MacBook Air 2020 vs. Surface Pro 6

MacBook Air 2019 vs. Surface Pro 6

Apple and Microsoft are some of the biggest tech companies all over the world. They feature amazing devices and products that put in place fresh and amazing technology. And the dual have something in common; that is, they often have a new release every year. As a result of that, fans are always attentive to learn more about their new items — the features, design, construction, and performance of the products. Not to mention, to make a comparison between the two items. In 2020, we have the MacBook Air 2020 and the Surface Pro 6 from Microsoft. It is no secret that the dual are both excellent in their operation. However, they vary in terms of features and general performance. Make sure to check out as we unveil the differences and similarities between the MacBook Air 2020 and Surface Pro 6. Read on!

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MacBook Air 2020 or Surface Pro 6?

We often see a comparison between items from Apple and Microsoft through the net. Why not when everyone wants to decide which is the best option when it comes to performance, operation, and other basic features. Not to mention, they can easily decide on the perfect item to purchase depending on all the differences between the two items.

Physical Appearance

If you have come across the two devices, you can easily differentiate between the dual. The two may closely resemble each other, but the MacBook Air looks a bit bigger than the Surface Pro 6. In case of a big fan of small devices, then Surface Pro 6 is the ultimate item, and if otherwise, MacBook Air will be okay.

MacBook Air 2020 vs. Surface Pro 6


Apple Products are popularly known for having a slightly-raised price in comparison with other products. And when it comes to this MacBook Air 2020, things are not different. It goes at least $1099. That is closely $200 more than a Surface Pro 6, which goes for $899. In that case, for people with slightly tight budgets, you can comfortably settle for a Surface Pro 6 and save a few dollars.


One of the most important features of a new device is the display. A high-quality display means excellent services. The duo devices both feature a high-quality display with different resolution power. MacBook Air 2020 has a display of up to 13.3 inches with a high resolution of 2560 by 1600. Surface Pro 6, on the other hand, has a 12.3 inches display size with a high resolution of 2736 by 1824. Surface Pro 6 features a touch screen feature. When it comes to displaying, MacBook has a huge display than Surface Pro 6, and the resolution is a bit lower.


When it comes to the storage spaces, the two devices feature the same storage spaces. They each have a RAM of up to 8GB and a storage of 265GB. In this case, the two items are quite similar, and both of them will serve you in the same way.


MacBook Air 2020 vs. Surface Pro 6

As mentioned earlier, the two products do not look the same, and you can easily differentiate one product from the other. MacBook Air 2020 has a unique clamshell design. However, the Surface Pro 6 has a slightly detachable design. The two feature a sleek design and have premium metal cases. MacBook has a slim construction with a well-stamped Apple Logo on its lid. Similarly to its predecessors, the Surface Pro 6 also features a slim slate that features a unique and elegant design. For easy use, it comes with a detachable keyboard that you can easily put in place when necessary.

MacBook Air 2020 vs. Surface Pro 6


By having one look at the two devices, it is clear that both the MacBook Air 2020 and Surface Pro 6 are both portables. The two feature a thin design and lightweight construction. From the physical design, you can tell that Surface Pro 6 is more portable than the MacBook Air 2020. It goes for a slightly lower load of 2.4 pounds in comparison to the 2.8 pounds for the MacBook Air 2020.



This feature is an important part of the two devices. MacBook Air 2020 has three inputs. That is two thunderbolts, three ports, and a well-placed headphone jack. On the other hand, Surface Pro has a variety of ports. However, it misses a USB-C.

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It is no secret that the MacBook Air 2020 and the Surface Pro 6 are two amazing devices that a huge amount of people would kill to have in their exposure. However, as much as we love the two items, purchasing both of them can be expensive and unmanageable to most of the people. And it is also a wastage of resources since the two almost record the same performance. To ease your purchase life, the details above gives you a comparison between the two devices. From the information above, you can comfortably know the best item to purchase.

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