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LA Liga vs. premier league

LA Liga and premier leagues are the top-flight leagues in these countries. The premier league is a top-flight league in England, while La Liga is a top-flight football league in Spain. La Liga and premier league will feature in two different countries but are both football leagues. The premier league is a top level of the English football league system that contest 20 football clubs and operates on a promotion and relegation basis. All teams will play home and away matches, and the competition was since 20th February 1992.

On the other hand, La Liga is a Spanish football league that is played in Spain and is administered by Liga de football professional and is contested by 20 teams. The LA Liga league was founded back in 1929. It also has a relegation and promotion style of football.

What are the differences between LA Liga and Premier League?

Similarities of both La Liga and premier league

LA Liga vs. premier league

No of teams in both leagues

Both the premier league and La Liga will have 20 teams in the league and will play 38 games both home and away matches and the winner crown on the last day of the season


Both la Liga and premier league teams will have a trophy at the end of the season. This trophy is taken home by the team that will have the highest points after playing all the games, and in case the teams have all gotten the same points, the team with the most top goal difference is the winner of that season. In both leagues, after every game, there will be an award for the man of the match. Both the la Liga will also reward the best player of the month plus a coach of the month. At the end of every season, there is a golden boot for the players who will score the most goals.

Relegation and promotion

La Liga and premier league will have the bottom three teams in their respective tables go on regelation at the end of the season. And three top teams from division 2 will win promotion at the beginning of a new season the top flight that is La Liga and premier league.

LA Liga vs. premier league

Overall governing body

Both the la Liga and premier league have FIFA as their overall footballs governing bodies that will listen to appeals from both leagues in case of any disputes that are not solvable by their domestic football bodies.

Qualification to UEFA champions league.

In both the La Liga and premier league, the top four teams at the end of the season win direct tickets to play in the UEFA champions league group stages.

Transfer market

Players from both La Liga and the premier league can transfer to any team they wish during the transfer window period, and there are no restrictions. Players can move from a la Liga club to a premier league club and vice versa.

Differences between La Liga and Premier league

LA Liga vs. premier league

Style of play

Premier league soccer matches are highly physical and will move at a rapid pace, and that makes it very different from La Liga; on the other hand, the La Liga matches are not fast and will allow players to display a higher level of individual skills. In the premier league, the players always encourage to pass the ball forward quickly and play a counter-attacking style of football. In La Liga, teams mainly focus on passing the ball in their half.

Local governing bodies

The English premier league is a local governing body as the football Association like FA and is responsible for creating and maintaining competition rules. La Liga’s governing body is known as The Liga Nacional de FĂștbol Professional (National Professional Football League), also known as the Liga de FĂștbol Professional (LFP) and more commonly La Liga.

Number of fans

Without any doubt, the premier league has the most fans in the world; 1.13 billion number of people watch Premier League matches, on the other hand, the La Liga don’t have such a huge fan base around the world. The reason is that there are seven famous clubs Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, manchester united, Liverpool, Tottenham, and Manchester City in the premier league. And, these teams attract a huge fan base around the world. On the other hand, there are only two most famous La Liga teams; these are Barcelona and Real Madrid.

LA Liga vs. premier league

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As discussed above, the premier league is far much better than La Liga, and there are many reasons behind this. In La Liga, there are to main teams that will dominate the league, and that is Barcelona and Real Madrid that have won the La Liga the league since 2005-2006 campaigns with only Atletico Madrid winning the league in 2013-2014 season. A rather boring league as compared to the premier league where any team can surprise. For example, in 2016, Leicester surprised the world when it won the premier league while no one expected them to win. In la Liga, some matches have witnessed no fans at all while that case will never happen in the English premier league.

In conclusion, The premier league is more interesting, challenging, exciting to watch, has more fan base, and has the most famous football clubs compared to the premier league.

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