The LG OLED55B8PUA is an uncommonly great deal for all. It is a 55 inch TV from LG Company with a friendly price tag. Therefore, it is a perfect device for different people from different social classes. The 4K smart TV delivers an amazing design, construction and most importantly, a great performance. In addition to that, it will go into details about the new fresh technology from LG.

This article is an educational content that will explain all the important details about this LG OLED55B8PUA. Read on to discover more about the new level of technology and performance from this new LG TV.

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Cheap is expensive. That is, a cheap product may completely suck at all times and cost you a fortune for numerous repairs. When it comes to these TVs, they cost up to $1700. That budget sounds huge but the performance of this TV is great.

For people who love the quality, I bet they can afford to stretch their budget just to get this TV. The features are pretty tempting not to mention the fresh interesting technology. Enjoy the best images with this 55 inches OLED TV.


When we come to design, it seems like the OLED is still on top. The manufacturers are pretty much focused more on minimalism which is a great thing for people who love thin and slim devices. Its black frame doesn’t measure up to a half inch. The top frame is even thinner since it equals a quarter inch.

The bottom edge features a unique bulge which holds the speakers, inputs, power supply and other essential TV components. For easy portability, the stand is thinner and lighter. With the lightweight design, wall mounting is easy and fast.


LCD displays are common in TVs from different manufacturers. It uses the QLED technology that uses the liquid crystal panel in conjunction with the backlight shining to create pictures. For the OLED technology, it is more of an emissive than a transmissive. Therefore, it uses sub-pixel to create pictures. These TVs use the OLED display and that explains why they produce high-quality pictures.

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Inbuilt Apps and Menu System

The LG OLED55B8PUA menu system is good but not perfect. A lot of customers pretty much believe that the LG didn’t upgrade its menu system so it is basically similar to its predecessor. Like its predecessor, the menu system still missed the extra inbuilt Apps setups.

When it comes to the menu setups, the Samsung 2018 Tizen, Sony Android TV, Roku TV, and Apple TV 4K seems to have an upper hand. However, in case the OLED B8 is still your choice, it is wise to get an external streamer to access more apps. For the Dolby Vision, only the Apple TV 4K can support it.



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A remote is an important TV accessory that eases your TV operation. The LG OLED55B8PUA has an amazing remote. Whipping around the screen is easy with the help of its motion control. As a result of that, you can easily search for apps via an on-screen keyboard and sign into apps. Other than the motion control, it also features a scroll wheel for easy moving through Netflix, Amazon and other apps.

Google Assistant

Old and Analogue televisions can be so laborious and uncomfortable to use which is understandable thanks to the old technology. However, things are pretty much different in the current TV generation. The Google Assistant is one of the fresh and interesting technology that eases operating a digital TV.

This feature is more of an assistant when it comes to using these TVs. It is an inbuilt feature that makes millions of operations possible. With the help of the inbuilt speakers, you can search through the different movies and shows via your mouth. You can also order pizza from your favorite delivery. Control other devices, understand the weather and much more with the inbuilt Google Assistant feature.

Logo Luminance Adjustment

This is an inbuilt feature that automatically detects an on-screen logo static. It responds by decreasing the brightness level of the logo. The feature achieves at most a 20% brightness decrease. The decrease is quite gentle so it is not that perfect. However, the customers can deal with that since it is the best for now.

Connection and Expansion

These features are essential when it comes to purchasing most of the devices. When it comes to the LG OLED55B8PUA TV, the connections are top notch. It features an Ethernet port, three USB ports, four HDMI inputs, a video input, antenna input and audio output. All these features work together to ensure an easy and reliable connection.

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Dim Lighting


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As you watch some of the favorite movies, it is important for the TV to maintain contrast and control blooming. The OLED display work by illuminating every single pixel on its own to create contrast. Unlike LCD displays, the OLED displays are dimmer. Therefore, they easily create contrast and brightness balance. Take your movie watching to a whole new level with an LG OLED55B8PUA TV.

Bright Lighting

When it comes to bright lighting, the OLED display is not that good. The display cannot compete with the LCD when it comes to the brightness level. However, it is still bright enough for an amazing viewing environment.

In conclusion, From the above discussion, it is clear that the LG OLED55B8PUA TV has a high-quality image output. Its design is thin and perfect for easy use and portability. It has a color accuracy of of100%, great color balance, easy connection, and expansion. In addition to that, it has a wide viewing angle for maximum comfort. However, these OLED displays are not that bright as the LCD displays.

With the details above, I am probably sure you can easily decide on whether the LG OLED55B8PUA TV is worthy of purchasing or not. Consider the details above and learn more about these digital TVs.

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