Is location sharing on mobile secure or not?

Is location sharing on mobile secure or not?

Pros and Cons of location sharing on mobile phone

Location sharing has been a trending feature in most mobile devices. It allows you to let other systems and mobile phones access your current location. This topic is one that has mixed feelings where some consider it safe while others deem it unfit and unsafe, claiming access to personal information. To better understand the two sides, here is a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of location sharing.

Advantages of location sharing

Is location sharing on mobile secure or not?

1. Provision of emergency services

Police, medics and fire department personnel can use information from location sharing of your phone to access you in the event of a fire. The GPRS will transfer data to the shared side or system, which is passed on to these emergency service providers. Therefore with location sharing, it is possible to quickly receive emergency support hence the need to have it in place.

2. Build on social life

Socio media platforms have also adapted to the use of location sharing. They use it to find friends nearby and have the information passed to the user who requested. With this feature, one can easily connect and widen their socio circle, making the feature a vital thing to have on their phones.

3. Enhance child safety

Parents and guardians need to keep track of their children movements, and this can be hard without a feature such as location sharing. Some improved devices have a system that automatically sends location reports to a server accessible by another, such as a parent or guardian. Through this system, parents can keep tabs on their children, thus ensuring their safety at all times.

Disadvantages of location sharing

Is location sharing on mobile secure or not?

1. Loss of a substantial size of privacy

Once a user agrees to use this feature, the high chances are that they reduce their privacy. It becomes easy for an individual or unauthorized group to get vital information, especially that of your whereabouts. Data collected through this system can provide a lot on the private lives of users, thus compromising their privacy by far extents.

2. Likelihood of hacking

When unauthorized parties access information on your location, there is the possibility of hacking your device. Through advanced systems, hackers have realized methods to get personal data since privacy has already reduced with location sharing. Hackers get access to crucial information, especially for those that have online storage on location data. Information acquired by hackers can is used for illegal and harmful activities to the extent of crimes.

Location sharing is a significant advancement in technology. When in the right hands and for the right reasons, it will be highly beneficial. Lives are saved quickly; information shared fast, transactions carried out efficiently, among other benefits. However, it has been pointed out by many to be a leading channel for the loss of privacy and trivial information. Unsanctioned and illegal access usually leads to a reduction in privacy while also facilitating significant crimes.

Is location sharing on mobile secure or not?

Despite its having negative sides, it should be clear that this feature has more benefits, which makes it a safe option. With few advancements to limit the illegal access of information through the system, it can offer one of the most critical technologies for socio, economic, and political progress. Better management of this feature will render more advantages, and positive uses as safety will have been adequately considered.

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