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Odyssey Toys

The Odyssey Toys X-7 Microlite has a bright and minute design for a drone. The quadcopter is perfect for trainee pilots and is sure to announce its presence.

You see an array of bright lights displayed by the LEDs making it eye-catching in flight. The controls sensitive and the body have light constructions.

The only thing it lacks is all the features found in drones that are more expensive. The craft is for flying and not for capturing footage in the sky.

Therefore, if you need an aircraft and looking for an affordable drone, read the X-7 Microlite review to see if it is made for you.

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Reviews of Odyssey Toys X-7 Microlite

Odyssey Toys X-7 Microlite Design

Odyssey Toys

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When not powered, the X7 Microlite looks similar to most drones. The structures white plastic and comprise some red elements. You can find some of the plastic around the rotor blades as well.

However, once you flip the switch found under the body that superpower of the craft astounds you. You have a series of LEDs placed inside rings surrounding the rotors.

The fantastic thing is these lights are useful as it makes the whole body glow like a UFO. There are different LED colors versions available green, red, and blue/green.

The biggest problem is you do not have control over the lights, and they remain on in flight. Alternatively, it would be great to turn them on and off or have different blinking patterns.

Furthermore, the craft is light at two ounces with the battery equipped. Therefore, you do not need to register it with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA.)

On the other hand, it measures six inches wide, similar to other small aircraft. Another standout is that it has three blades compared to two or four.

The blades have guards protecting them and great for flying inside and outside.

How do you control the Microlite?

You receive a remote controller in the same plastic construction with a single row of LEDs at the top. The lights blink slowly as it connects with the drone.

Furthermore, the remote works with four AA batteries not included, and once it loses power, the lights blink quickly. There are two chrome control sticks to use as the primary control with trim switches and a power switch.

You get two shoulder buttons for the speed mode and one for activating the flip function. Flying the quadcopters simple and it responds quickly.

Out of the box, it has a bit of a slip problem to the one side, but you can fix this quickly with the trim control making it hover in one place.

However, do not expect the X7 to fly fast and not made for racing but leisure. There are two-speed modes, but we did not notice much difference between them.

Furthermore, we do not recommend flying it outdoors in the wind as even a light breeze will blow it away.

How long does the battery last, and can you repair it?

Odyssey Toys

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The drone is equipped with a 500mAh battery that has a flight time of seven minutes at the most. You can swap the battery with ease and comes with a USB charger included.

Charging the battery takes 35-minutes, and the spare Odyssey batteries do not cost much. You get an extra set of rotor blades with the X7.

There is a small screwdriver included, and spare parts are available to buy. However, if the controller or casing breaks, you need to buy a new one.

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X7 Microlite Specs

  • Battery: 500mAh rechargeable
  • Controller: Remote Control with 2.4 GHz frequency
  • Control Range: 328 feet
  • Extras: LED lights
  • Material: Plastic
  • Max Flight Time: 7 minutes
  • Measures: 2.24-inches (W) x 2.24-inches (D) x 0.59-inches (H)
  • Ready to Fly: Yes
  • Rotors: 4

Pros and Cons Odyssey Toys X7 Microlite


  • Fun to fly with the bright LED lights
  • Visible to see in the sky
  • The controls are simple to use
  • The propellers guarded with the body
  • Affordable


  • No extra features
  • Flies slow
  • Cannot control the LEDs

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Why Should You Buy It?

Odyssey Toys

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If you are new to drone flying the X7 comes highly recommended and fun to fly. One thing is sure if you crash it, you will not spend a fortune on replacing the parts.

The quadcopters responsive but not fast, and it maneuvers well. The craft looks cool at night with the LED lights and perfect for any trainee pilot to fly.

Further, it is a stable flyer and great for kids to fly inside the home. You can make flips and rolls with it.

Our Verdict

The Odyssey Toys X-7 Microlite is a drone that fits in the palm of the hand. The quadcopter is easy to fly and unlike the rest. You will easily spot it in the sky with its LEDs shining bright.

For the trainee pilot, the drone’s ideal to use for training how to fly and the price is affordable. However, you best not use it outdoors in the wind, as a breeze will blow it away.

Controlling the quadcopter is quick to learn so before you buy the best camera drone train on this one before you spend a fortune.

Light up the night sky with the Odyssey Toys X-7 Microlite. For the trainee pilot learning with this drone is fun, and you can even use it indoors.

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