Netflix vs. Amazon Prime vs. Disney+

Now that we have a launch date in November of the much-awaited Disneys streaming service, Disney+ with many other details, it is clear that this is not a niche supplemental service for Disney fans. The media giant is making a play for dominance in the streaming market. Disney has a wealth of content that they can have filled their Disney+ library. They may even have a few surprising deals and extra packs in for some of their members. This means that they will have to take on some of the already major players like Netflix and amazon prime. These companies have been in the market for quite some time, and they have carved out their respective shares of the user base. Here, we will guide you through Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus.

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Netflix vs. Amazon Prime vs. Disney+

We though lining up some of these in-demand streaming services that are available out there and showing they all compare to each other. For this guide, we are only going to focus on the standalone and on-demand services that are immediately comparable, like Netflix, amazon prime video, and Disney+.

We are leaving out some of the internet-based live tv services like sling tv, youtube tv, and PlayStation Vue with other channel-specific apps and services like CBS. We are also omitting some of the upcoming products like apple tv plus, time warners HBO max service, and the NBCUniversal streaming service since some of these services are yet to be detailed. That aside, you can be sure that these three services we are writing about are some of the major players in the increasingly crowded streaming market.

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Netflix vs. Amazon Prime vs. Disney+


Disney Plus logo

Disney+ will not be available to the whole world until November 12 though it may already be streaming in the Netherlands. The recent announcements provide a clear picture of what you should expect from them.

Disney+ Price

Disney+ will be available in a standalone package for around $6.99 monthly or $69.99 annually. However, Disney will also be offering a bundle that includes Disney+, ESPN plus, and also the basic ad-supported Hulu service for around $12.99 per month. This is several dollars cheaper compared to when someone would want to subscribe to them separately. It is also a roughly equivalent in cost to HD subscription of Netflix and amazon prime monthly payment option. But the good thing about it is that it now includes three services instead of just having one.

Noteworthy Content of Disney+

Disney+ is going to be the home of much of what is owned by Disney tv series and the movies. All of the Disney and Pixar animated films marvel cinematic universe movies, and star wars films and animated tv series will all be in one service. This also includes the upcoming premium tv series based on most of these properties like the Mandalorian and Loki. It is also worth noting that Disney+ will be the home of streaming for the entire 3o season run of the Simpsons.



Netflix has had a long run and is the most popular streaming service that is available, and it still holds the majority of the market. The newcomers I the market like Disney+ have cut into the market, and the content and recent price hikes I the service have seen many leave the service. That is not to say that it is a lesser service compared to the other streaming services. The only thing that seems to be changing is their identity and role in the market that seems to be changing with time.

Netflix Pricing

Netflix has one of the most varied pricing structure compared to the competitors as it has three different options. They have the basic $9 per month that is for standard streaming only and limited to one streaming device at a time. They have the standard $13 per month for HD streaming that is for up to two simultaneous streams. Then their premium $16 per month for Ultra HD streaming, including 4K and HDR content with Dolby Atmos audio support. This allows up to four simultaneous streams.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon prime has many perks for the members, and the prime video is one of the best you can get out there. Their on-demand service includes a massive library of free content, which is also bolstered with a great breadth of content that is available for rent and purchase.

Amazon Prime Pricing

Prime video is a part of the normal amazon subscription that is available for the $13 per month or $119 annually. Though you can still get it discounted to $59 annually, if you have a valid student email address, the members of this service can also extend their service library with channel add-ons but at an additional price. But all this varies depending on the specific channel package. They also are offering video rentals and purchases on their channels.

In conclusion, Amazon is good for library size and scope, and it is also a no-brainer for prime members. Netflix will support Hi-quality audio streaming with a 5.1 surround device. The Disney+ is good for Disney owned properties and ideal for ESPN. Hence, please check out the review of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+

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