These days one can buy some innovative toys taking the fun to the next level. This is, especially seen in the laser tag toys. In 2019, both adults and kids are raving about this toy.

The laser tag gun sets are becoming the most popular game to enjoy at home and parties. Toy manufacturers have modernized this game set compared to the traditional ones from decades ago. Gone are the vests as the laser tag guns have undergone an upgrade.

The kids can play the game solo or you can join in the fun. Now you can the kids can enjoy building your own amusement park tag set indoors and outdoors at home.

Here you can find the best laser tag toys in 2019 to make your choice a little easier.

Top 10 Best Laser Tag Toys in 2019

Best Laser Tag Toys in The Market!

10. Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set

Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set

This is a striker pack blue T1505 Dynasty Toy set with a nano bug. The great thing about this set is the team sizes limitless. You can buy more blaster and bugs to expand the game. Your child can practice their aim, as the nano-bug is the target. These small nano-bugs crawl around and can even do a flip when hit.


  • Aged: 4-years and up
  • Design: The bug moves and is the target, the bug flips when struck, blaster reloads with a tap, built-in speaker, health locater on side of blaster
  • Included: Collectable storage case, 4 blasters, and nano bug
  • Laser Range: 120-feet
  • Settings: 4 team settings and weapon strengths

9. Kidzlane Laser Tag Toy

Kidzlane Laser Tag Toy

Buying more than one laser tag toy set is an expensive trip. If you need a product that is affordable, hardwearing, and durable look at the Kidzlane set. This is a set of two blasters available for the price of one. Your kids can make up four different team colors blue, green, red, and white.


  • Aged: 4-years and up
  • Design: Green and orange blaster, each blaster equipped with sound effects, vibrates and the lights flicker
  • Included: Two sets of laser tag guns
  • Laser Range: 130-feet
  • Settings: 4 different color teams, 4 different gun settings
  • Suitable to use for solo games and to form teams and can play indoors and outdoors

8. Black Series Electronic Laser Tag Toy

Black Series Electronic Laser Tag Toy

The Black Series is a two-player laser tag toy set suitable for children aged 8 and up. With the tag blaster, your child can hone their motor and visual skills while using one hand. This further enhances their social interaction and helps with their coordination skills.


  • Aged: 8-years and up
  • Design: Chest plate has a triangular receiver with blue blinking lights
  • Included: Two blasters, two chest plates, straps to strap to the chest
  • Laser Range: 130-feet
  • Settings: Different team settings, blaster mode settings
  • Suitable to use for solo games and to form teams and can play indoors and outdoors

7. Recoil Starter Laser Tag Combo Set

Recoil Starter Laser Tag Combo Set

With the laser tag toy set, the Recoil video games brought to life. You kid can equip his or her laser weapon and turn the home into a battlefield. The great thing is they can capture GPS-enabled control points, collect dropped supplies, or call in an airstrike.


  • Aged: 12-years and up
  • Design: Has in-ear surround sound, smartphone integrated gameplay, game hub has a 250-square foot radius
  • Included: Two recoil blasters and Wi-Fi game hub
  • Can add up to 16 players in one game
  • Settings: Different FPS multiplayer modes
  • You also receive the Team Deathmatch and Search & Destroy
  • You need to download the Recoil app and connect the phone to the blasters to pair

6. Legacy Laser Tag Toy Set

Legacy Laser Tag Toy Set

If you want your child to enjoy personalized gaming, then the Legacy Laser tag toys four-player set is perfect. The collections packed in a plush carrying case to keep the blasters together in one place. Another great thing is each blaster has a distinct color and they can set up a team for playing outdoors for hours.


  • Aged: 10-years and up
  • Design: Blasters can reload/block/range, blasters has its own receiver sensor, to reload tap the butt of the weapon, inbuilt speakers, health indicator
  • Included: 4 Blasters (blue, green, orange, and white), carrying case
  • Settings: Each tag gun has distinct settings
  • Fits comfortable in the hand and has a durable design
  • Can play solo or multiplayer games

5. Force1 Laser Tag Gun Gaming Set 

Force1 Laser Tag Gun Gaming Set 

This space blaster game from Force1 offers you a laser tag toy gaming set for solo and multiplayer fun. The collections made up of two laser tag guns. Another benefit is that your kids do not need to strap on vests as the laser guns the target.


  • Aged: 8-years and up
  • Design: Has a life meter, reload mode, the laser guns the target
  • Included: Two Space Blaster Laser Tag Guns
  • Long Range: 130-feet
  • Settings: 4 Gun modes, 4 different team color modes

4. Nerf Lazer Tag Set

Nerf Lazer Tag Set

The Phoenix LTX is a two-pack Nerf laser tag toy set available at a great price. The collections not only packed with two blasters, but also have a shield function that helps players get out of tight spots. Another benefit from the set is that you can use it solo connected to the iPhone 3GS or newer model. Alternatively, the kids can play in multiple-player game mode.


  • Aged: 8-years and up
  • Design: The blasters register hits and lights up with sound and vibration, has a red receiver dome, shakes when fired
  • Included: Two Phoenix LTX blasters
  • Needs: 12 AA batteries
  • Settings: Three team settings

3. WowWee Assault Striker

WowWee Assault Striker

Your child can place him or herself on the battlefield with the WowWee assault striker. The blaster has a simple design and is the target so no more chest vests needed. Can play solo or create team battles making this laser tag toy set interesting.


  • Aged: 5-years and up
  • Design: Unlimited ammo, interactive lights, sound, customizable
  • Included: The assault striker
  • Needs: 4 AA batteries
  • Settings: Solo, multiple-games, 4 teams

2. Wild Jack Four Infrared Laser Tag Guns

Wild Jack Four Infrared Laser Tag Guns

The Wild Jack laser tag toys include four infrared blasters and a carrying case. This set is perfect for kids to enjoy themselves indoors and outdoors. The set is ideal for kids aged 7+.


  • Aged: 7-years and up
  • Design: Realistic shots and sounds, vibrate, glow at up to 130-feet, displays a certain amount of lives
  • Included: 4-Pack laser tag blaster set
  • Settings: 4-Team game, 4 Blaster colors (blue, green, red, blue), 4 gun settings

1. Laser X88016 Laser Gaming Set

Laser X88016 Laser Gaming Set-Laser Tag Toys

This is another 4-player laser tag toy from Laser, the X88016. This game offers them a realistic combat battle includes vests. You can blast opponents from 200-feet away. The lighting effects outstanding and makes it able for the child to keep a tab on their shots fired.


  • Aged: 6-years and up
  • Design: Outstanding lighting effects, records hits/misses/shots, pair with other Laser X game sets
  • Distance: 200-feet
  • Included: Two blasters, two vests, and in-ear headset
  • Settings: 4-Team game, 4 Blaster colors (blue, green, red, blue), 4 gun settings

Laser Tag Toys

It is every parents’ joy to see his or her kids happy and all excited at all times. When school is out, the kids want to have fun and enjoy every minute of their holiday or weekend. And nothing can be exciting to play than the laser game. However, that game is impossible without laser tag toys.

Are you trying to figure out the perfect gift to give to your children, if your answer is a resounding yes, then the laser tag toys are what you should consider purchasing? Other than a whole lot of fun experiences, the toys will make them creative and strategic. Multiply your kids’ fun, by getting them the laser tag toys.

This piece will highlight all the important details about the laser tag toys. It will answer the question of what are the laser tag toys and also give various examples. The article will also explain the safety level of these toys and whether they are safe or dangerous to use for kids. In the last bit, it will answer the question of use when it comes to these laser tag toys. For more details, make sure to read through the whole article.

What is a Laser Tag Toy?

Generally, the name laser means a machine that generates a single-foot light source. In other words, it maintains the light in that specific narrow beam. The laser uses electromagnetic technology to emit light through the optical amplification process. This enables different applications as per your preference.

As the meaning above suggests, laser tag is a game that uses toy guns to fire infrared beams. As mentioned earlier, a laser means light so it’s no surprise that the game uses light technology. The game may be indoor or outdoor and is also known as the Lazer game. It is common to both adults and children.

What is a Laser Tag Toy? These are toy guns that use light beam technology. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. These toys make the laser game possible to play at home and in parties. Different manufacturers use different functionality mechanisms. Therefore, you can settle for one of these laser tag toys as per your taste and preference.

Is Laser Tag Toy dangerous?

When it comes to buying toys, the security question is an important consideration you need to consider when settling for a toy. These laser tag toys, use the same rules. A lot of articles are available today with different details about the safety of these toys. However, parents are yet to know the real facts about these toys. To clear all the doubts, this article highlights all the important details about the security status of these laser tag toys.

When it comes to laser toys we have laser guns, laser swords and so on. Generally, toys with laser technology tend to be common among young boys and girls. With the many superhero movies and television shows, laser toys play an integral part in their superhero fantasy. However, due to the laser technology, a lot of parents have given their concerns.

Health Issues

There is the issue of health where a lot of them explain their discomfort of letting their young kids get exposed to laser light. The other issues are on increased violence among kids. Many of them think that laser swords and guns are contributing to the learned violence. These concerns don’t come as a surprise since its normal for parents to worry about the well being of their children.

The answer whether these laser tag toys are dangerous is a big no. In simple words, the laser tag toys we have a practically safe to use for both kids and the adults. The laser technology put into use is not the real laser. It is a simple infrared light which is similar to the digital TV remote lighting. With that, pointing these swords and guns are similar and harmless to pointing a person with remote control.

Can it affect the eyes?

When it comes to the eyes, the question of its danger since remains negative. As per the latest research, it is clear that the laser lighting has low energy and low frequency that inflict no danger to your eyes. When it comes to whether the laser tag toys encourage violence among young kids, then it is a big no. Kids are governed by the morals that their parents instill into them when they are young. With the right morals, your kids will not get involved in any kind of violence at any cost.

Probably the only type of danger that your kids may face are bruises that may result from falling down once in a while when running around. Therefore, laser tag toys are safe to use for both kids and adults.

How to use laser tag toys?

Laser tag games are fun to play since they encourage creativity, strategic planning, and high imagination. However, for maximum fun, it is important to learn how to use these laser tag toys. This piece will explain how to use these laser tag toys.

The first basic step is having a great laser tag toy. It may be a laser sword, laser gun or any laser-associated toy.

The players should also get electronic sensors lightweight vests. This helps the best to detect the laser beam hit.

For a hit, the player should pull the piston back against the spring force to hit the target.

Every time the player hits a target, points are given to him.

A hit is made every time the light beam hit the electronic sensors in the vest. It creates a field that covers the vested owner.

Final Thoughts

Playing the laser tag game with our kids offers you memorable and fun times. The great thing is that each of the top 10 best laser tag toys takes the guesswork out for you. Know who is shot or who hit a target with ease. Enjoy realistic sounds and illuminated color displays great for nighttime play.