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Best Long Range Outdoor HDTV Antennas in 2021

Top 10 Long Range Outdoor HDTV Antennas

These days there is no more need of spending a fortune on cable and satellite subscriptions? You can now enjoy watching broadcast networks such as ABC, NBC, Fox and more with a long range outdoor HDTV antennas. Many of these networks offer you a free signal and the only costs you have are buying the compatible antenna.

Here we have chosen the best long-range outdoor HDTV antennas you can use outdoors to get fantastic over-the-air signals. If you are situated a long distance away from the nearest broadcasting tower or want to strengthen the signal, this might be the best investment you will make.

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10. Amplified HDTV Antenna

  • The Amplified is a long-range outdoor HDTV antenna with a 150-mile transmission range
  • The aerial is motorized to move 360-degrees in any direction
  • You can receive an FM radio, UHF, and VHF signal
  • Included is a wireless infrared remote control with a rotor
  • Designed with dual TV outputs and also has a built-in amplifier
  • Easy to set up and connects to a coax cable
  • You can operate the HDTV antenna manually

The antenna from Amplified offers you up to a 150 miles transmission range and features a 360º rotation. The HDTV antenna has an infrared remote control you can use seeing that it is set up outdoors. You can get FM, UHF, and VHF reception at a range of up to 120 miles and you get an HDTV quality picture. The aerial has a built-in amplifier, dual TV outputs, rotor, and a rotor box with 40-feet coax cable.

9. Vilso Antenna

  • The antenna is weather-resistant with outstanding HDTV reception
  • You get a wireless remote control to help with adjusting the aerial from inside the home
  • Designed with dual TV outputs
  • The Vilso has a built-in 360º motor rotor with low noise amplifier
  • The frequency is UHF 470-890MHz and VHF 40-300MHz
  • Has a 150-mile range to receive digital broadcasting for free
  • Offers you FM radio/UHF/VHF reception
  • Can view different HDTV resolutions
  • Can mount it to a pole up to 1-inch diameter and needs to be installed 30-feet above the ground
  • You receive a 40-foot coax cable

For a 150-mile range, you need the Vilso HDTV antenna to receive outstanding signals. The antenna supports full HDTV for different formats. The aerial has a motorized motor that rotates at 360-degrees, and you receive a wireless remote. You can get FM radio, UHF, and VHF reception easily with this long-range antenna. The unit has dual TV outputs with a built-in amplifier and a power of AC15V 300mA. With the built-in rotor, you will be able to find the best transmission and save on cable and satellite subscriptions.

8. McDuory Outdoor HDTV Antenna

  • The reception range is 150-miles
  • Included you receive a 40-foot coaxial cable with wireless remote control
  • The working frequency is UHF 470-890MHz, and the VHF is 40-300MHz
  • The antennas have a built-in motor rotor that turns at 360-degrees
  • There is a low noise amplifier built-in, and the aerial is weather-resistant
  • You receive a one-year warranty included
  • Designed with a snap-on function for mounting and has dual TV outputs to use with two TV sets

Here we have another long-range outdoor HDTV antenna from McDuory. You can view broadcasting signals from up to 15-miles away with the dual TV outputs supporting different high definition TV formats. The working frequency for VHF is 40-300MHz, and UHF is 470-890MHz. You do not need an extra splitter to use the antenna with two TV sets and requires no additional adaptor. The installations tool-free and include all the necessary hardware to install it. With the built-in 360-degree motor rotor and wireless remote control, you can move the aerial in different directions for the best reception. You receive a 40-foot coax cable, and it is weather-resistant.

7. Kainier HDTV Digital Antenna

  • Offers you up to a 150-mile range to view HDTV broadcasting
  • Designed with dual TV outputs to connect two television sets
  • Supports different high definition formats from 720p to 1080p
  • Weather-resistant design making it one of the best long-range outdoor HDTV antennas
  • Include a wireless remote control with a built-in motor rotor
  • Also has a built-in amplifier and a working frequency for VHF 40-890MHz and UHF 470-890MHz
  • Offers you a parabolic focusing reception for receiving reception from Fox, NBC, ABC and more

With the Kainier HDTV antenna, you will never need to pay for broadcasting subscriptions again. The antenna offers you up to 150-miles reception and has a motorized rotor that moves in different directions. The aerial supports the connection of two television sets without the need of using an extra adapter. Furthermore, the unit allows you to view different HDTV formats and has a weather-resistant design with adjustable wireless infrared remote control.

6. InstallerParts HDTV Antenna

  • Designed with a snap-on installation
  • Made for outdoor use with the weather-resistant design
  • Enjoy watching free channels with the HDTV reception up to 150-miles
  • Has a built-in 360-degree rotor motor with a wireless remote control
  • To enhance the signal reception, it has a built-in amplifier
  • Designed with dual TV outputs to connect two television sets

For a long-range outdoor HDTV antenna, you can look at the InstallerParts model. As with most of the other aerials in the high-definition TV reception, this one also has a 150-mile range. The aerial captures a fantastic 1080p HDTV reception with a 32db reception and has a built-in amplifier. With the 360-degree rotor motor and remote included, you can move the antenna in different directions to get the best reception. The units weather-resistant and you get a 90-day money back guarantee.

5. GE 29884 Pro Antenna

  • Enjoy watching free channels with the enhanced reception of the antenna up to 70-miles
  • Can mount the HDTV aerial indoors and outdoors with the weather-resistant design
  • Can view full 1080p channels
  • Works with all television channels in the area

With the next long-range outdoor HDTV antenna from GE, you can also use it placed in the attic. Enjoy watching your favorite TV shows from ABC, Fox, and more with the 70-mile range free. Included you receive a weather-resistant bracket with a J-mount and mast clamp. The antenna is 4K ready and offers you a full receiver for watching VHF and UHF stations.

4. Xtreme Signal Antenna

  • Enjoy free HD channels with the Xtreme HDTV antenna at a 70-mile range
  • Solidly built with a weather-resistant design
  • Include a six-month warranty
  • You can fine-tune the angle of the antenna
  • Great to use in low-signal areas
  • Can view VHF and UHF channels

The Xtreme long-range outdoor HDTV antenna offers you a high-gain reception of up to 70-miles for watching UHF channels and 25-miles for VHF channels. You can use the mounting hardware included with a mast that has a diameter up to 1.6-inches. You can adjust the angle of the aerial, and it has a built-in transformer with coax connection included. The antennas weatherproof and have an active reflector to prevent interference offering you fantastic signal.

3. pingbingding HDTV Antenna

  • Weather-resistant design with a reception range of 150-miles
  • Supports full HDTV formats
  • Has a built-in motor rotor and amplifier
  • You receive a 40-foot coax cable with a snap-on installation
  • Offers you a 150-mile range for outdoor use
  • The working frequency is UHF 470-890MHz, and the VHF is 40-300MHz
  • Included is a year warranty

Here is another long-range outdoor HDTV antennas from pingbingding. The aerial features a 150-mile long-range reception and has dual TV outputs supporting full HDTV formats. The working frequency in VHF is 40-300MHz, and UHF is 470-890MHz. With the snap-on installation, you can enjoy a tool-less use. You receive a wireless remote to control the motorized rotor that works in different directions for the best reception. The product has a low noise amplifier, and you get a 40-foot coaxial cable.

2. Rocam HDTV Outdoor Antenna

  • The affordable long-range antenna that has a reception up to 150-miles
  • Made with ABS plastic and weather-resistant for outdoor use
  • The receivers fully directional and has a low noise amplifier with snap-in mounting system
  • The motorized rotor moves 360-degrees, and you get a wireless remote included
  • Get VHF digital TV and UHF channels
  • Has a foldable design making it portable to transport anywhere
  • The frequency is 40-860MHz, and the primary voltage is AC110V-230V/50Hz
  • You receive included the 40-foot coaxial cable, remote control, and a bracket

The Rocam is another one of the best long-range outdoor HDTV antennas you can buy. The aerial has a reception range up to 150-miles and amplified to watch VHF, FM radio, and UHF channels. For ease of installation, it has a snap-in mounting system with an ABS plastic shell. The signal receivers full directional and have a low noise amplifier for the best picture quality. You can use the unit with two connected TVs, and the motorized rotor moves around to 360-degrees.

1. Channel Master HDTV Antenna

  • Has a 100-mile reception range
  • Can pick up HD, FM radio, VHF, and UHF channels
  • You receive the antenna pre-assembled
  • Has a weather-resistant design suitable to use outdoors
  • Has a chrome color and is Energy Star Certified

With the Channel Master long-range outdoor HDTV antennas, you can pick up FM, HD, VHF, and UHF reception. The products size is 152-inches by 95-inches by 22-inches and is easy to install. The reception range using the antenna is 100-miles when used with channels two rights through to 69. The products optimized for viewing high definition formats and FM signal.

How Can I Boost My Outdoor Antenna Signal Strength?

The most annoying thing you can find is having a long range outdoor HDTV antenna, and it does not pick up a good reception. Are you having this problem and wondering how you can boost the outdoor antenna signal strength?

There are different ways you can deal with the problem before spending too much on buying gadgets. The first thing is to check if the antenna is pointing in the correct direction to get the best reception.

However, if you have moved the antenna in all directions and it still does not work, you can look at the following tutorial available

Troubleshooting the Outdoor Antenna Signal Strength

You must agree dealing with any electronic equipment gives you a headache, especially an outdoor antenna. You have watched your neighbor set up his antenna, and it works, but here you are standing and cannot even get a channel. So what can you do?

You Need to Assess the Symptoms

You get lousy reception in different forms being from random pixilation in strong wind to sitting with a blank screen. Many things can cause a signal disruption and can come from inside to the outside of the home.

Disruptions Outside

Here human-made, environmental, and geographical factors can cause a radio frequency interference to disrupt your TV reception. If you have trees, tall buildings, or hills surrounding you, it is keeping the radio transmission signal away from the antenna. Even severe weather conditions can cause problems, and urban street lamps that turn on and off can disrupt your viewing as well.

Disturbances Inside

Insufficiently shielded cabling, LED lighting systems, amplifiers, and faulty equipment can also cause interference to disrupt the signal. At first, you may not find what is causing the problem, but you can find possible causes that interrupt the TV reception.

Tips for finding what is causing the disruption

With the following pinpoints, you can repair the problem causing the poor reception to fix the problem. However, after following each step, make sure to run a channel scan on the external tuner or your TV.

Start by Increasing the Antennas Elevation

For the long range outdoor HDTV antenna to work correctly, it needs a clean sight of line to the transmission towers. Therefore, it should point directly at the transmission tower without obstacles in its way. With hurdles, the frequency signal splits and bounces off the surface, and the antenna receives it out of phase. However, getting a clear line is difficult, and you need to mount the antenna as high as possible.

Aim the Antenna Properly

Do you have a multi-directional, UNI, omnidirectional, or a long range outdoor HDTV antenna? Each one offers a significant reception. But you need to point it in the right direction. Keep re-aiming the outdoor antenna towards the towers for transmission. Even moving it a couple of degrees can do the trick. For help in finding your transmission tower, you can look at or When aiming the antenna, you need to pay attention to the following:

When doing this, ask someone in the home to re-scan and report if your efforts are paying off. If all fails, then look at the next tip.

Change the Location or Position of the Antenna

Try moving the antenna to a new spot, and if all fails, move it to another part of the roof. Hopefully, this will solve the problem.

Reset the Digital Tuner

You find the tuner place on the inside or outside of the television. The tuner stores the channel information allowing you to switch from one channel to another. Sometimes it helps to clear the memory and refresh the tuner. However, in some cases, it can change the meta-information. However, by giving the tuner, a re-scan first may do the trick before you reset it completely. Here is how you can reset the digital tuner:

  1. Start by disconnecting the coaxial cable for the antenna from your TV or use the converter box if you have one.
  2. Now run a channel scan on the televisions or the converter box without the antenna connected.
  3. Switch the TV off and unplug it or do the same to the converter box. Now, wait for a couple of minutes.
  4. Take the coaxial antenna cable and reconnect it to the converter box or TV.
  5. Plug the television or converter box in and switch it on.
  6. Now you can do another channel scan.

Protect the Outdoor Antenna against Elements Outside

Outdoor equipment has one big enemy, and that is the weather. While the long range outdoor HDTV antenna has a waterproof design, other parts on the device may not last. Therefore, inspect the antenna, cables, and devices connected to it to replace eroded parts that can cause an issue. We recommend weatherproofing the cable connections between the coaxial cable and the equipment.

You can do this by removing the coaxial cable and giving it a cleaning making sure it is dry. After completing the procedure, you can plug it back and wrap the moisture-proof tape around the connection. Furthermore, make sure to replace worn cables as well, and you can fasten down the antenna as well.

While busy checking everything, you can look for nearby items that can interfere with the reception as well. Here are some culprits that can cause problems:

We hope that the tips help to boost your long range outdoor HDTV antennas signal strength. So the best is to start with the first step and work your way down until you find a suitable solution to solve your problem. Yes, we know it is challenging to diagnose the problem, but we feel assured that one of the tips should help.

If you need an aerial to display the best reception at home, you need one that fulfills all your TV requirements. With the top 10 best long range outdoor HDTV antennas reviewed here, you are sure to find one that fits in with your viewing needs. Always consider your geographical location and if needed ask one of the company representatives to do the installation for you to prevent damages. With this one-off investment, you will never have to pay for your cable or satellite subscription ever again.


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