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All you need to know about Mi Smart Band 4

For the longest time, Xiaomi Production Company has raised the flag for amazing smart bands that they produce. The manufacturer combines style, amazing features, performance, and design. As a result of that, the bands not only look great but operates effectively. Not to mention their stylish and unique sense of fashion. Are you a big fan of smart bands? If yes, then you must own a single one of them if not multiple bands from a variety of manufacturers. If not, the thought of purchasing one must be tormenting you for a long time. For a while now, Mi band fans have had the Mi Smart Band 3, which was great in its operation. But of course, Xiaomi recently unveiled a new Mi Smart Band 4. It is a better version of the band 4.

It first came into the market in June 2021. And the device is a better version of the Mi Band 3. As much as the dual may feature several similar features, they are also different in a lot of ways. In regards to that, this article will go into detail above all the facts you need to know about the Mi smart Band 4 and possibly why these features are great for all. Read on!

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Pocket-friendly Prices

Every customer often prioritizes the quality of a product before deciding on the item to purchase. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to settle for over-priced items in the name of cheap is expensive. And this Mi Smart Band 4 is one of the products that help you save a few dollars. Not to mention, the amazing features of the bands. It has a pocket-friendly price of $39.99.

Display and Design

In the current era, people love to appreciate and recognize the sense of fashion of each item. And that is a nice thing since we are living in an era where fashion means better things. In regards to that, this MI Smart Band features a unique and elegant design. It has a 0.95 inches color Touch Display, 39.9% brighter and larger display, and amazing clock faces. The High resolution is up to 128 by 240 inches. Users can easily appreciate the concept of subjectivity thanks to the personalized watch appearances.


It is no secret that the Mi Smart Band is bigger and better than its predecessors. It is a waterproof product that is perfect for all weather conditions. Not to mention all the amazing features that the band has that improves our daily life. Invest in this band for excellent services.

Fitness Tracking

This Mi Smart Band features multiple features that improve your fitness. It gives you access to a 5ATM waterproof, workout tracking modes, a well-connected GPS, heart rate monitor, and sleep tracking. The product is the ultimate fitness assistant that you cannot afford to miss. In addition to that, you can easily monitor your health condition with the smart Band 4.

Battery Life

This smart Band 4 has a powerful battery that has a lifespan of up to 20 days. It has a maximum capacity of 135mAh. And this is possibly why a huge amount of people love this product from Xiaomi.

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It is no secret that Mi smart Band 4 is by no doubt better than its predecessor Mi Band 3. This fact doesn’t come as a surprise since the device features sturdy construction, unique design and, most importantly, delivers excellent performance. In this article, we give you a clear insight into all the necessary details about the Mi Smart Band 4. The details above explain each feature of the band and its importance.

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