Best 5 Free Online Grammar Checkers That Will Help Write Your Essay

The Best 5 Free Online Grammar Checkers

Even if you’re passionate about writing and have thousands of ideas to engage readers, different types of errors can affect the overall impression of your text. That’s why editing should become an integral part of the writing process. Of course, it requires in-depth knowledge of grammar and spelling rules, but you can also benefit from using helpful online checkers. We’ve checked and collected a list of the best free online editing tools. Don’t hesitate to start using them right now, as even professional essay writers recommend them.

Writing is an exciting yet challenging process because many students can’t identify hidden typos or spelling errors themselves. Undoubtedly, only an experienced essay writer can guarantee that their text won’t contain any mistake, but you can still try to improve your paper. Use these free online tools to present a flawless essay:

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1. Grammarly

It’s one of the most popular editing apps, and it’s not surprising why. Grammarly has both free and paid versions, and they both provide users with excellent features. The first thing you should learn about this amazing tool is that you can integrate it with your Microsoft Word, and the checker will identify mistakes as you’re writing.

Finding the most common errors becomes easier, and you don’t even have to look for a vocabulary to know the rules. Grammarly explains why you shouldn’t use the picked word in a sentence and why it’s better to use a comma. This online editor will suggest synonyms, correct spelling, and the right tense. The paid version offers more advanced options that include identifying passive voice, improving a sentence structure, and detecting plagiarism.

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2. Hemingway

If you’ve ever tried to revise and edit your essay, you probably know how disappointing it is to realize that your text is hard to read. To be sure that the information in your paper is provided in an understandable manner and it’s easy to process it, you should try the Hemingway app. This tool will help you improve your text and make it sound natural, even if you’re working on a specific topic requiring the use of complicated terminology.

Hemingway identifies different errors and highlights them with different colors. For example, a blue color shows you that there are problems with adverbs, and green is a signal that you should consider removing passive voice from your paper. Hemingway will also inform you if the tone of voice of your essay doesn’t correspond to the preferences of your audience.

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3. Cliché Finder

It’s a pity, but our world is built on clichés. The worst thing about it is that it doesn’t matter how hard you try to get rid of most common statements, they’ll stay in our lives forever. A cliché often doesn’t even have a strong background. In most cases, it’s a signal that a person doesn’t have an original idea or has to hide the lack of creativity. For example, you might hear such clichés as “Love is blind,” “In today’s world,” or ”My door is always open.” In most cases, these phrases just occupy space in a sentence.

When writing an essay, you don’t even notice that some of the clichés are already used in your text. Use the Cliché Finder to clear your paper from phrases that don’t even have any value. It’s only necessary to copy your text and insert it into the app window. Another way to improve your writing and present the text without clichés is to hire essay writers online.

4. PaperRater

Identifying major spelling and grammar errors turns into a pleasant walk with PaperRater. But it also has another valuable feature – it rates your essay depending on the required academic level. PaperRater compares your paper with other papers provided by students who have the same educational level. Besides, this tool is an excellent choice if you want to predict what grade you’ll get for your essay. You can improve your paper until this app shows you a satisfying result.

PaperRater also gives access to the plagiarism detector so that you can check whether your essay is original. Even if you’ve written a paper on your own, the chances are that someone has already used the same phrases. If your professor checks your piece for plagiarism, the chances are that they’ll think you’ve just copied the text. So, you can use PaperRater or find an essay writer free online to get an original essay.

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5. Wordcounter

Wordcounter is a great tool for those aiming to analyze their writing and figure out whether they don’t repeat the same words again and again. It’s necessary to insert your text into the app box, and the tool will show you the report. You can remove these words, change them, or leave them. The truth is that sometimes you can’t do anything to the vocabulary because of the limited terminology of the topic.

Writing a perfect paper isn’t a complicated task anymore. With the tools we’ve mentioned in our article, you’ll quickly find all the errors and improve your piece. Another effective way to impress your professor and achieve the best academic results is to partner with cheap essay writers.

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