Top 10 Best Metal Detectors in 2020

Who thought, the metal detector by Alexander Graham Bell would become so prevalent today? With one of these devices in hand, you will be surprised at what you can find on the beach or next to the river. Do you want to go looking for hidden treasure then you need one of the top 10 best metal detectors in 2020 reviewed here? With one of the machines, you can discover all sorts of underground and underwater treasures. Try one out today and start a new hobby that may bring in some extra money.

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Best Metal Detectors to Find Hidden Treasure

10. Bounty Hunter BHJS

Bounty Hunter BHJS

The truth is that hunting for treasures not only made for adults. Here we have the best metal detector for kids to take with to the beach. The Bounty Hunter is a child-focused detector that can find coin-sized objects that is five inches deep. Further, it can discover more massive objects berried up to three feet beneath the ground.


  • Coil Size: 6.5 inches
  • Construction: Weather-resistant coil and rust-proof
  • Design: Detects coin-sized and larger objects and eliminates iron and unwanted items
  • Detects: Aluminum, Brass, Silver, Gold, and Steel
  • Measures: 5 x 6 x 22-inches
  • Power: Two 9V Alkaline Batteries
  • Recommended age: Six to Twelve Years
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Weight: 1.3 pounds

9. Hunter TK4 Tracker IV

Hunter TK4 Tracker IV

Are you a budget-minded person and looking for the best metal detector? Pick the Hunter TK4 Tracker IV it will offer you outstanding treasure detection. The device detects coin-sized objects up to 8-inches deep and more substantial items two feet deep. You can use it to identify different metals, and it has a non-digital display.


  • Coil Size: 8-inches
  • Construction: Durably made with motion all-metal mode, two-tone audio mode, and discrimination mode
  • Design: Detects coin-sized and more massive objects
  • Detects: Aluminum, Brass, Silver, Gold, and Steel
  • Recommended age: Adult
  • Waterproof: Yes in shallow water

8. Garrett Ace 300

Garrett Ace 300

Another outstanding choice when looking for small treasures is the Garrett Ace 300 metal detector. You can detect coins and jewelry with the machine. The machine has three separate touchpads and rocker switches. The equipment lightweight at 5.4 pounds and comes with five discriminate modes when searching for metal items.


  • Coil Size: 7 x 10-inch
  • Construction: Water Submersible and you receive a cover-up, search coil cover, and headphones
  • Design: Three separate touchpads and three separate rocker switches and has a money sound ring
  • Detects: Aluminum, Brass, Silver, Gold, and Steel
  • Measures: 6 x 11 x 22-inches
  • Recommended age: Advanced Users
  • Weight: 5.4 pounds

7. Tesoro Silver uMax

Tesoro Silver uMax

The Silver uMax from Tesoro is the best entry-level metal detector and powered by a 9V battery. The device can detect different objects, weighs 3.2 pounds, and has an 8-inch coil. The depth range is 12-inches, and it has some great features found on models that are more expensive. Further, it determines if you have a false or legitimate discovery.


  • Coil Size: 8-inch and interchangeable
  • Construction: Microprocessor Technology with a Silent Search Discriminate Mode and Silent Search All Metal Mode
  • Design: Low Noise Circuitry, Push Button Battery Test
  • Detects: Aluminum, Brass, Silver, Gold, and Steel
  • VLF: 10 kHz Frequency
  • Recommended age: Adults
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Weight: 3.2 pounds

6. Fisher F22 Metal Detector

Fisher F22 Metal Detector

The Fisher F22 is a professional weatherproof metal detector and weighs 4.25 pounds. You can use it to search for coins, jewelry, and other treasures. With two AA batteries, you can search for hours and detects up to 9-inches deep beneath the ground. The fantastic thing is the device advises you how deep the object is under the ground.


  • Coil Size: 9-inch
  • Construction: Weatherproof
  • Design: Made with a nine-segment numerical and visual target ID and has a four-mode search
  • Detects: Aluminum, Brass, Silver, Gold, and Steel
  • Measures: 5 x 8 x 22-inches
  • Power: Two AA Batteries
  • Operating Frequency: 7.69 kHz
  • Recommended age: Professional
  • Warranty: 5-years
  • Weight: 4.25 pounds

5. Fisher Gold Bug

Fisher Gold Bug

Do you want to discover gold hidden beneath the surface? You need the Fisher Gold Bug metal detector. Another fantastic thing is you can find the treasure hidden in a fixed position without the need for waving the device. The method pinpoints a location and offers you precision most of the time.


  • Design: Made with two headphone jacks and has two search modes with an LCD screen
  • Measures: 5 x 8 x 22-inches
  • Power: 9V Battery
  • Recommended: Gold Nugget Hunting
  • Warranty: 5-years
  • Weight: 4.25 pounds

4. Fisher F75

Fisher F75

The following metal detector from Fisher the F75 is the best to use on a beach. With the two AA batteries, the machine can work up to 40-hours, and it comes with a rain cover. The search coil is waterproof and has a double-filter discrimination mode. For the experienced metal detector user, this model is perfect.


  • Coil: Waterproof
  • Design: Made with trigger-actuated pinpointing with double filter discrimination modes and has a large LCD screen
  • Include: Rain Cover
  • Power: Two AA Battery
  • Recommended: Professional

3. Garrett AT Pro

Garrett AT Pro

With the Garrett AT Pro metal detector, you can step your treasure hunting up a notch. You can take the device with you into the ocean or river as it is submersible up to 10 feet. You can use it on shore or over reefs and other shallow areas. The lightweight design makes it more comfortable for you to use for hours.


  • Coil Size: 8.5-inch x 11-inch
  • Construction: Waterproof and has a telescoping range
  • Design: Has a Digital Target ID Display with three audio alert modes
  • Detects: Aluminum, Brass, Silver, Gold, and Steel
  • Measures: 5 x 11 x 22-inches
  • Recommended age: Adults
  • Weight: 3.03 pounds

2. Tesoro Sand Shark

Tesoro Sand Shark - Metal Detectors

For the best underwater metal detector, the name says it all. The Sand Shark weighs six pounds and has a waterproof housing. You can use it up to 200 feet under the water. With the 10.5-inch coil, you can target more massive objects, and it has a top-mounted control box you can adjust. Included you receive waterproof Piezo stereo headphone that is sealed.


  • Coil Size: 10.5-inch
  • Construction: a Waterproof housing to use up to 200 feet
  • Design: Made with Pulse Induction circuit and has two operating modes with the drop-in battery compartment
  • Detects: Aluminum, Brass, Silver, Gold, and Steel
  • Recommended For: Surface, Fresh and Salt Water
  • Weight: 6 pounds

1. XP Deus Metal Detector

XP Deus Metal Detector - Metal Detectors

Now if you have the money and want to splurge, get the XP Deus. The device has an 11-inch coil to find valuable and rare relics. You get four separate frequencies to pinpoint objects. The equipment lightweight at 2 pounds and you can download software updates via your PC. Furthermore, the coils submersible in water and it collapses for storage.


  • Coil Size: 11-inch
  • Construction: Submersible in water
  • Design: Include ear-cup headphones and is fully wireless with the collapsible shaft for storage and LCD
  • Detects: Aluminum, Brass, Silver, Gold, and Steel
  • Weight: 2 pounds

Final Thoughts

Are you planning to hunt for treasure on the shore, alongside rivers, in caves, or underneath the water you can find the proper tool here? Pick one of the top 10 best metal detectors and start searching for relics in the backyard to the coast. Each device offers you fantastic features you can use as a beginner to the professional treasure hunter.

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