For better artistry to take care of measuring tasks, you need the best laser measuring tools reviewed here. Maybe you already own a measuring tape. However, did you know that the laser measuring tools could make your life easier? The truth is there will be no more of counting lines on the tape, and you do not need to learn each conversion. The handy devices take care of everything for you. Here we have selected the best laser measuring tools for you to buy in 2019 to make your selection easier.

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10. Qooltek Laser Measure Tool

Qooltek Laser Measure Tool

The Qooltek gives you a three-pronged approach as it has a tape measure, laser level, and triple-position level bubble. You can use the device indoors with the unique design. The only downside is the reading fades when used outdoors. You get an 8-foot measuring tape that includes imperial & metric linear measures plus graduation down to 1mm and 1/32-inches. The device has a backup battery comprising three AG 13 button-cells. Now you can ease your job when hanging pictures, laying flooring, installing shelves and more. The unit has an on/off power switch with 3.5mW max power output. There is no need of adjusting the beam when used in the horizontal or vertical level. You also receive a beam-adjusted tool included with your purchase.


  • Well built
  • Designed with a triple level, you can use in different positions
  • Has a ruler, laser, and measuring tape included
  • Works with a backup battery


  • The laser becomes blurry at 6-feet

9. LESHP Laser Digital Measuring Tool

 LESHP Laser Digital Measuring Tool

For ease of subtracting, measuring and making additions you need the LESHP laser-measuring tool. You can use it to set up a front and rear benchmark and switch between inches, feet, and meters. It comes with a durable pouch to keep the tool stored, and it has an LCD backlit screen that is visible in low-light conditions to read. You can measure area, volume, Pythagorean, and more with the device. The LESHP is waterproof and dustproof IP54 certified. Included you receive extra two AAA batteries, the laser distance measurer, and user guide. The measuring accuracy is ±2.0mm and has a 620-690nm laser.


  • Has a built-in converter
  • Multiple functions
  • Has 20-group data storage
  • Built-in bubble


  • None noted

8. Suaoki Laser Measure

Suaoki Laser Measure

For professional laser measuring tools, you need the Suaoki. The device measures a range from 0.16 to 131-feet. You can switch between meters, inches, and feet as well. You receive loads of features to do the continuous measurement, area, volume, Pythagorean mode, and other calculations. The apparatus has rubber housing and has a bubble level with a 20 set to hold data. The laser is bright and offers you fantastic visibility with LCD. The device has a class two laser and best not to look directly into the laser to prevent damage to the eyes. The laser measures powered by two AAA batteries and you receive a user manual to get you started. The accuracy is 0.08-inches/2mm with a 620-690nm laser.


  • Well priced
  • Simple to use
  • Offers you many measurement functions


  • The setup instruction is not clear

7. General Tools LTM1 Laser Tape Measure

General Tools LTM1 Laser Tape Measure

Here we have another two-in-one tool the LTM1 from General Tools. For the best laser measuring tools, this is the one to buy. You have a combined 50-foot laser measurer and a 16-foot tape measure to use. You will be able to measure ten times faster for long distance and use the tape measure for measuring short distances. Operate the gadget with one hand by using the simple button activation. The product has a Class II <1mw power output and best not to look directly into the light. View the relevant information displayed on the large LCD screen indoors and outdoors. For DIY projects at home, this handy tool will help you hang picture frames, determine the length of a room, and help measure the width of a table. With the cordless design, the apparatus works with two AAA batteries you can replace.


  • The laser measurers accurate a ¼ -inches
  • You can measure out to 50-feet with the laser measurer
  • The battery offers you up to 3,000 measurements
  • The tape measure length is up to 16-feet
  • You receive a one-year warranty


  • Not recommended to use the ruler if you do have a pacemaker

6. Tacklife HD60 Classic Laser Measure

Tacklife HD60 Classic Laser Measure

For a higher accuracy when measuring length, width, depth and more you need the Tacklife HD60. The classic laser measure tool has a unique design with two bubble levels. You can measure the accuracy of ±1/16-inches up to 196-feet. Switching between meters, feet, and inches is available and use it comfortably with the compact shape. You receive a gorgeous carrying pouch to keep the tool dust-free, and it has a large backlit LCD screen. The device can do automatic calculations for area and volume and has a 30 group onboard memory. With the multiple measurement modes, you can get any project done quickly. The HD60 works with AAA batteries that are easy to replace. You receive extra a hand strap and 24-months guarantee.


  • Has a portable and compact design
  • Versatile to use with the multiple calculation modes
  • You can delete unwanted data manually
  • Suitable to use outdoors with the IP54 waterproof rating


  • None noted

5. Fnova Laser Measure Tool

Fnova Laser Measure Tool

For a compact and digital laser measure tool, you need Fnova. With this handy device, you can measure out to 328-feet and is accurate. The unit is comfortable in hand and has an accuracy of ±1/25-inches with 20-group data memory. Enjoy automatic calculations when in need of working out area or volume measurements. The tool offers you broad applications with single measurements. You can do remote height or length measuring and suitable for home and professional use. There is a bubble level present to make sure you are hanging a dead frame center without a slant. For ease of reading calculations, it has a 1.6-inch LCD screen, and it does addition and subtraction. With the backlit display, you can read data in any lighting conditions. The device is IP54 rated against slashes and dust.


  • The laser switches off after 60 seconds
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Very accurate with measurements
  • No need of working out calculus yourself as it does everything automatically
  • Powered by two AAA batteries


  • None noted



The HAMMERHEAD HLMT100 has a compact design that fits in your pocket comfortably. With the laser-measuring tool in your pocket, you will always have it by your side when needed. You can measure out to 100-feet. You can measure in inches, length, and do the continuous measuring. Furthermore, you can calculate metric and ft/in. The device is rechargeable and works with a 4V lithium battery and charges via a USB cable. All you need to do is the point, press the button, and measure. The LCD screen is large and displays digital output for you to read. Do you do interior decorating then the HLMT100 is for you? The good news is you get a three-year warranty included with your purchase.


  • Excellent laser distance measurer
  • Works with a rechargeable battery
  • Works well indoors and outdoors to take measurements


  • The screen can be a bit difficult to read when used in bright light

3. Bosch Compact Laser Distance Measure

Bosch Compact Laser Distance Measure

Nothing beats the Bosch GLM-35 laser-measuring tool when it comes to accuracy. For long-range measuring, you can use it up 120-feet. You can measure area, length, volume, and more. The device is easy to use with the one button operation and so compact it fits into your pocket. You can get real-time to measure as you move closer or further away from the target. On display, you can read the calculations in the dark to light areas, as the screen is backlit. The device works with two AAA batteries and has an accuracy of ±1/16-inches. The best of all is that you get a two-year warranty included.


  • A useful and easy to use laser measurer
  • Gives you accurate reading
  • Very compact and lightweight
  • The screen is easy to read


  • The bubble buttons challenging to work when you have gloves on

2. Bosch Blaze Pro Laser Measure

Bosch Blaze Pro Laser Measure

Do you need to measure long-distance with accuracy? Look at the Bosch Blaze Pro laser-measuring tool. The gadget can measure up to 165-feet, and you can use it for additions, subtraction, and more. With the one button, you can calculate different measurements. You get live measuring and automatically adjust as you move. One of the added functions this laser tape measure has extra is an auto square feature that automatically calculates the square footage. The device is IP54 rated and powered by two AAA batteries. You receive a hand strap, the batteries, a pouch, and five target cards included. The digital screen allows you to read the data in the dark to bright sunlight with ease.


  • You get a one-year warranty included
  • Works out square footage for you
  • Compact and fits in your pocket
  • Stores up to 10 measurements and is available when switched on again
  • Helps to make measuring jobs faster


  • Cannot mount it on a tripod

1. DEWALT DW03050 Laser Measurer

DEWALT DW03050 Laser Measurer​ - laser measuring tools

With the DEWALT DW03050 laser tape measure, you can work out calculations of area and volume automatically. Now there is no more need of grabbing pen and paper to work out different estimates. You can measure height with the built-in Pythagoras function, and the unit holds up to five measurements. The operating range is up to 165ft, and the gadget works with two AA batteries. You receive a pouch, and a belt loop included to keep the tool on hand. The unit has a molded housing that is IP65 rated against water and dust. Furthermore, you receive a three-year warranty included.


  • Automatically calculates the volume for you
  • The LCD is backlit and visible to read in bright light and dim conditions
  • Durable design and compact
  • IP65 rated against water and dust
  • Can also calculate the area


  • Difficult to use it in tight corners

Final Thoughts

These days’ things are more straightforward for you if you enjoy doing DIY projects, carpentry, interior decorating and more. Why, because with one of the best laser measuring tools reviewed here your estimates taken care off. You can enjoy measuring area, volume, height, length and more by touching a button. Now if you need a tape measure with laser and digital reading that offers you square footage make sure to look at the Bosch Blaze Pro model. On the other hand, no matter what your calculating needs are – we are sure the handy laser measuring tools available here will present you with a device suitable for your measuring needs.