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Lily Camera

Lily Camera drone has some decent qualities, and it is easy to set up and fly! However, what sets it back is the high price.

The next-gen drone was one of the eagerly awaited technical gadgets of 2015. Nevertheless, the project collapsed before it even started.

In 2017, the Mota Group took over the name and launched it as the Lily next-gen drone. Some people have had positive results using the quadcopter while others feel the price is too high.

Therefore, what do we think about it, find out here with the Lily Camera review?

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Reviews of Lily Camera

Lily Drone Design

Lily Camera

Mota LILY Camera Drone 2017 Gen
Number of Rotors: 4

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So what were our first impressions? Excellent as the sleek design looks great, and the packaging is excellent. You receive the drone in a handy carry case to fit into a backpack with ease.

There are separate compartments for the charger, cords, and batteries. You can fly the craft indoors and outdoors similar to the DJI Mavic and folds up.

Furthermore, each battery provides up to 18 minutes of flying time. On the other hand, you get the auto return to home, object tracking, and Smart Hover making it easy to pilot the drone.

For controlling the craft, you use your phone by downloading an app, and the RC transmitters sold separately.

Using the controller makes it easier for piloting with precision.

Not only is there more precision with the transmitter, but it also enables you to fly it farther as well compared to using it with a Wi-Fi connection.

Nevertheless, using the phone controls still has a nice touch, and you get one less thing to power. Even the app is easy to use with a simple interface.

You can send your photos and videos straight to the camera roll for sharing on media sites without using a memory card.

However, compared at the price point of the DJI Spark, the forerunner costs way more while the latter you can upgrade with a transmitter and still costs less.

Flying the Lily Drone

While operating the aircraft flies well and can make a few loud noises. However, you need to make sure you fold the arms out all the way.

So check the pre-flight checklist before starting up the craft. Compared to the Mavic that have spring-loaded arms, the Lily does not have the function.

Furthermore, a flying camera made for people wants a perfect shot and not piloting a drone. In the sky, it looks like a giant M&M flying the only difference is it has propellers.

The quadcopter weighs 2.8 pounds and needs no assembly as it takes off with a touch command on your phone. What’s more, you can capture Ultra HD 4K video with it using multiple modes.

Another fantastic thing is you can use the follow me or object tracking mode to take footage of your boating, running, and more.

The object tracking uses GPS, but you will need to keep an eye out for obstacles in the way.

With what camera is the Lily equipped?

Lily Camera

Mota LILY Camera Drone 2017 Gen
Number of Rotors: 4

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The Lily has a Sony IMX 214 sensor to capture 13MP stills, 4K video, and 1080p HD video. Another nice touch is the editing functions available in the app to create custom shots or adjust the camera.

Furthermore, it works with 5.8 GHz radio frequency communicating with your mobile device. The body of the Lily is durable with the polycarbonate body and propellers with aluminum touches here and there.

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Lily Camera Specs

  • Battery: LiPo with charger included
  • Camera: 13 megapixels
  • Compatible: iOS and Android
  • Control System: GPS and GLONASS
  • Flight Height: 50 feet
  • Max Flight Time: 18 minutes
  • Max Horizontal Speed: 25 mph
  • Takeoff Weight: 14.6 ounces (max)
  • Remote Control: 5.8 GHz
  • Rotors: 4
  • Weight: 0.85 lb

Pros and Cons Lily Camera


  • Built well
  • Flies smoothly
  • 18-minute flight time
  • Follow me works well
  • Reliable return to home
  • Impressive electronic image stabilization
  • Can use it indoors and outdoors
  • Comes with two batteries included


  • Only supports 5 GHz

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Why should you buy the Lily Drone?

Lily Camera

Mota LILY Camera Drone 2017 Gen
Number of Rotors: 4

Last update on 2019-12-06 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

If you have the money to spend on a camera drone, the Lily quadcopter has everything inside it, making it future proof. You get 4K imaging in a small package that is lightweight to take anywhere.

While it is expensive, the Pro Package offers you a whole set of included accessories. Spend a bit more on the full package, and you get three batteries with propeller guards and more.

The drone has a robust design and is great to fly without hassles.

Our Verdict

When it comes to recommending the Lily camera, it is difficult compared to some of the DJI drones available with the same features.

The price is high even when you get two batteries included to fly it for 18-minutes with each cell. Now if the cost were less, we would recommend it in a flash.

Furthermore, it does have loads going for it as the camera is decent, and setting it up is quick. Even flying the quadcopter is simple, and uploading your videos and images is a breeze.

Therefore, if you are interested in spending your money on the camera drone, you can check it out here.
Read all about the features offered in the Lily Camera review. With the high price, you may be wondering what makes it unique get the news here and see.

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