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How to keep a MacBook charger from breaking

How to keep a MacBook charger from breaking

Tips to Protect Your MacBook Charger

If you don’t want to replace it over and over again, learning how to keep a MacBook charger from breaking can help a great deal. That will save you money and timer spent finding a replacement. At the same time, you suffer from the agony of not having one. One could suggest going for a laptop that isn’t MacBook. However, that would mean not experiencing the great Apple computing features. To enjoy them without compromising the money you spend on the chargers, here are a few tips and guides.

1. Ensure that cable strain is as minimal as possible

Keep in mind that you will travel with your MacBook. You will have to ensure that you don’t strain the cable in the process. Failure to heed to that will make it brittle and weak around the area. After all, it is common for wires and cables to behave in that matter once you bend at a particular point repeatedly. The pressure and tension will have dire consequences.

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2. Coil it nicely

As much as avoiding strain is essential, throwing it in the bag without folding is not an option either. That is because it will turn into a tangled mess eventually. Coil it gently at least three or four times before tucking it into a loop. Don’t do it tightly because that will do more harm than good.

3. Perfect Connection and Removal

When plugging in your MacBook charger, ensure that you don’t bend it. While removing it, be as gentle as possible when pulling it out. Yanking will make your MacBook Charger break, which is not good.

4. Springs can also help

Do you own a pen that uses springs? If so, wait until the ink is over and remove it. After that, put the cable inside the spring. That will ensure that it remains intact, which is enough to provide it with ample protection.

5. Use Paracord

This is also another effective way of how to keep a MacBook charger from breaking. Weave your cable with it, and your charger will not break easily.

6. Embroidery Floss

This one works like the Paracord. Use it to braid a sturdy bracelet around the charger to prevent it from breaking.

7. Buy a reinforced MacBook charger

Instead of coming up with your own reinforcements, it would be advisable to buy one that is already reinforced. It may cost much more than the normal one, but it is definitely worth it.

With the above tips, you are now in the know regarding how to keep the MacBook charger from breaking. That saves you a lot of money. That’s because MacBook chargers are quite expensive. Also, there are better ways of spending your money. Choose one of them as long as it is what you deem fit. After that, your MacBook charger breakage will be a thing of the past.

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