and outdoors
  • Length: Laser length for red is 650nm, and green is 532nm
  • Pattern: Include ten piece slide with three modes and customizable profiles
  • Power: AC Adapter Input
  • Safety: Waterproof

8. LaserXplore Wireless Laser Lights

 LaserXplore Wireless Laser Lights

The next laser lights ideal for any celebration and you get two color options available. With the plug-and-play function, you can set it up quickly. You get wireless control with different lighting options from blinking, moving, to static. The unit is water-resistant and covers a 1500 square foot area. The exteriors made of aluminum and offer low power consumption.


  • Design: Wireless control and has an aluminum construction with seven lighting modes
  • Ease of Use: Plug-and-play
  • Length: 1550 square feet at 26.25 feet
  • Pattern: Red and green stars optional to buy and comes with blinking and moving lights
  • Power: UL-listed adapter
  • Safety: FDA Certified with Waterproof Design

7. Starry Laser Lights

Starry Laser Lights

Brighten up your landscaping with the Starry Laser lights projector with its waterproof design. The unit emits red and blue lasers and is FDA certified. Setting it up is simple, and you can mount it anywhere indoors or outdoors. The light covers up to 1200 square feet at a distance of up to 25 feet. You can use it flashing, twinkle, or stationary. The light comes on automatically.


  • Design: Covers up to 1200 square feet from a distance up to 25 feet
  • Ease of Use: Plug-and-play with Powerful Remote Included with Automatic Timer
  • Length: 1200 square feet at 25 feet
  • Pattern: Blue and red to use stationary, flashing, or twinkling
  • Power: UL-listed adapter
  • Safety: FDA Certified with Waterproof Design

6. TaoTronics Christmas Outdoor Laser Lights

TaoTronics Christmas Outdoor Laser Lights

The rotating, solid, flashing red and green outdoor laser light for Christmas is perfect. The unit is FDA approved and suitable to use in any weather outside. The item comes with a handy interval timers and memory function with extensive sweeping coverage. The waterproof rating is IP65 but lacks wireless control.


  • Design: Easy to install and comes with an auto-off function
  • Ease of Use: Four handy interval timers with memory function
  • Length: 4900 square foot range
  • Pattern: Red and Green Rotating, Flashing or Solid Mode
  • Power: UL-listed adapter
  • Safety: FDA Certified with Waterproof Design

5. SUNNY Outdoor Laser Lights

SUNNY Outdoor Laser Lights

With the star embellished outdoor laser light for Christmas, you can get any party started. Create a romantic setting with red and green lasers. You can use it indoors or outdoors with the waterproof construction and aluminum alloy housing. The unit comes with a built-in timer and offers you triple installation methods and fully certified.


  • Design: Three installation methods to use with a ground stake, multi-mount stand, or a tripod stand
  • Ease of Use: Built-in Timer
  • Length: 4900 square foot range
  • Pattern: Red and Green Laser Static Star Dots
  • Power: Electricity
  • Safety: UL-Listed with Waterproof Design

4. Starry Motion Christmas Laser Light

Starry Motion Christmas Laser Light

The next laser light set includes a high-quality remote control with an automatic timer. The waterproof design makes it perfect to use indoors and outdoors. You get a single green, blue, green/blue mode to use with the remote. The laser lights projects at a 25 feet distance and offers a 3900 square feet coverage.


  • Design: a Waterproof laser light
  • Ease of Use: Built-in Timer with RF Remote Control
  • Length: 3900 square foot range
  • Pattern: Green, Blue, and Green/Blue
  • Power: Electricity
  • Safety: UL-Listed

3. Star Shower Motion Laser Light

Star Shower Motion Laser Light

Installing the Star Shower Motion laser light is straightforward, and you need no special tools. The units available with two color displays red and green and have a weatherproof construction. You can lighten up a 600 square foot area and use it inside or outside.


  • Design: Made with a built-in daylight sensor and include a lawn stake with flat indoor base
  • Ease of Use: Bring stars to life with the motion button
  • Length: 3200 square foot range
  • Pattern: Two laser modes in red and green
  • Power: Electricity
  • Safety: UL-Listed

2. SUNY Outdoor Laser Decoration Lights

SUNY Outdoor Laser Decoration Lights

You get eight red & green themed patterns with blue LED background light to brighten up your home inside and out. The product is IP65 waterproof rated and comes with a 16.4-foot cable with power adapter. You can install it with the metal ground stake, multi-mount stand, or tripod.


  • Design: Three methods to install
  • Ease of Use: RF Remote Control with Timer Control
  • Length: Cord length 16.4 feet
  • Pattern: Eight red and green themed motives with a blue LED background light
  • Power: Electricity
  • Safety: FDA Approved and Weatherproof

1. Outdoor Laser Lights for Christmas

Outdoor Laser Lights for Christmas

Here is another plug-and-play set with a waterproof rating and covers up to 800 square feet when used. The installations easy and you get a year warranty included. The unit consists of remote control and displays in blue, red, and green lighting.


  • Design: Weather resistant and installs easily with the ground stake
  • Ease of Use: Multilaser direction and you can use it with the base indoors
  • Length: 800 square feet up to 100 yards
  • Pattern: Blue, Red, and Green solo or combination stars
  • Power: Electricity
  • Safety: FDA Approved
  • Warranty: 1-year

Final Thoughts

Make the holiday season special with the best outdoor laser lights for Christmas reviewed here. Maybe you prefer something different —check out the best-LED string lights and Christmas tree lights out here. You can use them indoors or outdoors, but nothing beats having a laser reflection on the wall or grass with dancing stars and so much more.

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