Top 10 Best Macramé Wall Hangings in 2020

Can you remember the macramé trend of yesteryear? Guess what they have made their return from the peace-and-love era. There are different forms of macramé available with clever ways to use them. So if you have a space in the home one of the top 10 best macramé wall hangings available with us is sure to fill up the room. Whether you want to add some flair or need a gorgeous backdrop, you can find the best ones available here.

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Best Macramé Wall Hangings for Your Home or Office

10. Mkono Macramé Wall Hanging

Mkono Macramé Wall Hanging្ - Macramé Wall Hangings

Do you have some open space alongside your mirror in the home? Pick the Mkono hanging display picture macramé organizer to fill up space. The display will add a casual yet artistic touch to your prints and photos. You can use it as a simple wall hanger to decorate the office or your living space. The material is a cotton cord with a wood dowel and includes 25 removable wood clips. The fabric is eco-friendly and great for indoor use. The wall hanging even makes a perfect gift and has an Ivory color. The width is 17-inches, and it has a length of 27-inches.


  • Holds quite a lot of pictures on each display and presents a stunning photo display
  • Suitable to use in the home or office to fill up space on walls
  • Made with eco-friendly cotton cord and wood dowel
  • Comprise 25 wood clips you can remove
  • Measures 17-inches (W) x 27-inches (L)

9. Macramé Wall Hanging Tapestry

Macramé Wall Hanging Tapestry - Macramé Wall Hangings

The Macramé tapestry wall hanging has an attractive price and design. You can drape it over an ugly fuse box in the kitchen and is still in vogue. The size is perfect and offers you a neutral wall covering. The fabric is a natural cotton cord and comprises bamboo dowel. The wall covering has an inspiring ethnic art design and handcrafted to perfection. The product has a flag shape pattern.


  • Made with natural cotton cord and bamboo dowel
  • Has a flag shape with ethnic art décor on it
  • Handmade and durable to last a long time
  • Can hang it from a mantel or over a couch
  • The length of the wall hanging is 23.5-inches

8. Mkono Macramé Dream Catcher

Mkono Macramé Dream Catcher

For a modern touch to fill up space above your bed, you need the Mkono macramé dream catcher. The design is elegant and handcrafted with a bohemian pattern. You can hang it anywhere in the home or office. The construction is cotton cord and has a metal ring for hanging. So add some bohemian vibe to your bedroom and keep those horrible dreams out.


  • You can hang the macramé dream catcher above the bed, sofa, or window
  • Made of cotton cord and has a metal ring included for hanging
  • Handmade and ads a bohemian touch to any room
  • Measures 10-inches in width with a length of 47-inches

7. Mkono Hanging Wall Mirror

Mkono Hanging Wall Mirror

For an excellent macramé wall hanging, the Mkono wall mirror comes included with the macramé covering. The octagonal mirror looks perfect on any wall and looks fantastic paired together with the macramé wall hanger. The material used to construct the product is a cotton rope, it has a metal ring, and the mirror included. Buy it now as it makes a thoughtful gift for anyone.


  • The mirror has an octagonal shape and looks great paired with the macramé wall hanging
  • Handmade with cotton rope and include the mirror and metal ring for hanging
  • Can place it in the bathroom, bedroom, office and more
  • The hanger size is 34-inches high with a 2.4-inch width
  • The mirror measures 9.5 x 9.5 inches, and the glass is 3mm thick

6. Macramé Plant Hanger

Macramé Plant Hanger

Do you remember the macramé plant hangers in your grandmother’s home? Here we have the handmade natural cotton one you can buy to hang plants in the bathroom or living room. The mini hammock knot keeps the macramé secure and makes a perfect statement anywhere. The plant holder has a dimension of 12 x 12-inches and measures 30-inches in length.


  • Handmade with natural cotton and comprise mini hammock knots
  • The dimension is 12 x 12-inches and 30-inches long
  • Can place it in any room or office with plants in it

5. BoHo Macramé Hanging Wall Decor

BoHo Macramé Hanging Wall Decor

Add some BoHo flair to your apartment or home with this macramé hanging wall décor. The wall hanger adds some rustic art to any open space with the chic geometric pattern. With the handmade cording, the piece creates a stylish draped wall banner to decorate open areas on the wall.


  • Made with natural cotton rope with a rustic bohemian art style
  • Suitable to hang in the office, bedroom or use as a backdrop for a wedding
  • Designed with modern lines and has a vintage farmhouse display
  • The tapestry has a wood rod that measures 16-inches long
  • The macramé width is 13-inches and has a fringe length of 25-inches
  • Inspected for artisanship

4. TIMEYARD Macramé Woven Wall Hanging

TIMEYARD Macramé Woven Wall Hanging

Freshen up your living space with the TIMEYARD macramé wall hanging woven with cotton rope. The art piece will add some flamboyance to any office or home. The unique design has a vintage and modern touch with handcrafted knotting. You will make a perfect statement, and it works excellent for covering a couch as well. You can even place it by a window.


  • Measures 14-inches wide and has a length of 33-inches
  • Equipped with wooden dowel with a 16-inch length
  • Adds something extra to your event or space with the BoHo design
  • Comprise natural cotton and handmade

3. RawyalCrafts Macramé Wall Hanging

RawyalCrafts Macramé Wall Hanging

With the next macramé wall hanging from RawyalCrafts, you can add style to any white space. The cotton used to make the macramé is natural and uses a traditional Indian method to construct it. You can buy the product with confidence as they have a 24/7 customer support to answer any questions.


  • Made of cotton and handmade by traditional Indian method
  • The size is 36 x 18-inches and offers you multiple uses to place in a room, office or use as wedding décor
  • Bohemian style and adds a personal touch with the unique design

2. Mkono Macramé Curtain Wall Hanging Banner

Mkono Macramé Curtain Wall Hanging Banner

The next macramé wall hanging is elegant and has a unique look. The eco-friendly hanger fits in with modern and traditional homes. The banner has a soft cotton rope construction and even great to use as a decoration at an event or ceremony. There is no added frills and provides a basic and clean look.


  • Looks great hanging on a wall and provides the room with a bohemian window treatment
  • Perfect to use as a banner at an event or ceremony
  • Made of cotton and geometric wooden beads that is durable and strong
  • The curtain hanging is adjustable with the added ends on the sides
  • Comprise of seven triangles measuring 6-inches in width and 28-inches high

1. RISEON Macramé Wall Hanging Tapestry

RISEON Macramé Wall Hanging Tapestry

For a sizeable handmade macramé wall hanging, the RISEON tapestry will look great in any apartment, office, or home. The piece even makes for a perfect wedding backdrop, or you can hang it at a window for covering. The tapestry measures 35-inches wide and is 70-inches long. The artworks strung to rope and easily attaches to the wooden rod.


  • Large handmade macramé tapestry
  • Handmade with strung rope and attached the wooden rod
  • Made with 4mm cotton rope and eco-friendly
  • Measures 35-inches (W) x 70-inches (L)
  • Fits most standard doorways and windows

Final Thoughts

Bring some flair into any living space with the top 10 best macramé wall hangings reviewed here. Each brand offers you the versatility to use in the office, apartment, or home. You can even find one to hang in front of the window or place photos. Whether you need to hang plants, want to catch dreams (dream catcher), or need a backdrop for an event the macramé tapestries reviewed can help.

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