Best Monitor Arms to Buy in 2021

To stop back and shoulder trouble when working on your PC, you need a comfortable seating and accessible mouse. However, there is one more piece of equipment you need a monitor arm. With the support, you can use your display more reachable. The support is bendable and modifiable to set to the right height you need. You can purchase the product in several sizes to fit your display easily. We have selected the top 10 monitor arms for you to use at home and the office here.

Why work awkward make your work experience enjoyment with one of these monitor arms.

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Top 10 Monitor Arms in 2021 to Buy

10. Mount-It! Monitor Wall Mount

Mount-It! Monitor Wall Mount

One of the most affordable monitor arms you can buy online is the Mount-It. With the universal mounting design, you can set up your single monitor quickly. The stand fits 12 to 24-inch monitors. You mount the screen to the wall giving you more working space on your desk. The device has a steel structure with a sleek look. The arm rotates and swivels in different directions. Furthermore, you can mount the screen in a horizontal or vertical position.


  • Affordable if you need more than one
  • Works well
  • Durable


  • The angle and tilt of the arm is awkward to adjust

9. VIVO Adjustable Free-Standing Arm Mount

VIVO Adjustable Free-Standing Arm Mount

For a freestanding monitor arm, you need the VIVO stand. The support has a gas spring design to help adjust the weight of the screen. You need no tools to alter the device and everything you do by hand. The unit fits most monitors sized 13-inches to 27-inches. You do not need to be concerned about the weight as it holds up to 13.2 pounds. On the back is mounting holes if you do want to fix it to a wall. With the adjustable arm, it tilts and swivels in different directions. Even the power cables kept organized with the built-in cable management system.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Functions well
  • Works with two mountings c-clamp and screw


  • The cable organizing system is not effective
  • Instructions not clear

8. WALI Monitor Desk Mount Stand

WALI Monitor Desk Mount Stand

The WALI is a dual monitor stand that fits screens up to 27-inches. The heights adjustable and you can remove the mount plates. The locking system works with a c-clamp or a grommet-base. The fantastic thing about the monitor arm is it opens up desk space and has a durable structure. You receive 10-year protection included with your purchase.


  • Durable design
  • Easy to use
  • Opens up space on your desk to work
  • Adjustable


  • Not great to use with a single monitor

7. Full Motion Dual Monitor Arm Mount

Full Motion Dual Monitor Arm Mount

Another affordable monitor arm to use at home or work is the Full Motion Dual Stand. The support has a gas spring to lift screens with ease. If you want to prevent strain on your back and neck, this model will not disappoint you. There is no need for drilling holes in your desk as the stand has a c-clamp fixing. The units fully adjustable and the arms are removable. The device works with 15 to 27-inch monitors. The structure has a durable aluminum structure and comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Very fashionable and has a beautiful design
  • Outstanding features and adjustable
  • Gas spring design for comfort
  • Works with wide monitors


  • Difficult to raise the assemblage on the rear post

6. Amazon Basics Monitor Mounting Arm

Amazon Basics Monitor Mounting Arm

For keeping your single monitor at an easy to read height, you need the Amazon Basics monitor arm. The support extends, retracts, tilts, and rotates. An added benefit is the stand increases your desk space and mounts with a clamp. The unit works with LCD monitors measuring up to 32-inches. The device is VESA compatible and backed by a one-year warranty.


  • Brilliant well-matched options
  • Smooth and easy to move
  • Appealing design with quality build


  • Using the wall portions difficult
  • Expensive

5. 3M Desk Mount Monitor Arm

3M Desk Mount Monitor Arm

For adjusting your monitors quickly to the perfect height, you need the 3M Desk Mount Arm. The design has a clean look yet stylish to fit in with any décor. The arm you can adjust and extend, and you can use it in portrait and landscape view. Included you receive two mounting options one with a c-clamp and the other with a grommet mount. Extra you receive a three-year warranty included.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Can use it with different LCD monitors


  • The offset could be better

4. Ergotech Freedom Arm

Ergotech Freedom Arm

No matter what monitor you own may it be PC or iMac the Ergotech monitor arms compatible with it. Included you receive the adjustable and rotating arm with a desk clamp base. The arms tilt up to 90-degrees, and you can use it in a downwards position as well. The height adjustment is 14-inches, and the full-extended range is 24-inches.


  • Three-year warranty
  • Has a cable management system
  • Easy to install
  • Stylish


  • None noted

3. Loctek LCD Arm

Loctek LCD Arm

With the Loctek monitor arm, you can sit correctly at your workstation. You can use the stand to extend and retract the arm. Furthermore, you can rotate your screen to a portrait and landscape mode. The height of the monitor you can adjust with ease as the support consist of spring and construct of aluminum. To keep the wires organized it has a cable management system. You can install it with the included c-clamp or the grommet.


  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Adjusts with ease
  • Looks great


  • The installation process is a bit tricky

2. Ergotron LX Arm Desk Mount

Ergotron LX Arm Desk Mount

To help increase your viewing comfort while sitting, you need the Ergotron LX monitor arm. Keep your desk organized with the cable management system and make more space for the stand. You can extend your screen up to 25-inches and place it to the height of 13-inches. The device has an aluminum construction and mounts with a c-clamp or a grommet.


  • Trendy and durable design
  • Easy to adjust and comfortable to use
  • Compatible with most monitors


  • Expensive

1. LX Desk Mount LCD Arm

LX Desk Mount LCD Arm-monitor arms

If you need the best monitor, arm and have the money to spend, buy the LX Desk mount. You can open up some space on your desktop and view your screen comfortably. The cables you can quickly place through the cable system and keep things organized on the desk. The arm extends, retracts, tilts, and rotates in different directions for you to use. The device has a durable aluminum structure and works with monitors with a size up to 24-inches.


  • Comfortable to adjust
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Easy to install
  • Stylish design


  • Expensive

Final Thoughts

When your LCD screen is placed incorrectly, it leads to back, neck, and shoulder pain. To avoid this from happening you need one of the best monitor arms in 2021 available here to buy. You do not need an expensive one as the Mount-It has an affordable price. However, if you do have the money to spend, we recommend you buy the LX Desk mount to help prevent fatigue from happening. No matter which one you pick they all offer you what you need – a perfect height for your monitor to read and work more comfortable.


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