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Best Men Chronograph Watches in 2021

Do you want to time events, read the time, and do so much more? You need Men Chronograph Watches to wear to any occasion. The truth is that this timepiece dates back to the 1800s and they were even popular in the US space program. Furthermore, the wristwatch was popular with professionals and automotive racing events. However, today many users find the timepiece to be a functional tool. Pick your chronograph here with us today and start showing it off on your wrist.

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Top 10 Best Men Chronograph Watches

10. BENYAR Chronograph Sports Watch

The timepiece is more worth than the price advertised and has a classy design. Do not be fooled by the price as it looks expensive and you can wear it with a suit or any other dress attire. The size, weight, and features are well balanced and comfortable to wear.


9. Casio Men’s Chronograph Watch

Casio has some fantastic digital watches, but this chronograph model is gorgeous and easy to read. The wristwatch has an affordable price tag, and the accuracy is remarkable. However, if you are looking for a 60-minute dial, this is not the one to buy as it only has a 30-minute one. With the heavy-duty design, you can wear it while working in the garden and take it with you to your next event.


8. Timex Ironman Classic 30 Watch

The men’s chronograph watch is ideal if you cannot look at your phone for the time throughout the day. Not only does it give you time it is functional, durable, reliable, and looks great. Whether you want to use it to track time or combine it with your training, it works every time. The timepiece is easy to program and has Indiglo for using at nighttime and under the water. Everything on this wristwatch is simple to set and use even the alarm and chronograph function.


7. LAD WEATHER Digital Chronograph Watch

The man chronograph watch is inexpensive and great for any dad who has a son in the boy scouts. The display has a backlight you can use if there is no ambient light present. You can view the time on all the screens no matter what mode you choose, and the rubberized band is durable with a movable loop. Another fantastic thing is that you can turn the beeping sound off when needed. You can shower with it, but be careful not to knock it, as the acrylic crystal is prone to fine scratches. Overall, the compass, stopwatch, and barometer are accurate when used.


6. Casio Edifice Chronograph Watch

Do you need the best Aviator watch? The Edifice chronograph watch is what you need. The build quality and finish are fantastic, and Casio is a trusted brand for years. The fantastic thing about the timepiece is the stopwatch. Once you stop the stopwatch and the fraction of a second dial stops moving, it tells you the fraction of a second elapsed. The only problem you might face is moving the bezel crown as it is a bit cumbersome.


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5. Fossil Man Chronograph Watch

Do you have a large wrist? Do you need the best men’s chronograph watch with good value? The Fossil offers you this and more. The timepiece looks great and has a silicone band that is suitable for office workers to wear. The wristwatch is comfortable to wear and feels delicate against the skin. However, if you are the athletic type or do physical labor, you might not like the clasp as it sits flimsy on the wrist.


4. Nautica Men’s Watch

The men’s chromatic watch is an outdoor timepiece to use for hiking, kayaking, and more. You can wear it for any occasion and looks great with any casual to formal wear. The buttons are big and easy to use and are color coded. The straps, comfortable and have a multi-functional dial with white markers. The time hands, luminous and has a chronograph subdial with date window.


3. Citizen Avion Watch

The man chronograph watch has a quality stock band with a stainless steel design. The black dial features three different chronograph functions with a date display. The case has a mineral dial window and works with Japanese quartz movement with analog display. The band is leather calfskin with buckle closure. The water-resistant design is up to 100m and is suitable for swimming and snorkeling.


2. Seiko Jimmie Johnson Watch Limited Edition

For a true men’s chronograph watch this one is ideal. The timepiece has luminous hands with blue color rings and makes the sub-dials pop in the sun. The watch face is easy to read and accurately. The watch has a carbon fiber theme with the extra leather band. The second hand has a continuous sweep, and the device is solar powered. The watch face might be a bit busy for some users, and the leather band does sit a bit stiff.


1. Victorinox Maverick Chronograph Watch

For the Mercedes Benz in men’s chronograph watches nothing comes close to Victorinox. The timepiece looks wonderful and is elegant to wear anywhere. The blue color inserted in the watch face offers you several grades of dark and light colors visible to see during the day and night. You will get a perfect blend of function with the quartz and automatic movement. The Cross & Shield emblem you find displayed on the dial and you receive a three-year warranty.


Final Thoughts

If buying a timepiece needs to be aesthetically pleasing and craftsmanship important, you need the best men’s chronograph watch. The wristwatch brands here offer you beauty, longevity, quality, and outstanding performance. Yes, they tell the time, but these wristwatches offer you accuracy and more.

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