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Obsolete Technologies That People Still Use Nowadays

Obsolete Technologies That People Still Use Nowadays

People Still Use Most of These Outdated Technologies!

An obsolete technology refers to those that were there before, but the ones replaced them. Even though they were returned, they are still in use, meaning they are serviceable even today. It may take an extended period for technologies to fall by the wayside. This is because only a small percentage, adopts new technologies. Many people take a long time to upgrade to better ones. Many may ask themselves why to shift to the latest technology while the one is using is still functioning. In addition, investing in new technology is expensive, and not all people have that amount. The following are some of the obsolete technologies that are still in use to date.


Pagers were primarily used in the early 1990s. Within a few years, they were replaced by cell phones since you can call and receive calls directly as well as receiving and sending messages. Today doctors, especially in emergencies where cellular systems go down, mostly use pagers in various hospitals. Pagers are still in use to date despite the significant popularity in phones, more so smartphones.

Landline phones

More 66% of the American population use landline phones to date. Statistics released by CEA data in 2012, there were millions of corded handset and cordless models of landline phones that were bought. This means that even though smartphones have replaced them, they are still used extensively.

Fax machines

A fax machine gained popularity in the 1970s and was widely used for many years. However, with the use of computers to send fax transmissions, receiving and sending messages via email as well as instant messaging, they have become obsolete. According to a report by NPD in 2012, 350, 000 fax machines were bought. This means that although computers have been mainly used, fax machines are still on the market and are widely used.


A typewriter is still iconic technology. It has been used for centuries until computers were innovated. Despite this, typewriters are still in use, especially by the old school. Many older people resist changing since they think that that change will outdo or eliminate them. This could be a significant reason why typewriters are still in use to date.

Vinyl records

A significant amount of people could buy LPs during the time of Elvis. Despite the emergence of CDs and digital downloads that are more durable, occupy less space, and are easy to use, the majority of audiophiles still love the sound of vinyl. Even though the LP business has been in obscurity for many years, the fact is it is thriving again. Many new albums have been released in the ancient media format, which includes Vampire Weekend and Daft Punk. A report by Nielsen SoundScan in 2012 shows that 4.6 million vinyl records were bought. This means that vinyl records are in use to date.

Rolls of Films

Nowadays, photo-taking has taken a new direction. Every smartphone you buy today comes with both front and back cameras to enable the user to take photos as well as selfies wherever he/she goes. There are also affordable digital cameras and high-end DSLRs that help in capturing amazing pictures. Digital images appear instantly, and there are options for editing and sharing them online. You can also print them as many times as you wish without deteriorating in quality. However, according to the NPD in 2018, over 35 million rolls of film were bought. This shows that rolls of film are still in use.

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Cassette tapes

Even though one can stream or download music online, cassette tapes are still in use. You don’t need to stay with your radio, waiting for your favorite song to be played. Nowadays, this has gone the extra mile as one can record a TV show for later viewing on a VCR or DVR. A report by CEA showed that more than 13 million blank cassettes, together with VHS tapes, were sold in 2012.


According to the American Public Communications Council, there are over 305,000 working payphones. The main reason why these phones are widely used is that there are so many low-income earners who cannot afford a cell phone, and they need to communicate. Other people use payphones to remain anonymous when they call.

Dot-matrix printers

These printers are still used to date. Research by NPD shows that in 2012, more than 20,000 dot-matrix printers were bought in America. The reason why these printers are widely used is that many business systems and inventory warehouse needs carbon copy as well as multipart forms, which works wells with the dot-matrix print head.

Even if some technologies appear obsolete, they are still in use even today. Some people take time to adjust or shift to new technologies. You cannot imagine some people using rolls of film in this err where digital cameras give pleasant images of high quality. Other obsolete technologies include CRT TVs, PDAs, and floppy disks, among others.

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