Laser Tag Toys and All You Need to Know about Them !

laser tag toys

Laser Tag Toys

It is every parents’ joy to see his or her kids happy and all excited at all times. When school is out, the kids want to have fun and enjoy every minute of their holiday or weekend. And nothing can be exciting to play than the laser game. However, that game is impossible without laser tag toys.

Are you trying to figure out the perfect gift to give to your children, if your answer is a resounding yes, then the laser tag toys are what you should consider purchasing? Other than a whole lot of fun experiences, the toys will make them creative and strategic. Multiply your kids’ fun, by getting them the laser tag toys.

This piece will highlight all the important details about the laser tag toys. It will answer the question of what are the laser tag toys and also give various examples. The article will also explain the safety level of these toys and whether they are safe or dangerous to use for kids. In the last bit, it will answer the question of use when it comes to these laser tag toys. For more details, make sure to read through the whole article.

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What is a Laser Tag Toy?

Generally, the name laser means a machine that generates a single-foot light source. In other words, it maintains the light in that specific narrow beam. The laser uses electromagnetic technology to emit light through the optical amplification process. This enables different applications as per your preference.

As the meaning above suggests, laser tag is a game that uses toy guns to fire infrared beams. As mentioned earlier, a laser means light so it’s no surprise that the game uses light technology. The game may be indoor or outdoor and is also known as the Lazer game. It is common for both adults and children.

What is a Laser Tag Toy? These are toy guns that use light beam technology. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. These toys make the laser game possible to play at home and in parties. Different manufacturers use different functionality mechanisms. Therefore, you can settle for one of these laser tag toys as per your taste and preference.

Is Laser Tag Toy dangerous?

When it comes to buying toys, the security question is an important consideration you need to consider when settling for a toy. These laser tag toys, use the same rules. A lot of articles are available today with different details about the safety of these toys. However, parents are yet to know the real facts about these toys. To clear all the doubts, this article highlights all the important details about the security status of these laser tag toys.

When it comes to laser toys we have laser guns, laser swords and so on. Generally, toys with laser technology tend to be common among young boys and girls. With the many superhero movies and television shows, laser toys play an integral part in their superhero fantasy. However, due to the laser technology, a lot of parents have given their concerns.

Health Issues

There is the issue of health where a lot of them explain their discomfort of letting their young kids get exposed to laser light. The other issues are on increased violence among kids. Many of them think that laser swords and guns are contributing to the learned violence. These concerns don’t come as a surprise since its normal for parents to worry about the well being of their children.

The answer to whether these laser tag toys are dangerous is a big no. In simple words, the laser tag toys we have a practically safe to use for both kids and adults. The laser technology put into use is not the real laser. It is a simple infrared light that is similar to the digital TV remote lighting. With that, pointing these swords and guns are similar and harmless to pointing a person with remote control.

Can it affect the eyes?

When it comes to the eyes, the question of its danger since remains negative. As per the latest research, it is clear that the laser lighting has low energy and low frequency that inflict no danger to your eyes. When it comes to whether the laser tag toys encourage violence among young kids, then it is a big no. Kids are governed by the morals that their parents instill into them when they are young. With the right morals, your kids will not get involved in any kind of violence at any cost.

Probably the only type of danger that your kids may face are bruises that may result from falling down once in a while when running around. Therefore, laser tag toys are safe to use for both kids and adults.

How to use laser tag toys?

Laser tag games are fun to play since they encourage creativity, strategic planning, and high imagination. However, for maximum fun, it is important to learn how to use these laser tag toys. This piece will explain how to use these kid laser tag toys.

The first basic step is having a great laser tag toy. It may be a laser sword, laser gun or any laser-associated toy.

The players should also get electronic sensors lightweight vests. This helps the best to detect the laser beam hit.

For a hit, the player should pull the piston back against the spring force to hit the target.

Every time the player hits a target, points are given to him.

A hit is made every time the light beam hits the electronic sensors in the vest. It creates a field that covers the vested owner.

What age is laser tag appropriate for?


Laser tag is among the games, which have become trendy nowadays. These products do promise to bring you the best time of your life. Mostly, the children as well as teenagers like it and can find fun, but the people of all range can be able to play it. Laser tag is the general name of the game, and this can easily be performed in different laser tag centers, which belong to the various companies.

While in the Laser Quest, for instance, the minimum age can get up to five years old, there are centers where they do accept a minimum of eight years. However, this is not something that should worry you as centers that do take people bigger than 8 is a result of the difficulty of the laser tag game being bigger.

While all the laser tag games do have a similar idea behind, there are many types of areas and games; some are more active, a bit difficult as well as require excellent coordination. The minimum age to play these games is five years old.

You may be wondering whether lasers tag games are safe for your kids. Well, the answer is yes. They are practically harmless. The sensors, which are used, are in very many quality laser guns are not actual lasers, and they have been tested in reality, a kind of the infrared light that is same as the one, which is used in the many remote controls for the TV, as well as the various appliances.

How should I use eye protection when playing laser tag?

Laser tag toys for kids are fun to play with. However, when mishandled, it can be able to cause harm. The most common body part that gets to be affected by these rays is the eyes. How can the eyes be protected when playing these games? One of the vital things you will need to ensure is that you never aim or even shine the laser directly at anyone, including the animals. Light energy from the laser designed into the eyes can be quite hazardous, perhaps even more than getting stare directly into the sun.

It is essential to note that one should not aim the laser at any vehicle, shiny surface, and aircraft. Remember that the startling effect of the bright beam of the light can be able to cause serious accidents when aimed at the driver in the car, for instance, or otherwise negatively affect someone doing other jobs such as playing sports.

Ensure that you look or the FDA recommended IC class 1 label on the children’s toy lasers. Label says ‘Class 1 Laser product’ that would communicate those products are of low risks and not in the higher emissions level laser class. Do not buy laser pointers or even allow children to be able to use them. These products are not the toys you think that your children are going to have fun with.

It is vital to ensure that you do not buy or even use any laser which does emit over 5 mW power or which does not have power printed on labeling. In case your child suspects or also experiences any eye injury, get to consult a health professional.

Does laser tag use real lasers?

Laser tag guns do not use the lasers, but they use the infrared beams of light. These sensors are infrared receivers, which do absorb the light as well as use optical filters to be able to modulate or even detect. Each laser tag gun dopes contain emitter of the collimated beams of the infrared light, which is highly directional. Well, the laser tag guns function as the flashlights if the glow of the light was a super-thin, straight, and infrared spectrum. Sensors are simply the infrared receivers, which do absorb light rays and use the optical filters to be able to modulate or even detect.

There are a few reasons as to why the systems use the infrared light beams rather than the real lasers. To begin with, lasers are hazardous to use, especially in the gun form. Even at the lower power, they can be able to cause eye damage, which does not make them suitable for the game where one can usually aim at the people’s heads. The other reason is that the lasers can be quite distracting in the game, as it is often played in the dark spaces that can be able to create a disorienting environment.

In addition, the laser tag at the end of the game, you can get printed stat sheet about how you faired and who shot you. This is possible because every gun does emit a known and a specified beam of the infrared light, which can be identified by sensors as well as traced back to the specific gun or even person. This does mean that whatever you fire off the laser tag gun, you are shooting the beam of the infrared light encoded with identifying information about you or the gun, which the sensor can then be picked up.

Laser tag systems do involve guns that shoot encoded infrared beams of light along with the IR sensors, which receive light as well as signals, process it, and register it as ‘hit.’ The laser tag engineering does involve some basic circuitry, leveraged to be able to make an incredibly fun game.

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