Everything You haven’t Known About Microsoft xCloud

microsoft xcloud

Microsoft xCloud is a new game streaming service. Microsoft Company said it would introduce this project to enable gamers to stream games via any mobile device during the E3 trade show, which was accompanied by a video. At that time, people who owned Samsung smartphones, as well as tablets, were playing popular games. Some of these games were Gears of War 4, Cuphead, Forza Horizon 4, and Halo 5. One could play these games with both actual direct control on touchscreens and Xbox One game. Here is a detailed discussion of what you should know about Microsoft xCloud.

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Azure cloud tech

Microsoft uttered that the project would use its Azure cloud as its computing software and hardware. It has Aure servers that are set in 54 locations around the world. The company also has a special cloud server blade for holding the appliance of various Xbox One consoles. Every project xCloud blades can be put in Azure data centers across the world. The company says that once the project officially released, the gamers will enjoy an excellent streaming experience from anywhere they are.

Touch screen support and controller

The streaming games will be controlled through the Xbox One game controller, which will be connected through a wireless Bluetooth tech. In addition, a touch input overlay helps one to play games on a digital device touchscreen without the controller.

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Mobile gaming hardware

Microsoft has commenced collaborating with other companies to help them develop mobile gaming hardware accessories. Some of these companies include Gamevice, Razer, HORI, 8bitDo, among others. One of the products that have so far been developed for project xCloud is the MOGA mobile Gaming Clip that is meant for Xbox Wireless Controllers. The clip will be attached to all Xbox wireless controllers that hold smartphones up to79mm wide. These clips are designed such that they have double locking articulation points for helping the gamers in setting the right angle for playing mobile games through the project xCloud.

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Hardware and games the project xCloud will support

By May 2019, the company had placed project xcloud blades to data centers in Europe, Asia as well as North America. It said that some game publishers such as Paradox Interactive as well as Capcom were utilizing project xCloud servers for testing their games. Microsoft said more data centers would offer server blades recently.

During the E3 trade, the company said apart from launching project xCloud; it will also come up with Console Streaming, which allows players to stream games from the console to their digital device from anywhere provided one has an internet connection. This will only be possible if one owned an Xbox One console that is used as a local xCloud server.

The games Project xCloud will support

Microsoft said once the project xCloud is officially launched, it would aid all published Xbox One games. The company will also assist in supporting Xbox 360 games, which one can play from the Xbox One console. This adds up to 3,500 games that will be played through project xCloud. The deployed developers will allow the players to gain access to their Xbox One games through project xCloud without extra work.

The company has added support for streaming games to its significant Xbox Developer Kit (XDK). This will help all Xbox One game to know if they are streaming from the cloud. The games will automatically develop some changes to ensure that they are excellent to the players who are using the streaming platforms. This will involves having some changes to the IU for smaller smartphone screens.

Project xCloud public preview launch

In countries like the UK and US, the preview is meant to work with any 10bps download speed or 5 GHz Wi-Fi. However, the UK and US Vodafone users, as well as T-Mobile customers, will get special treatment from xCloud. The company said all carriers are technical partnerships that will aid in maximization of the experience.

For one to take part in the preview, the digital devices have to run Android 6.0 and above with a Bluetooth 4.0 technology. All the users who want to use the project xCloud must have a Bluetooth-enabled Xbox One Wireless Controller as well as a Microsoft Account. Having a phone mount for the controller will be an added advantage for a superior experience. Microsoft said it has ideal plans to extend its support to more controllers for project xCloud soon. Some include Sony’s PlayStation 4 Dual Shock 4 Controller as well as gamepads made by Razer.

For you to play games, you have to download Xbox Game Streaming App that is available from the Google Play Store. However, you have to be invited into the public preview for you to use the app.

Countries that project xCloud will expand to

Microsoft said project xCloud would expand in countries such as Japan, Canada, Western Europe, and India in 2021.

Microsoft xCloud uses Microsoft’s Azure datacentre’s hardware to render the gaming experiences remotely as well as the games will later be streamed to the device of your choice. Microsoft xCloud is very unique which stands out.

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