Differences between MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

Differences between MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

Are you a big fan of Apple devices? If your answer is a big fan, then you must be aware of both the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Even if you have not put into use both or either of the devices, you have probably heard a lot about the two devices. Since the two devices are from the same manufacturer, questions always pop up about the real differences between the two devices. The two devices fail under the same price brackets. And that keeps increasing the people’s need to discover the differences between the two devices. The last MacBook Pro launch took place in 2021, while for the MacBook Air, it was in 2018. However, the two devices closely resemble each other. Not to mention, they both have the same brands’ names.

As much as MacBook Pro recently received updates, the MacBook Air compete competitively with the latest MacBook Pro. As much as the two devices are from the same manufacturers and closely resemble each other, they feature some major differences. This article will explain the differences between dual devices. Read on!

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Differences between MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

For the longest time, customers have to keep guessing the differences between the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air? As a result of that, many have been in a dilemma when it comes to settling for one item. However, you don’t have to worry anymore since this article got your back. There are a variety of differences between the two devices in terms of functionality, performances, features, and general construction. Not to mention, their design. In regards to that, this section will go into detail about the differences between the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air.


When it comes to the general design of the two devices, it is quite clear that they closely resemble each other. The MacBook Pro 13 and 13-inch MacBook Air both feature a silver and space gray color finish. For the latest MacBook Air, it features a goldish finish.


Both the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro have a high resolution of 2560 by 1600. They also feature retina displays that deliver clear and well-detailed images. However, they vary when it comes to the brightness level. MacBook Pro has a powerful brightness system in comparison to the MacBook Air. By putting a lot of focus on the two products, you can confirm that the MacBook Pro has a better brightness level than the MacBook Air. MacBook Pro has a total brightness level of 500 nits while Air has a slightly lower brightness of 291 nits.

General Construction

In most cases, an amazing construction always means years of excellent services. The MacBook Pro has flexing, bending, and friction, which is unlike the MacBook Air, which misses flexing, friction, and bending. That only concludes that Air is more durable and reliable. MacBook Air also features a butterfly keyboard and a large trackpad. For the latest MacBook Pro 16, it features the magic keyboard that is unique and different from any of its predecessors. In addition to that, both feature a slim and sturdy construction. Not to mention the lightweight feature that eases its portability, storage, and management.


One of the most important features of a laptop is the ability to transfer data and the charging mechanism. In regards to that, both the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air feature ports for fast data transfer and charging. The latest MacBook Pro 16 inch offers a total of four ports two on each side while the 13-inch brand either feature two or four ports. When it comes to the MacBook Air, it features two ports on one side. This makes Air not the perfect product, especially when you have a lot of accessories.

Differences between MacBook Pro and MacBook Air


For business people who focus more on the sound system thanks to the video conference or people who love loud sound systems, this feature is quite important. The two devices have the stereo speakers, a headphone jack that runs up to 3.5mm, and 720 webcams. However, when it comes to the sound system, MacBook Pro is better than MacBook Air thanks to its Dynamic range. MacBook Air also includes microphones to pick up different voices easily.

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When it comes to the performance of the two devices, it is quite almost impossible to comprehend which device between the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air is better. With the latest update, MacBook Pro now has a 9th generation Intel processor. When it comes to the MacBook Air 2018, which is the latest version, it features a dual-core 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 processor that levels up to 3.6GHz. The MacBook Air 2018 version currently goes for the same price as $1299, while the MacBook Pro 16 goes for $2399. In conclusion, the two devices are both perfect and deliver excellent services.

Differences between MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

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Apple devices have, for years, been raising the performance flag thanks to the amazing and nice technology. And it is not easy to differentiate between two high-quality laptops from the Production Company. From the details above, it is clear that the two devices are amazing and deliver excellent services. And a huge amount of people would love to at least have one of the devices if not both. In regards to that, the information above clearly explains the major differences between the two products. As a result of that, customers can comfortably settle for one item.

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