Microsoft Surface Family: The Introduction

Microsoft Surface Family

Microsoft has been in the technology industry in the last four decades. And in their over forty years in the industry, they have raised their flag high by releasing high-quality products that people find quite helpful in their daily lives. In regards to that, it is no surprise that its popularity keeps rising as years pass by since a huge amount of people love the products, the company, and offices.

Have you come across any member of the Microsoft Surface Family? If yes, then you can confirm how each device grabs somebody’s attention. If no, then you must have heard the name or come across some of the devices in technology magazines and newspapers. Similarly to all the other items from Microsoft, all the Surface computers feature a high-quality design, sturdy construction, and deliver excellent performance.

This article will go into detail about the Microsoft Surface Family. It will highlight all the relevant facts about this family. In addition to that, it will explain when the family was first released and all the amazing technologies that came to the customers after the official release. Make sure to read through the details below to understand more about this tech-based Microsoft Computer family.

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Microsoft Surface Family

Microsoft Surface Family

To a huge amount of people, the name Bill gates always come into mind every time they hear of the word Microsoft. Honestly, I often think of him every time Microsoft has something new to offer. The fact doesn’t come as a surprise since Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft. A lot of Microsoft fans refer to him as the family of Microsoft.

Microsoft Surface family is a series of personal computers from Microsoft with a touchscreen feature. It runs the Windows Operating System by Microsoft. They feature hybrid tablets that comprise up to 7 generations, notebooks with detachable keyboards, desktops, and whiteboards. It also features various accessories that form unique factors.

As per customers’ expectations, most of the Microsoft Surface family accessories feature powerful Intel processors that are compatible with the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. In addition to that, they are durable and reliable.

When did Microsoft Surface Family first come to the market?

Microsoft Surface Family

A huge amount of people have no idea about the foundation of the Microsoft Surface Family. This fact doesn’t come as a surprise since Microsoft was formerly known for coming up with computer soft wares. The Company still does so but has also included the Microsoft Surface family. In this section, we will give a brief history of when the Microsoft Surface was born. Check out!

Microsoft Surface family developer is Microsoft, and its manufacturer is the famous production company, Pegatron. It first came to lit to the public in 2012, 18th June. The man behind the great Microsoft brand is Steve Ballmer, the former CEO of Microsoft. It was during an event in Los Angeles, California. The main reason for its rise was to integrate the already present computer software by Microsoft.

After the announcement, the first surface accessory was the Surface for Windows RT. The announcement came to light via the then Windows President in Microsoft, Steven Sinofsky. Months later, there was a new line of Surface device, Surface for Windows 8 Pro. It ventured more on them by the release of Windows 8 and the Intel architecture. The second surface rose later, and the news came to light via a corporate VP, Michael Angiulo.

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What Next?

In the same year, Microsoft gave the price rating of the Microsoft Surface family and how the devices were going to compete competitively with other computers in the market. The prices were at a manageable load of $300 to $800, which is a pocket-friendly rate in comparison with other computers, mostly from Apple.

Microsoft Surface Family

Back then, the devices were only available in Microsoft retail and online, which was a limiting factor to the sales they could achieve in a day. Later in the year, there was an expansion of the availability of the devices. There were several new surfaces release in the following years. In 2015, Microsoft made its announcement on the incoming hybrid new generation surface Pro 4. The device receives multiple positive reviews from customers who loved the amazing performance.

There was a Surface release in 2018, June. It is a Surface Go tablet with a pocket-friendly price of $400. The tablet measures up to 10 inches and features both the 128GB and 64GB storage spaces. Recently, there was a new release of Surface Pro 7. Fans always look forward to a new surface with fresh and amazing technology. Not to mention the amazing performance.

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Microsoft is by no doubt one of the best Technology Companies in the world. With the multiple devices and amazing performance, a lot of people term it as a technology legend. The details above explain one of Microsoft’s brands, The Microsoft Surface family, and its journey from its birth. From the information above, it is clear that it features one of the best Surface computers you can come across.

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