Best Leather Wallet for Men in 2021

When it comes to buying the best leather wallet for men, simplicity is high on the list. Compared to a woman they do not want to carry around different wallets and only need one. They need a minimalist design that is slim and only shows off the elegant performance when used. Furthermore, they want to look fashionable yet sophisticated and we are here to help. We have sampled some of the best leather wallets available online to make your search easier. So check them out and buy a decent one for yourself or a loved one.

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Top Best Leather Wallet for Men in 2021

10. RFID Front Pocket Wallet

RFID Front Pocket Wallet

The RFID front pocket wallet has a good quality leather structure. You can fit in two cards in the slot and has a large pocket for bills. The wallet folds easily shut and even the stitching has a high-quality structure. You even get a clear window for your ID, but the pockets known to stretch a bit.


  • Made of genuine leather that is breathable, soft and comfortable
  • The lining has a smooth polyester design
  • Easily goes into the front or back pocket
  • Has a display window with five card slots and one pocket to hold up to 40 business cards or bills
  • Has an RFID Blocking Lining to protect it from Electronic Pick Pocketing

9. Simideo Men’s Wallet

Simideo Men’s Wallet

For a man’s wallet at a fantastic price, the Simideo has a quality construction. You can keep loads of credit and membership cards. There are two sections for bills and makes for a great gift as well. The size is perfect and even smells like leather. The Tri-fold wallet has two ID windows and eight card slots with two big cash slots.


  • Constructed with a top-grain leather and has a slim design
  • The wallet holds up to more than 30 paper bills and 10 cards
  • Made with two ID windows and eight card slots with two big bill slots
  • There are two hidden card slots as well
  • Made with RFID Secure Technology to protect you from electronic thieves
  • Two-year Warranty

8. Leather Money Clip Wallet

Leather Money Clip Wallet

Are you a man who likes a minimalist look when it comes to buying the best leather wallet? You will love this product. Not only do you get a natural color you can pick your style from a wide selection. The paper bills kept secure with the magnetic cash holder and hold credit cards. The pocket expands outwards to depending on what you want to keep in it. There are outer pockets to hold up to five cards with cash but the interior does hold less.


  • Comprise genuine leather and will last a long time
  • The money and cards are kept secure with thin magnets and can hold up to 25 cash bills and 10 cards
  • Designed with five separate RFID protected card slots
  • There is a hidden side sleeve for receipts, coupons, coins, ID, and more
  • Six-month money back guarantee

7. Leopardd Leather Wallet for Men

Leopardd Leather Wallet for Men

Are you concerned about electronic theft when walking around with your wallet? You are we have good news! You can buy a leather wallet for your man with RFID protected card slots. The Leopardd is one of these brands that the protection definitely works well. The overall structure is fantastic and has good-sized pockets. You get loads of pockets and slots to keep your money on hand.


  • Made with NAPA leather and is durable plus it looks classy
  • Designed with the highest RFID protection
  • Has a generous space for bills, money, photos, cards, and more
  • Comprise nine slots and two other slots hidden under six of them and also has a money pocket
  • Include a 30-day money back guarantee

6. Vaultskin MANHATTAN Wallet

Vaultskin MANHATTAN Wallet

You are a man and want a modest wallet with a slim design to fit a couple of cards and bills. The Manhattan is one of those leather wallets that offer you what you are looking for. The quality is top notch and made of top grain leather with durable stitching. The design looks elegant but remains simple and it will change the way you carry things with you.


  • Made in Britain with a front pocket design and genuine leather
  • Include RFID blocking and made according to NFC standards
  • Holds up to nine cards and is ideal to carry money, business cards, and more
  • Has a cash pocket that fits US Dollar bills while the sister wallet the CITY holds British Pounds

5. Secret Felicity Wallet

Secret Felicity Wallet

Yes, we know the Secret Felicity sounds more like it should belong to a woman, but this wallet is just amazing. The genuine cowhide design is durable and the wallets handmade to perfection. You can fit eight credit cards, two ID cards, and money bills in it. To keep the paper money secure it has two money clips. However, it does lack one thing the RFID protection.


  • Handmade with cowhide to last years
  • Has eight credit card slots, two money clips, and two ID windows with a photo frame
  • There is a full-size bill section as well

4. Dimostyle Mens Leather Wallet

Dimostyle Mens Leather Wallet

Is your wallet tattered and torn? Why not treat yourself to a new leather wallet made by Dimostyle. You get a perfectly sized wallet to hold credit cards and money right in your front or back pocket. The price is great and it looks gorgeous and efficient to use. You can fit up to nine cards and it holds your cash comfortably without causing bloating.


  • Made with Italian leather and has a slim design
  • Equipped with thirteen card slots, two bill compartments, and one flip ID window
  • Designed with RFID blocking and handmade
  • You receive it in a luxury box with a year warranty

3. Mt. Eston Mens Leather Wallet

Mt. Eston Mens Leather Wallet

Why should you buy this wallet? For one it has received some of the best leather wallet reviews online. Secondly, it is made of quality leather and has a premium finish with loads of capacity to hold your credit cards and money. There are two paper bill layers to keep money separate and it comes with a lifetime warranty. However, if you prefer an understated look the logo on the front might be off-putting.


  • Made with RFID blocking and genuine Napa Pebble Grain leather
  • Has 18 pockets comprising 11 card slots, four oversized pockets, two full-size bill layers, and one ID card window
  • You can fold it in a Bi-fold design and flip it out as a Tri-fold
  • The leather wallet for men comes in a sealed gift box
  • Lifetime Warranty

2. Hanks Leather Wallet

Hanks Leather Wallet

For a quality, leather wallet for men the Hanks has a reasonable price and made in the United State. The goatskin structure gives it a nice touch and is not bulky to carry. The slim design holds up to eight cards and cash. The interior of the products smooth and prevents bills from sticking and has a great leather smell. Not only do you get a durable wallet, you get an excellent customer service as well.


  • Made with a bi-fold design and goatskin leather
  • Has four curved credit card slots with two hidden pockets
  • Handmade in the USA and has nylon stitching
  • Available in black, gray, dark brown, and vintage

1. Dango Dapper Genuine Leather Wallet

Dango Dapper Genuine Leather Wallet - leather wallet for men

When you receive the Dango Dapper the leather pouch is on the tight side, but after a week of use, it loosens up. The size of the leather wallet is thin and holds everything you need to carry with you. There is no problem in getting the wallet in and out of your pocket and gives you access to your money and cards without any trouble.


  • Made with top grain leather and secured with mil-spec bolts
  • The wallet is nickel plated, hand assembled and polished
  • The product is TSA compliant and has RFID blocking
  • Designed for the sophisticated you and gives you the right edge when used

Final Thoughts

No matter what your needs are when buying the best leather wallet for men – you can find a quality and super sexy one here. Each wallet reviewed here offers you impeccable use to keep all your important cards and money with you. The minimalist design makes it able for you to slip it in and out your pocket with ease. Start looking professional today and place one of these wallets in your pocket. In addition, if you want to buy one for your wife or girlfriend read our best leather wallet for woman reviewed by clicking through here.

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