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Best Magnet Charger in 2021 | More Convenient and Easier to Use!

Magnet Charger

Top 10 Magnet Charger in 2021

A magnet charger can help you solve the problem of your USB charging cable, losing contact, or breaking all the time. Such issues make you go through a lot of hustle before your phone is fully charged. If you feel tired of always getting your USB charger disconnecting all the time, you should consider this alternative of a magnet charger, which is more convenient and much easier to use.

With that in mind, you will need to make a good choice whenever you are on the market looking for the best magnet charger. We have compiled the best magnet chargers in this article, and we remain hopeful that they will be of help to you.

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10. Mushan Pack of 2 Magnetic Charging Cable for Cellphone&Device

  • Extremely Durable
  • High-quality material
  • Detachable and reversible design

This magnet charger ensures a flawless performance and durability charger. It is woven with nylon fabric that makes it more flexible.

Moreover, it is compatible with any mobile device, which includes smartphones, tablets, and Android devices. The magnet allows you only gently to slide the connector inside instead of inserting it.

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9.Newest Strongest Magnet 2.4A 

  • USB data transfer
  • Fast charging
  • Braided material

This magnetic charger is known for having one of the quickest USB data transmission. Moreover, it is very compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

The magnet charger is convenient as you can easily carry it because it is a perfect little gadget that turns up when most needed.

8. MAGNITTO Multi Charging Cable

  • Easy removal
  • Fast Charging
  • LED indicator

This magnet charger comes with an LED indicator that allows you to know when your device is connected securely and charging. Besides that, those truck drivers who are always on the road can enjoy it since the magnetic connection is more comfortable to remove.

Furthermore, this magnetic charger has a fast speed charging feature and good data transfer speed. The charger is also very flexible and durable to always last for long.

7. SOJITEK Genuine Detachable Magnetic Charging Charger 

  • Easily detachable
  • Unique round shape design
  • 2A charging system

This Sojitek magnet charger can still be excellent for you even though you can’t transfer data with it.

Also, it is not a fast charger, as many might expect it to be. However, it has a lighting tip, and it supports Type C mobile devices, which is not the case for many magnet chargers.

6.Smart&Cool Gen4 Nylon Braided Two-Mode Magnetic Charging 

  • Wire made of nylon
  • LED lights
  • Fast charging
  • Smart device detection

This magnet charger is made of a nylon material that allows it to last longer than chargers that are made with other materials. In addition, it comes with LED lights that show when it is charging.

This charger has been customized to be used with one hand easily, especially for those who spend a lot of time driving. Due to the magnet, it is easier to connect and disconnect this magnet.

5.Wsken Mini2 Micro USB Magnetic LED 

  • Durability
  • Strong Compatibility features
  • LED indicator
  • Fast charging

This is yet another magnet charger that is compatible with any mobile device, provided it has USB 2.0 connection to offer fast charging, and on top of that, fast data transmission.

Besides that, if you are that person that takes a lot of time driving, it has been customized to fit your needs. The connection is easily obtained, and on top of that, it is removable with one hand.

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4. NetDot 3rd Generation USB2.0 Magnetic Charging Cable Adapter 

  • Durable cable
  • Fast charging speed
  • Quality material and reinforcements
  • Data sync

If you are looking for an affordable but yet stylish magnet charger, then you should opt for this NetDot magnet charger. It comes with a super-strong magnet that supports USB2.0 and is a fast-charging system.

Additionally, it is perfectly compatible with android and iPhone devices that come with a Micro USB port.

3. Smart&Cool Gen-X 3 in 1 Magnetic Charging Cable

  • Durability
  • Improved design
  • Fast charging

This magnet charger comes with a nylon material that is braided all over the cable. It helps in avoiding the cable from damaging or fraying.

Additionally, the magnet charger comes with a more improved design for more stable and reliable charging. These are some of the reasons that make it our best magnet charger.

2. Magnetic Phone Charger Cable

  • Nylon braided cable
  • L-shaped design
  • Strong magnet

This is another high-quality magnet charger by LSGAE, which comes with an LED light to remind whenever it is charging. Also, it has a reversible magnetic absorption design and avoids dust from getting in as long as it is plugged in.

Besides that, you are likely to enjoy this magnet charger very much as you can always use it with iPhone devices and Android devices.

1. Utotrip Magnetic Charging Cable

  • Soft LED light
  • 360-degree rotating magnet design
  • Interface dust-proof

This Utrotrip magnet charger comes with a robust magnetic and universal 3-in-1 design. You will enjoy it as it is very compatible with iPhone, type c devices, and Android devices.

Besides that, this magnet is unique as it comes with a dust-proof interface. Whenever you insert the magnetic interface on your phone charging, it will not allow any dust from entering.

A magnetic charger offers a more convenient way of charging your phone. Many people might even say that they provide a safer way as they will just stick to the phone without wriggling themselves out for any reason. This might be the best option of charging your phone, and you should just give it a trial and notice the difference. It might blow up your mind, and you will find yourself acquiring two of them instead. This will help you have one at home and one for the road whenever you are traveling.

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How does a magnet charger work

Ans: Magnetic charger basically means wireless charging. It is known for fast charging your device. That is why it has gained immense popularity these days. However, magnetic chargers have been in use since the ‘90s. 

There are generally two kinds of magnetic chargers-inductive and resonance charging. And both work by transferring energy. Inductive chargers work by transferring energy to the receiver from the charger. The receiver is attached to the back of the phone. The charging happens due to the electromagnetic field. The alternating magnetic field created by the charger is converted to electric energy by the receiver. This electrical energy charges the phone. This whole process is known as magnetic induction. In this case, the charger and receiver need to be in contact with each other. Otherwise, the phone cannot get charged. 

On the other hand, the resonance charger does not need direct contact with the phone. As long as the phone is within the range, it can get charged. So, this means you can easily charge your phone while working without worrying about wires or cable. It also very helpful since you do need to look for sockets to charge your phone. 

Is it safe for your phone

Ans: Magnetic charging can affect your battery life. While fast charging is a life savior in times of emergencies, it is not recommended. Charging your phone to 100% is bad already for your battery life. The explanation behind this is all based on chemistry. The phone’s battery is made of electrode just like the ones we have read about in the school’s chemistry books. The positive electrode releases ions that go to the negative electrode and gathers there as energy while the phone is being charged. When a phone is discharged, these ions again moves back to the positive electrode. This to and fro movement occurs via an electrolyte, a liquid that acts as the carrier of charges. Due to frequent movement, the electrolyte gradually depletes. This causes the battery life to degrade. 

When this frequently happens due to magnetic charging, the chances of your battery’s life degrading become higher. That is why magnetic charging is not recommended unless in the case of emergencies.

Although the safety of your phone battery largely depends on the quality of the product the manufacturer has made. The most common complaint that has been noticed is that the phone gets overheated while using magnetic chargers. But this happens in the case of wired chargers as well. But Qi-certified chargers do not cause this problem. On the other hand, some phones have a built-in cooling system that prevents overheating.

Can you charge your phone overnight

Ans: Yes, you can. But certain things need to be kept into consideration while doing so. The myth about overcharging phones are many. But the real problem lies when your phone gets heated up. It can damage your phone from the inside. Here are some tips to avoid over-heating of your phone-





Tips to make your phone charge faster

Ans: Here are a few tips that will help you charge your phone faster:

What are the common mistakes people make while charging their phones

The few common mistakes that people make while charging there are phones are:


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