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What to do with an Old Router?

What to do with an Old Router?

7 Mind-Blowing Uses of Old Router

Everyone fancy an upgrade for their internet services. If you are improving your speed or getting hold of a better router, it’s important that you choose a router that matches with the speed. Compatibility, bandwidth as well as internet speed always become key aspects of having a router. But what will you do if you get a new internet connection and it requires a new router? Will you throw this one away or will you keep it just in the backyard? There are a lot of things that you can do with the help of an old WiFi router apart from throwing it away. Here’s a quick look out to 7-mind-blowing tips that you can do without throwing away the router.

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1. Use it as a wireless repeater

A network repeater is a specialized device that is basically used to enhance a signal and then transmit it. In other words, it is basically used to extend levels of transmission so that the signal can cover a long distance.

You can use the router to build a new wireless repeater so that you can cover up a large space and create an alternative signal. Using your wireless router to create such an alternative wireless repeater could be a great thing. In fact, it does not require too many steps to perform as well. Although the use of a wireless repeater could be great for your home, you will require an external internet network.

In other words, having a wireless repeater means that you are having an extra coverage signal present. It can easily allow you to create a new network which you can use as a spare device. Sometimes, when you just move out of home, probably in the garden or lawn, this spare router gets you covered.

You will be able to use them without any latency issues or any major problems. It basically covers up all the remote areas in your home so that there are no more remote spots available.

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2. Create a VPN Router

Having a VPN in your home means you will be able to access the internet without any restrictions. Sometimes, configuring a VPN onto the personal network can be a bit difficult. It may take up a lot of time to prepare the firmware on a router network. However, if you are having an old router or a spare router, you can set it up to configure it with a VPN. Most routers are supported with a decent firmware which can be easily programmed. If you have a programmed device, you can also set it up with this router. For this, you need to create a VPN account and then configure it with this server.

Once the connection is established, you can connect every device on your home with this router. You will be able to protect every device connected with the VPN. Apart from this, setting up a VPN gives you a lot of advantages. You can easily set them up according to instructions given by the internet service provider.

3. Turning it to a NAS drive

An NAS comes to be a very handy device to choose for additional storage. NAS or what we know as network attached storage forms as an external memory with the network that you use. It performs as a decent backup for the cloud storage and the hard storage. Basically it is a hardware device that can be used as a memory strange for the network. Not many people know, but a wireless router can also be used as an external NAS device.

If you have an external router, you can use the memory present inside this device and convert it to a NAS drive. To convert this, you will need to take the help of a custom firmware which will help you to complete the conversion process. To use it as an attached storage, you can take the help of a USB cable and connect it to the USB port.

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4. Using it as a network switch

Preparing a network switch for the router is as easy it gets. It does not take too much time to make a fast network switch with the router. Indirectly, it acts as a fast wireless technology all around. This is mainly because there are not more than 4-5 switches available. Having an extra router in your home always increases this capacity.

With the help of this device, you will be able to use more ethernet ports. If you are using the router in a network hub, it becomes important to choose a LAN hub that will allow you to connect more devices. If you have only one router, you may miss out on ethernet ports. Apart from just a LAN hub, you can also use this network switch to connect smart TVs, gaming consoles or even other devices. To allow this configuration, you will be able to complete converting a network switch. check out Quality electronic Router

5. Guest Wi-Fi Connection

A Wifi connection in your home means that it is capable of delivering you the wireless speed that you need the most. When you are surfing the internet in your home, you will always like to enjoy the fast speed of the network. If guests turn up into your home, you can’t deny them as well. This is why creating separate internet access for the guests could be a privilege for everyone.

Instead of throwing the WiFi router from your home, you can use it as a guest connection as well. You can even create a password-free access that will help you to connect new devices. By default, you will be able to prevent guests from accessing your primary router that is available.

6. Wireless Bridge

There’s a slight difference between a wireless bridge and just a wireless extender. Having a wireless bridge means you will be able to connect more devices and thus, it becomes an easier option to use this device for separate connections. Creating a wireless bridge means the network you get is physically separated and it does not require more connections. The old router can create a separate network and you will be able to configure them in the same path. This can be a great choice for both small and large spaces.

7. Smart home hub

Who would not like to convert a regular home to a new smart home for your home? Of course, with the help of established wireless connections, it becomes easier to configure the devices and use them accordingly. Creating a home automation server is not a difficult choice at all. In fact, using your old home router could help you to create a smart home hub.

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Any router in your home can be of great help. Even if you are currently not using the router for surfing data in your home, you won’t have to necessarily throw it away at all. Instead, the router can solve multiple other purposes for you to gain the WiFi for your home. If you follow 7 uses mentioned above, you can use the spare router for multiple requirements. Some most popular uses are cheap internet radio or using them as a network switch. Do let us know if you have any other alternative uses of the router in your mind.

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