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Is it true that Apple is slowing down old iPhones?

Is it true that Apple is slowing down old iPhones?

Many conspiracy theories have been going around in connection with the reduced performance and speed of many iPhones, especially the old iPhones. Apple has been silent regarding the same matter until recently when it went public on the issue. From their statements to the public, they confirmed that there was a reduction in the speed of their products, among them iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, and SE.

From there going public on this issue, it is crucial to get these facts straight and avoid falling to lies and misleading information.

Reasons behind the move and the products touched

Apple finally confirmed that they had deliberately introduced a feature that slowed down the speed of their phones as they age. This move was after ensuring that their phones stopped snapping while in use after a long period of use. Many individuals have the mentality that their devices will continue in the same shape, even in their old stage. However, the truth is that this move was aimed at reducing the weight or current flow despite its growing old.

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The truth behind the “feature”

Well, the truth is that these devices change rapidly as they age. However, the processor does not change, but other functions are affected tremendously. The old battery cannot support the power required to have all tasks functioning excellently as it ages with time. With the battery not able to sustain maximum current for all functions, especially the processor, there are possibilities of their failing without warning.

Apple, having noted this feature, decided to introduce a “feature” that aimed at ensuring this mistake did not occur. The company launched a system that would have most applications and functions operating at a slower speed to reduce the likelihood of overburdening the old or aging battery.

The move to reduce the speed of some of their phones is solely aimed at ensuring that the phone served for long, and in reality, it has helped to extend the life of most old iPhones. Other conspiracies such as spying were, however, dispelled and untrue as it solely aims at giving the user the best experience with their products.

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The downside of slowing down old iPhones

Despite having a positive move in reducing the speed of most of their devices, there have been negative results.

Poor experience with the device

Most of the affected customers have pointed out that they had to struggle using their phones as the speed unexpectedly reduced. This move ended up affecting other personal operations such as surfing and gaming.

Negative ratings of the company’s device

Once many customers realized that Apple had been slowing their devices intentionally, a substantial group have taken to criticize and lowly rate the products. This idea has been a challenge to apple despite having positive motives.

Every person is at liberty to either negatively or positively take the sowing down feature. However, the bigger picture should be the one being considered. They were able to benefit customers who no longer had to worry about problems that come with aging. It has been seen to save many phones from collapsing or failing before their expected expiry date. This idea is thus a great strategy in savings and ensuring better performance as apple tries to look for other better options.

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