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Top 10 Best Laser Tag Guns For 2021 You Need To Get One Now!

The laser tag gun is the latest rave for adults and kids. The big thing is that you do not have to go to the amusement with the family to get some action with this toy. You can now buy the best laser tag guns in 2021 right here online.

We have selected a laser gun for the whole family to enjoy at home. You can now enjoy different game modes, ample shooting features, with the most advanced laser tag gun.

You may even find an automated one thrown into the bundle to take your laser tag game to a new level. The great thing is they look real and you can bring your next party at night alive.

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Best Laser Tag Guns in 2021

10. Star Wars Millennium Falcon Laser Tag Set

With the Falcon, laser tag set from Power Brand, you and the family can have loads of fun. This is a two-bundle set and looks similar to the Elijah Entertainment ones used. You receive two roll attach strikers, and vehicle bases and stands. The set is suitable for aged 4 and up.



9. Nerf Phoenix LTX Two Pack Set

The Phoenix LTX from Nerf is a two-player set to enjoy real-life laser combats. You can enjoy hearing the taggers lighting up with sounds and vibrations as it registers a hit. The taggers use 12 AA batteries you need to buy separately.


8. ThinkGizmos Laser Tag Gun

If you have children aged six and up, the ThinkGizmos laser tag gun set is perfect. You can even join in for the fun, as everything is included for the best laser tag game.


7. ThrillZone Laser Tag Gun

This is a four-pack multiplayer game mode, laser tag gun set from ThrillZone. The whole family can enjoy futuristic lights and you need no vests to play the game. Just grab your favorite laser tag and start shooting. For a realistic effect when blasted, the tag vibrates and makes a noise.


6. Toydaloo Laser Tag Gun Set

The Toydaloo tag gun set comprises of 4 infrared tag guns with four-color team selection buttons. There are four laser tag settings to choose your shooting style. Compared to the other models here, this one’s life bars display changes once a players hit.


5. Best Choice Laser Tag Gun Set

This is another great laser tag gun set from Best Choice. This multiplayer package offers you four weapon blasters with different ammunition levels. You can change settings with ease during a battle and offers you multiplayer mode.


4. Force1 Laser Tag Gun Set

The Force1 laser tag gun set is one of the best laser-tag game guns available and sells out quickly. The guns designed with 4 gun modes and need no vest strapped to your chest. The long-range infrared light offers you a 130-foot away tag.


3. Dynasty Flag Glow Laser Tag Game

Liven up birthday parties with the Dynasty Flag Glow laser tag game set. This stealth pack includes everything you need to capture the flag.


2. Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set with Carrying Case

Let your child look professional with its own Dynasty Toys tag set and carrying case. This is an extreme pack with four laser blasters and a carry case. The set offers you four unique team settings, with a tap it reloads and notifies you with the built-in speaker once reloaded.


1. ArmoGear Laser Battle Mega Pack Set

The Laser Battle Mega Pack is an authentic laser tag game. Compared to the previous models reviewed here, this one still uses vests. You can turn your yard into a laser arena with this gun set. This kit will keep the family entertained for hours.


Final Thoughts

If you need a fun game for the whole family to enjoy at home, look at our top 10 best laser tag guns in 2021 available here. If you have read our review, then you do not need convincing, as you may already have a favorite you want to buy. Buying the perfect one need to be lightweight, easy to handle, and look realistic. With the great prices available, you can even buy more than one.


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