Nanopresso and Handpresso

Coffee shops are popular places for gatherings and especially for people to get an espresso. In essence, espresso has become an everyday staple beverage for many people. This has necessitated the availability of portable machines to prepare the espresso. That’s because of the hustle that comes with getting a cup of coffee from a coffee shop or restaurant. For instance, there are long queues, a cup is rather expensive, and the need to travel for a distance to get to where they are. Fortunately, the availability of portable espresso machines makes it easier for individuals to prepare espresso. Therefore, two popular portable espresso machines currently available in the market are the Nanopresso and the Handpresso.

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Nanopresso is a small hand-held device as an espresso press. In practice, the nanopresso utilizes hot boiling water in conjunction with hand-pumped pressure to extract espresso in shots from its compact body. Dimensionally, the nanopresso is approximately 6’’ long with a weight, which is around less than a pound.

The Components of a Nanopresso

The nanopresso consists of several parts as listed below:

  • filter basket

  • press body

  • water cup, which has a removable drinking cup

  • filter head/portafilter

  • measuring cup for the ground coffee

  • cleaning brush

The nanopresso is a novel invention with the capability of extracting excellent espresso from a variety of beans.

Additionally, the uniqueness of this machine emanates from the fact that it is easy to use, portable, and produces excellent tasting espresso. In essence, the nanopresso can produce espresso, which has a little bitterness. Additionally, by design, the compact all in one design of the nanopresso enables it to be better to extract espresso from the smallest of bags.

However, it is important to take into consideration some factors to ensure that the best extraction possible is obtained by using the nanopresso. Firstly, coffee beans should not ground too fine. It is also important that the nanopresso preheated before the process of preparing espresso starts. For the nanopresso, preheating usually involves the pumping of hot water into the machine.

By design, the nanopresso has a barista kit with a larger water tank. In essence, the barista kit is an expansion back, which, coupled up with the water tank and grounds basket, facilitates the making of double espressos.



Another unique design to consider when it comes to portable espresso machines is the handpresso. It is important to note that even though the nanopresso is much lighter concerning other like products in the market, the handpresso comes out as a hybrid machine, which also brings forth unique attributes. One of the main differences between the nanopresso and the handpresso I the fact that hand pumping operates hand espresso.

Design Features of the Handpresso

Nanopresso and Handpresso

By design, this portable espresso machine consists of 2 portafilters where one is for the E.S.E ports while the other one used for the ground coffee. Essentially, the handpresso requires no electricity or battery for it to operate. In addition to that, the handpresso is also fitted with a manometer used to indicate when the optimum pressure, which is usually pegged at 16 bar, is reached. It is also important to note that this machine often comes in a myriad of colors in addition to its accessories.

However, in terms of the operating principle, the handpresso is slightly different from the nanopresso. In essence, this machine requires additional input in terms of work. It produces a marginally deeper and richer brew as compared to the nanopresso as well. In addition, it is important that for the nanopresso, the pressure build-up is obtained by pumping water through it. On the other hand, for the handpresso, the pressure is built. That released through the means of a valve that forces water through the ground at once. Additionally, the pumping operations of the handpresso are similar to that of the bicycle pump as opposed to the finger button of the nanopresso.

Final Word

In totality, the advent of portable espresso machines has made it easy for people to enjoy their espresso. Not only from the confines of their homes or popular coffee shops but also in other outside settings. The choice of the intelligent espresso machine, however, depends on the inherent factors and attributes associated with the device. It is of paramount importance that the setting in which an individual wishes to use either a nanopresso or a handpresso. They can be taken into consideration before settling on the appropriate one for the occasion. To this end, choosing between the two may be an uphill task because each of these machines has unique attributes that serve to offer their users unique experiences as well as value for their hard-earned cash.

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