Are you a person listening to your music on the go? Here we have the smallest and compactly designed mini Bluetooth speakers for you to buy in 2019. They are sleek and have a powerful sound. For the best audio performance considering their minute size, they are packed with a loud sound. The battery use is long lasting and you can stream content via Bluetooth to your mobile device. Pick your best one from our top 10 mini Bluetooth speaker review right here. You can get your party started now.

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Top 10 Mini Bluetooth Speakers

10. XBOOM Portable Bluetooth Speaker

XBOOM Portable Bluetooth Speaker

For the best mini Bluetooth speaker with a portable design, the XBOOM is the one to have. You get all the functions you need to enjoy the best sound. The bass sounds enhanced and offers you a 360-degree sound. Inside the casing, you get a 40mm driver with a 3-watt output. The battery life use is exceptional up to 12-hours. For charging, it has a buddy-plug design and a 3.5mm stereo jack. Choose your speaker here now and see what color fits in with your lifestyle.


  • Designed with 40mm driver
  • The output is 12-hours
  • Can connect to multiple capsule speakers
  • Works with most Bluetooth enabled devices
  • The capsule closes and locks in place for transport
  • Battery use up to 12-hours
  • You get a handy carry bag, charging cable and manual

9. Marsboy Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Marsboy Mini Bluetooth Speaker

The next cube speaker from Marsboy has a stylish design and compact enough to take anywhere. The Marsboy is selling for an excellent price and looks similar to a ring box. The edge has a smooth curve design and has a skid-proof base. You can pair it with Bluetooth enabled devices and controlling it with the one-button designs fantastic. The battery use is up to 12-hours and even while it is small, it gives you a powerful sound.


  • You receive a charging cable included
  • Pairing the speaker with your device is easy by simply holding the button
  • Offers you up to 12-hours battery power
  • Has an anti-slip base to prevent it from sliding around
  • Has a metallic structure
  • Powerful soundstage and has a 4-watt rated power

8. X-Mini KAI Bluetooth Speaker

X-Mini KAI Bluetooth Speaker

For one of the best mini Bluetooth speakers, you can look at the X-Mini KAI. The speakers packed with a 40mm driver for the best sound. You get up to eight hours of battery power before it needs a charge. Furthermore, it has a built-in mic to receive hands-free calls. For wireless audio streaming, it is crammed with the latest technology and can connect it to other KAI speakers. To check the amazing price click through here now.


  • Designed with powerful 40mm drivers
  • Can stream content wirelessly with the Bluetooth v2.1, EDR, and A2DP Technology
  • Can daisy chain the speaker with other KAI models
  • Presents you with great sound when watching movies
  • Pairs easily with any Bluetooth enabled device
  • For hands-free use, the speaker has a built-in mic
  • You receive the USB cable for charging and a carrying pouch
  • Battery power is up to 8-hours

7. Etekcity RoverBeats Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Etekcity RoverBeats Portable Bluetooth Speaker

For the best audio performance and compact design, the Etekcity RoverBeats stands out for all the correct reasons. The speaker has the latest CSR 4.0 Bluetooth chipset with a 3-watt rated power. There is a built-in mic for receiving calls and has a 33-feet range with 8-hour battery use. You can connect it to non-Bluetooth devices using the 3.5mm audio jack. You can enjoy a rich bass without static interruption.


  • Has a wireless connection range up to 30-feet
  • 8-hour Battery Power
  • Non-skid ring to prevent it from sliding around
  • Can adjust the volume with your equalizer setting from your phone
  • Once connected to a device it remembers the connection when needed again
  • The rated power is 3-watts
  • Has the latest CSR 4.0 Bluetooth

6. Omaker W4 Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Omaker W4 Mini Bluetooth Speaker

When it comes to cuteness and power, nothing looks as great as the Omaker mini Bluetooth speaker does. In a cube form the speakers powerful at 4-watts. Inside the casing, you get a 40mm driver and offer you up to 12-hours battery use. The Bluetooth range is up to 30-feet and with the small size, it fits in your pocket or bag. So if you need a portable speaker to take with you anywhere make sure to click through here.


  • 4-Watt range power
  • Bluetooth connection up to 30-feet
  • Built-in 40mm driver
  • Made with a solid frame and has plastic sides with a rubber exterior
  • Has a ring attached to use as a carabiner
  • 12-hour Battery Power

5. Anker Ultra Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Anker Ultra Mini Bluetooth Speaker

The Anker gives you an impressive sound when paired with your smartphone. The 3-watt audio driver gives you a high definition sound with rich bass. You can listen to music up to 12-hours and extremely compact. The speaker has a ring box size to fit in your bag or pocket. You get included a micro USB charging cable and a USB audio cable. You will not be disappointed when buying the Ultra mini Bluetooth speaker here.


  • Great package that includes a USB charging and audio cable
  • You get an 18-month warranty
  • 3-Watt audio driver built-in
  • Impressive 12-hour battery use
  • Lightweight at 3.17 ounces
  • The battery charges fast from one to three-hours
  • Can connect with Bluetooth 3.0 enabled devices and has Near Field Connection

4. Sony SRSX11 Bluetooth Speaker

Sony SRSX11 Bluetooth Speaker

With the Sony SRSX11, you get a great sound with the 10-watt digital amplification. Inside the cube, you have dual passive radiators to give you the best audio sound. You get Bluetooth streaming and it supports SBC. You get up to 12-hours battery use and you can charge it via USB input. With the included silicon strap, you can carry the mini Bluetooth speaker around with you.


  • Small and compact size and covered with a soft rubber
  • The speaker grills metal
  • On both sides of the cube are passive bass radiators
  • Has a closed design and fits into the pocket comfortably
  • 12-hour Battery Power
  • Include a silicone strap

3. XSBOOM Mini Bluetooth Speaker

XSBOOM Mini Bluetooth Speaker

For one of the smallest Bluetooth speakers, the XSBOOM is compact and has a powerful sound. The speaker looks like an egg and is easy to put in the pocket. Inside the casing, you have a 3-watt driver and powered by a rechargeable battery. The battery use is up to 10-hours, which is impressive for this unit. You have a built-in microphone for hands-free calls and pairs with most Bluetooth enabled devices. Make sure to get your hands on this mini Bluetooth speaker selling at a great price today.


  • Built-in 3-watt driver
  • Small and compact looking like an egg
  • 10-hour Battery Use
  • Built-in Mic
  • Wireless range up to 80-feet
  • Has a metal and silicon structure

2. JAM Plus Mini Bluetooth Speaker

JAM Plus Mini Bluetooth Speaker

The HDMX Jam Plus mini Bluetooth speaker offers you stellar sound. The speaker designs sleek and small enough to take with you on the go. With the JAM2 feature, you can connect it to other JAM speakers for kicking up a party at the beach. The speaker you can buy in different colors to fit in with your lifestyle. You can enjoy up to four hours of music with a rechargeable battery. You receive a micro USB cord for charging the device. With the fantastic metallic colors available pick yours today and take your party anywhere.


  • 4-hour Battery Power
  • Can connect to other JAM speakers
  • Has a 30-feet connection range
  • Can make hands-free calls with the built-in mic
  • Has a metallic color and looks sleek

1. TaoTronics Mini Bluetooth Speaker

TaoTronics Mini Bluetooth Speaker - mini Bluetooth speakers

The TaoTronics mini Bluetooth speaker does not have the same cube design as the other models mentioned here. The good news is it remains compact enough to take with you anywhere. The sound is crisp and loud and connects to your mobile devices with Bluetooth 4.0 Technology. You can stream audio directly from your phone. It lasts up to 6-hours of talk and play time. You get a remote control to comfortably sit on the couch and adjust the audio. Get your Bluetooth speaker now by clicking through here.


  • 6-hours Battery Power
  • Receive a remote control included for ease of use
  • Connects with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled devices
  • Has LED lights surrounding the outer rim and changes color
  • Charges with the included USB cable
  • Available in black or white

Final Thoughts

With one of the best mini Bluetooth speakers reviewed with us, you get a great companion to take with you anywhere. You are sure to find a color and size that fits in with your budget. Each brand here offers you a durable and compact design with amazing audio to liven up any room or party.