What happens to the outdated smartphones?

Outdated smartphone

With the emergence of better and more advanced smartphones every day, and people throwing and replacing them every now and then, one can’t stop wondering about what happens to the outdated smartphones. It is no secret that smartphones have become a part of our lives. From entertainment to communication to service delivery, the list of occasions where smartphones come in handy is endless. Social media is a great source of entertainment. Posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, among others, can make your day. When it comes to Whatsapp and emails, communication has never been the same again. Nowadays, one can order pizza or a taxi from the comfort of their house. That’s all thanks to smartphones.

Despite that, as times go by, what we ones cherished joins a list of outdated smartphones. It could be based on style or features. Regardless of the reason, the bottom line is that they become outdated smartphones. So, what happens to the outdated smartphones? Let us take a look at that.

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What happens to the outdated smartphones when not thrown away?

Some people choose to throw the outdated smartphones away but instead keep them in a drawer. That leads to them cluttering up space after some time. Since there are high chances that one will not use them ever, it becomes advisable to find a way of disposing of them.

What happens to the outdated smartphones when thrown away?

With more than 5 billion smartphone users, one can imagine the devices in use today. If even a tenth of them were replaced, the outdated smartphones would be quite a lot. If the old users choose to throw them in the trash, a problem may arise. That’s why they shouldn’t be treated like any other normal garbage.

If disposed of like common trash, they will end up decaying. Then, they will leach toxins, which will pollute the environment. That may cause the destruction of natural resources worth billions, among them, gold. They may also lead to health problems since some of its contents include mercury, cadmium, and lead.

What happens to outdated smartphones if taken to recycling centers?

First of all, this is the recommended approach when dealing with outdated smartphones. Once they are there, several things may happen. First, they may choose to resell it to people who don’t mind what you find unimportant. On the other hand, they may be refurbished to meet the latest features threshold and be resold. If none of them is impossible, they will find a better way of disposing of them without destroying the environment.

We have taken a look at what happens to the outdated smartphones if you choose to stay with them, throw them in the trash, or take them to recycle centers. That gives you an insight on how to go about it if you ever get to deal with them. Don’t let them scramble with the already limited space at home knowing all too well that you will never use them again. Never let them endanger the lives of the future generation. Instead, be responsible when disposing of outdated headphones.

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