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Getting introduced to this model of LG TV is the motive of this LG OLED77C9PUA review. The implemented LG OLED display technology makes sure the games, movies, and sports appear realistic. The mentioned technology presents a perfect black and intense color. The sleek appearance is especially to enhance the existing aesthetics of the room while also complementing any decor. Its built-in speakers present an immersive listening experience to relish your time. The following sections of the LG OLED77C9PUA review focus on all the key traits of the unit.

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Review For LG OLED77C9PUA


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Knowing the specifications of the OLED77C9PUA TV is the core part of the LG OLED77C9PUA review. Right from the display to audio output, you will get familiar with all necessary aspects after reading the specification in this section. They are helpful to thoroughly understand the functionalities of this television. If you are unaware about the specification then the LG OLED77C9PUA review will be incomplete, so take a look below:

  • In the OLED77C9PUA television, the LG OLED display utilizes the latest panels. Along with that, the vivid, self-illuminating pixels convey impeccable black and intense color. The execution of the AI ThinQ presents new life to sports, movies, and games.
  • In this model of LG OLED TV, the α9 Intelligent Processor present within the television delivers high efficiency. It is this processor that improves sharpness as well as depth while simultaneously presenting precise colors. So, the picture quality at the output is awesome.
  • The pixel-level dimming makes sure every 8.3 million individually lit pixels brighten or dim or power off. Consequently, perfect black is depicted and there will be excellent picture detail in the output.
  • The 4K Cinema HDR with AI ThinQ depicts all-inclusive support of prominent HDR formats. Names of these formats are Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG.
  • Inside its configuration, the built-in Google Assistant is capable to control compatible smart home devices. The controlling is accomplished by the use of voice via the LG Magic Remote. This is how it can generate a center for your smart home. Furthermore, the TV can function with Amazon Alexa devices.
  • The audio technology Dolby Atmos lets you feel the immersive sound originating from all corners.
  • Names of the supported inputs are 3 USB, 4 HDMI, an RF, a Composite in, an Ethernet, an Optical, and RS232C (mini jack). There is also an Audio Return Channel Support via HDMI.

Why you should buy this product?


All the key reasons justifying the purchase of the LG OLED77C9PUA TV are highlighted in this LG OLED77C9PUA review. The reason to include the aspects enticing the purchase of this TV is essential in the LG OLED77C9PUA review. This is because they allow the TV enthusiasts to get a clear view regarding the functionalities packed in the unit.

Once you have availed the viewing experience of your favorite content on the TV, every other flat-screen simply looks flat. The contents like shows, movies, gaming, sports, etc. will be showcased in a new light. Consequently, the richness will be brought in all colors and crisp detail is represented in the output picture. There is no compromise in the picture quality due to the LG’s high-performance AI-powered 4K processor. On the other hand, there is no compromise in the sound output since there is the implementation of Dolby technologies.

The decent quality picture at the output is due to the 4K resolution. Essentially, it is four times greater than full HD. The content will be signified in a lifelike manner due to the 4K Active HDR. It is this technique that depicts stunning colors. The same is extremely beneficial for playing games or watching nature documentaries. For all music enthusiasts, this pixel-level dimming proves to be highly supportive. The immersive sound experience is employed through two built-in speakers having 20W power each. The total output i.e. 40W is sufficient to listen to audio from any corner of the room.

In the 77C9PUA, built-in web apps provide swift access to an endless assortment of entertainment. This also comprises streaming video from leading services like YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu. The ThinQ® AI intelligent voice control from the brand is capable to process tons of voice commands.

LG OLED77C9PUA Reviews:


One needs to carefully analyze all the aspects related to this TV to thoroughly carry out the LG OLED77C9PUA review. Beginning the discussion from its appearance, the LG OLED77C9PUA television denotes an exquisite design overall. The use of fine materials makes the build quality sturdy. We enhanced the appearance is further by the thin frame; it helps you to mount the TV if you want. You will be astonished to perceive how your TV transforms into an entertainment powerhouse. We use these technologies are basically to optimize picture and sound quality. You will feel as if the audio flows around you.

All the OLED TV does not pack in a powerful processor to deliver excellent picture quality. In the case of this TV unit, the images, color, and action are allowed to appear lifelike through the powerful 4K processor. There is no doubt that the device comes with a huge collection of built-in apps. In addition to boasting the huge app collection, this OLED TV comes with Google Assistant and Alexa support. It is possible to make the most of this support if you have installed the proper firmware updates. Overall, the LG OLED77C9PUA review makes sure it is wise to invest in the equipment.

The 77-inch TV model in the present discussion of the LG OLED77C9PUA review is feature-rich equipment. It is a tad more expensive than similar top-tier LED/LCD TVs in a similar size. Due to the 4K resolution, the picture quality is awesome. We enhanced the picture and sound quality by the execution of advanced technologies. In addition to outshining in terms of display, the sound output is too satisfying –loud and clear.


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